All interviews of ESCKAZ with participants of JESC 2014 live in Malta:

Andy on Fri, 11/14/2014 - 07:06

Alexandra Ivanova, Andy Mikheev and Ilya Kremer have shared the microphone this year for and we have successfully completed the interviews with all 16 participants of Junior Eurovision 2014. Check all of them below. Remember, that all Russian interviews (except for 2nd interview with Alisa) have English subtitles, and you can switch them on with 4th button from the right under the video. Thanks for staying with us!

Armenia - Betty:

Belarus - Nadezhda Misyakova:

Bulgaria - Krisia, Hassan and Ibrahim:

Croatia - Josie:

Cyprus - Sophia Patsalides:

Georgia - Lizi-Pop:

Italy - Vincenzo Cantiello:

Malta - Federica Falzon:

Montenegro - Maša and Lejla:

The Netherlands - Julia van Bergen:

Russia - Alisa Kozhikina:

San Marino - The Peppermints:

Serbia - Emilija Đonin:

Slovenia - Ula Ložar:

Sweden - Julia Kedhammar:

Ukraine - Sympho-Nick:

Opening ceremony interviews: