Keith Mills predictions for the qualifiers from the second semi

OK this is a lot easier than the first semi, but I' will go through the same process.

First off, the sure-fire qualifiers in order of certainty; Sweden, Norway, Slovenia Cyprus, Azerbaijan.

Then eliminate the no-hopers; San Marino, Portugal and Iceland.

That leaves 9 countries going for 5 slots.
Latvia stands out enough to qualify.
Israel is distinctive enough to compensate for politics, so they should make it.
Lithuania is a great show opener and has Poland, Latvia, Ireland & U.K. voting.

So now it's two from six. I'm going to remove Poland and Malta after today's performances.

So it's two from these four; Czech Republic, Switzerland, Montenegro and Ireland.

Montenegro has no neighbours or big diaspora but I think the song is strong enough.
Czech Republic is just not leaving a big impression so I'll cut it.

So the last place is between Ireland and Switzerland. This is a real tough call. Both are coming across well and they have vastly improved from their national finals.

Unfortunately Switzerland has a better draw, so that's my final tie-breaker so...

My ten predictions are Sweden, Norway, Slovenia Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Israel, Lithuania, Montenegro and Switzerland.