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Keith Mills predictions for the qualifiers from the first semi

OK this is quite tough, because some countries that I expected to sail through won't and others have come right up my ranking.

First step is to pick the certain qualifiers; Russia, Romania, Estonia, Greece, Armenia and Georgia should all make it with ease, although the last two will make it because of who is in this semi rather than anything else.

Second step is to eliminate the non-qualifiers; I think, Netherlands, Serbia and Macedonia won't make it as all three are under-performing.

That means it's four from seven; Albania, Belgium, Belarus, Finland, Denmark, Hungary.

I think Denmark stands out enough to compensate for lack of neighbours. I think Hungary has a lovely simplistic charm, Belgium, is odd but I think juries may go for it. So one place remains. I am going to give it to Albania ahead of Finland and Belarus, because I think she won't be that poor tonight or tomorrow night, and it has a good draw.

So for me its Russia, Romania, Estonia, Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Denmark, Hungary, Belgium and Albania.