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ESCKAZ Ranking

First of all, we'd like to explain the concept of the points given out in the rankings of this website. All marks under the category "ESCKaz rating" and on this page are marks given by the authors and reviewers of our site. Though we try to be as objective as possible (and we have almost 10 year experience in music critics and international song festivals) - we do not pretend to be last and final judges and do not try to predict the outcome of the contest. As the result is always determined by accidental average viewer there is no use in giving any predictions, at least before the start of Euroweek, when final versions of the songs and stage presentations will become known - at that time our correspondents in Moscow will publish own prognosis.
This year we'd like again to suggest you couple of different opinions. As usual our lead reviewer will be author of ESCKaz Andy Mikheev, joined by one of the leading ESC specialists in Russia Anton Kulakov. ESCKaz do not take any responsibility for the opinions of independent reviewer, which reflect only his personal opinion.
In this very rating, each song is marked in 4 categories. The last category is a preliminary potential mark based on National Final and other live performances. In each category maximum score is 10/10.
In the ratings at national pages all songs are judged by the author of ESCKaz out of 10 points and this will help us to create top 20 of the best preselection songs of Eurovision 2009 season.
We'd like to emphasize once again that the rating is published only to give you preview for each song. If you want us to hear your opinion write to us or post message on our Russian language messageboard.

Top 25 preselection songs of the year
Andy Mikheev:
1. Lulu & The Puppets - Searching For Perfect Emotion (Romania)
2. Giorgos Karadimos - Polemao (Greece)
3. Razvan Krivach - Jack Pott (Romania)
4. Marko Vozelj - Moj si zrak (Slovenia)
5. Oleg Bezinskih - Crowning (Russia)
6. Robo Opatovsky - Nieco Mas (Slovakia)
7. Galina Scoda - Actori (Moldova)
8. Ruslan Tsar - Aline (Moldova)
9. El Kravchuk - Fly To Heaven (Ukraine)
10. Langa - Roko mi daj (Slovenia)
11. Peter Bazik - Paradise vs Babylon (Slovakia)
12. Valeria Tarasova - See You Soon (Moldova)
13. Lawrence Gray - Stories (Malta)
14. Javier Bovea Ahis - Amor incondicional (Spain)
15. J.Guerrero - Pensar en ti (Spain)
16. Marcel Radstrom - Flyg mot himlen (Sweden)
17. La Buena Maria - No me falles nunca (Spain)
18. El Moski - El angel de la oscuridad (Spain)
19. Stefi & Endrri Prifti - U dogja mrekullishet (Albania)
20. Vasily Lazarovich - I Love You (Ukraine)
21. Vlatko Ilieski - Sreca (Macedonia)
22. Suzana Spasovska & Darko Neshovski - Bog go ima sekoj kluc (Macedonia)
23. Mathias Hoffman - Whispering Her Song (Sweden)
24. Mino - Angela (Lithuania)
25. Palo Drapak Band - Pocit vasne (Slovakia)
Anton Kulakov:
1 Salem al Fakir Keep on walking (Sweden)
2 Dons My religion is freedom (Latvia)
3 Tiiu Kiik The one and only Love (Estonia)
4 Antti Kleemola Sun puolella (Finland)
5 Harel Skaat Milim (Israel)
6 Filipa Azevedo Ha dias assim (Portugal)
7 Gjoko Taneski Jas ta imam silata (FYR Macedonia)
8 Anna-Maria Espinosa Innan alla ljusen brunnen ut (Sweden)
9 Ansambel Roka Zlindre & Kalamari Narodnozabavni Rock (Slovenia)
10 Marten Kuningas & Mahavok Oota mind veel (Estonia)
11 Lenna Kuurmaa Rapunzel (Estonia)
12 Malcolm Lincoln Siren (Estonia)
13 Projects Konike Digi Digi Dong (Latvia)
14 Filipa Galvao Telles O amor nao sabe (Portugal)
15 Iris Holm The one (Iceland)
16 Marko Vozelj Moj si zrak (Slovenia)
17 Kale Moraeus & Orsa Spellman Underbart (Sweden)
18 Joakim Tranberg All about a girl (Denmark)
19 Silas Holst & Kat Come Come run away (Denmark)
20 Vlatko Ilievski Sreka (FYR Macedonia)
21 Aisha What for (Latvia)
22 Thomas Bezdeda Na strachnah domav (Slovakia)
23 Vlatko Lozanovski Letam con tebe (FYR Macedonia)
24 Kaya Bruel Only tonight (Denmark)
25 Eric Saade Manboy (Sweden)
Participants of Eurovision 2010

Andy Mikheev
(M: Music, L: Lyrics, V: Vocal, O: Overall impression before the contest)

Anton Kulakov
(M: Music, L: Lyrics, V: Vocal, O: Overall impression before the contest

(3 cat)
Albania - Juliana Pasha - It's All About You M: And if this was a song of some Christina Aguilera, it would have sounded out of every radio set. The song is quite contemporary and fitting modern radio format. 8/10
L: Well, simple lyrics for an uptempo song. Though the English version is not perfectly fitting into the rhythm. But the singer has perfect pronounciation. As almost all Albanian performers.
V: Excellent. Haven't you attempted Jazz singing? With such vocal you can even do a hard-rock!
O: Guaranteed finalist 9
M: Strange song. Every next year the selection of Albania delivers more strange impression. 5/10
L: I sing it to you, idiot, and the whole world fails to understand why on earth I'm doing it.
V: Pretty stable within this song. But it doesn't help the song. 4
O: The darkness of some kind. Not Ndoci of course, but also a very difficult case. But the rule that Albanian girls usually qualify to the final may work again 4
Switzerland - Michael von der Heide - Il pleut de l'or M: It will be very difficult to remove this song from the first place of my personal ranking, these are very well planned three minutes. 10/10
L: It rains gold when we talk about love...
V: Let us see it live with backing vocals, but the experience of the singer doesn't provide any doubts
O: There's a good chance to see it on the screens on Saturday night.
M - Well, what can I say. It is definitely different from the others for the better, and easily is remembered. 10/10
L - I agree with the fact that the text is smelling a lot in a good sense with Dassin and other French chansoniers.
V: It is difficult to say without hearing it live. But it is good.
O: I hope that it is the finalist. His ears will help for sure.
Finland - Kuunkuiskaajat - Tyolki ellaa M: There are countries that keep on entering to the international competition purely national product, unfortunately, Finland after strong bids in the middle of the last decade re-rolled on the level of Portugal. 7/10
L: That's really in particular, Europe will not guess that Tyolki ella translates as: With working it is also possible to earn for the living
V: Well, all this of course is very nice, touching, singing well
A: But unfortunately it will not get anywhere.
M: magnificent mix of gypsy dance, Finnish folk music and for some reason smelling with good old Nadezhda Babkina 8/10
L: How beautiful everything is! How green it is! It seems Finns have managed to send to Eurovision sort of infection. Plus for the use of Finnish language.
V: Strong Folk vocals, plus a glamorous accordion.
O: At least they are amusing.
Norway - Didrik Tolli-Sangen - My Heart Is Yours M: The whole of Scandinavia upsets this year. Well, after Rybak we go to the same kind of pretty boy, as was Bilan in an early stages of his career, when he was singing something in the pop-opera. We could put this song back in 70th, and since then never come back. But we see now the reason why Kempe does not sing his own opera. 6/10
L: I will add the points for the lyrics, the text is very lyrical, beautiful, nothing to say against this.
V: Fails to fit some of the notes. Apparently, it's an affect of a relatively small experience. A lot of work prior to Eurovision is required.
O: In the final we will see this automatically, but Norway is safe from the second victory in a row. Amid plenty of boys in this year, this may slide to the bottom of the table.
M: Typica Melodifestivalen ballad. As the Swedes since Bjorkman era have enough brains not to enter this, the Norwegians decided to confirm the old joke that everything that participates in the Norwegian selection is that for whatever reasons, didn't get to Melodifestivalen. As they say - just take it and sign. Given what were the other options - for this choice they should be swished. Another song that smells like "Titanic". 7/10
L: In general, I gave you my heart and because of this, you can not change anything. Serenade. But horrificly banal.
V: Very sweet. Songs in this style should be sung in Spanish, and music should be made by Calderon or Santander!
O: Awfully want to reduce the points for the reason that it beat so many good songs in the preselection. The average choice, but sverigomen are delighted.
Denmark - Chanee & N'Evergreen - In A Moment Like This M: Again, in the strongest selection Denmark has chosen a many-times heard standard. Only lazy didn't say yet about the borrowing of arrangement from The Police. 7/10
L: Standard Swedish pop.
V: Vocals are without problems, but the emotions on stage look dull and not sincere. 8
O: Denmark has always been lucky, so final is certain. But won't count a lot on the support of Russia and it's neighbours.
M: G:son? Well, at least not Rice. Positive swedish pop with references to ABBA and the rest. Alas - it is the most interesting entry we have at the moment! 9/10
L: Everything kills the hook in the chorus. How many uonnanau I have already heard. But I'm listening to this with pleasure.
V: They are magnificent.
O:  There is a chance to get results better than different Brincks.
Cyprus - Jon Lilygreen and The Islanders - Life Is Better In Spring M: Cyprus has gotten exhausted. The last selection, where the winning singer has never been before in Cyprus has ended and next year they go to the Idols sort of competition. It is pretty understandable, as except for heavy metal, which broadcaster doesn't accept as risky, there are no performers left in the country suitable for Eurovision level. Why though the singer is Welshman, the song is rather in the American format? 7/10
L: A good lyircs, very strong bridge and chorus, put on a good melody.
V: Vocalist has no problems, the backing choir is doing it's job well too.
A: Why not to see it in the final?
M: The fact that Denmark did not select another Brinck was quickly trimmed in Cyprus, probably relying on his very success. Mediocre Americanized guitar pop. 6/10
L: Another text about faith in love, that everything will be fine and so on. See Poland, Iceland, Albania, Norway. Just epidemic.
V: Brinck-ish. Only more dull.
O: You know, all least Brinck had radiohit. And here ... even the synth sounds like a hairbrush.
The Netherlands - Sieneke - Ik ben verliefd (Sha-la-lie) M: The Netherlands revenge for the last year. As in the past year they tried to style The Toppers on European taste, but Europe didn't get it, this year you get 100% of national product. Ratings in the charts show that the nation understood the idea. 8/10
T: Well, who can say that these Shalala are not catchy? Replacement of Leningrad to Moscow has been very interesting. And obviously, it's all was written in the time of viewing Junior Eurovision Song Contest.
V: There is certainly something to work on, but in general the song is not difficult.
O: Here you have the most national song of contest, except that Finland could still argue. Well, no, not in the final, of course, but at least we will see the barrel organ 6
M - Who is not "in the theme" - do you know how many such songs are produced every year in Belgium/Holland? Albums 6-10 per year. It is still nice and sweet. 8/10
T - What I was saying about Norway, Albania and others? Here the lyrics are most sincere. Special thanks for another lesson in geography.
B - It is not bad.
O: Maybe this time lucky? But then judging by the trends, we expect the worst year in the past 10 years.
Iceland - Hera Bjork - Je Ne Sais Quoi M: Well, one thing is when the composer plagiarize himself from two years ago, but people, Kate Ryan - Who Do You Love, well, chorus is almost identical... 6/10
T: I Will Survive, what can I do else? 6/10
V: Vocal is very good, but let's still think about the image, as it is not a radio. At this point we're getting only the sort of circus.
O: Will classify to the final, and jury may like it, as the song really has a radio hit potential.
M: A mediocre pop without a decentdevelopment. 2 years ago this has worked. This is my Life just asks to be here. 6/10
L: I do not know what the hell I am so worried when I see your face. The third song on the same topic!
V: Normal. But her song from the Danish selection last year was better.
O: On the selection there were a lot of more interesting things. But sverigomen are delighted again.
Armenia - Eva Rivas - Apricot Stone M: There is something to work on. In particular, the part of duduk is rather vague and does not fit into the song, especially in the beginning. Development comes with delay, and the song never reaches the peak. If all the shortcomings are be corrected, it may be a real hit. 8/10
L: There are never any complaints to the lyrics by Karen Kavaleryan, while at the competition there is certain lack of meaningful text, there is also an idea and an opportunity for its stage implementation. 10
V: If you take the performance at the national selection - this is weak spot. Work should be done on it as well as on pronunciation. 7
O: Top 10 in the final, and then, depending on the diligence and zeal in the preparatory period.
M: Authorship is very noticeable. Verse is simply divine. The chorus disappoints being too much pop. But good etnopop. 8/10
L: Kavaleryan. Yes, and another interesting content of lyrics.
V: Nice.
O: If they win with it I won't be disappointed. Anyway, it will be high in table.
Poland - Marcin Mrozinski - Legenda M: Another country that desperately sends a purely domestic product, and in contrast to Finland and the Netherlands, it is the result of despair. It is better to go Cyprus way. The song is assembled from pieces, the chorus is not bad, but it is unlikely the audience will wait for its start. 6/10
L: At the national finals was a real series of fairytale song. Poland bought on this concept. So we've got  princesses and knights in love.
V: Frankly, I do not know how he sang Raoul, but this was quite weak. And with backings the output was horryfying
O: Well, well, not everyone can fight for the position in the finals.
M: Another magnificent mix of gypsy folk and pop with a slight average influence of Latin. Plus for the originality. 8/10
L: I want to be closer to my princess. What, another song about the same?
V: Vocals are weak.
O: Well at least that have not chosen another American ballad with big-breasted female vocalist.
Macedonia - Gjoko Tanevski - Jas ja imam silata M: Many people should learn from the development of the song, entrance to the chorus and then the pressure does not stop and only goes up, it works great on the culmination and the rap part. 10/10
L: I Will Survive variation with excellent text constructions 9/10

V: Yes, I'm very happy with the vocals. Time for first highest mark. 10/10
O: If this will not qualify to the final, only in the case all juries lose their ears. 8/10
M European soft-rock with a little bit of Balkan influences. Even rap don't spoil the song. 10/10
L A new day will come, but now it is still raining. Very good. 9.5/10
V Finally, we've got a strong vocals from Macedonia. Enough of Risteskas. 10/10
O Balkans are saving this year contest from full madness of Didrikomania and Kempedish songwriters. 10/10
Malta - Thea Garrett - My Dream M: Lullaby. 6/10
L: We have heard all of this last year with Jade 6/10
V: 17 years old Lisa Minelli 8/10
O: Well, it is known that in order to guarantee the result at the contest now someone needs to enter a female ballad. But not go to the extrems. At the request of Polina I mention that I understand nothing in the "cool guys with wings". 8/10
M Pretty ballad, no more. It never reaches Chiara's heights. But still better than Didriks. 8/10
L This is my dream. Theme of dream realization has been fulfilled with winning the Maltese preselection. 7/10
V The women has face of Mylene Farmer and voice of all Irish winners. 8/10
O Uuuh. In 2008 she may have been LAST! This year she can be in the final. 7/10
Slovenia - Ansambel Roka Zlindri and Kalamari - Narodno zabavni rok M: I wonder how much they had to pay Kalamari to take part in this pretty pouring-mix of Narodnozabavni rock? 8/10
L: Positive shock, yup. 8/10
V: Rocker 10, Girlie 8. Total -  9/10
O: Prospects are very vague, something in one of two styles separately probably still would have had a great chances. 7/10
M Fleisch-blender of Nadezhda Kadysheva & Zveri Band. First time in Eurovision Song Contest! 10/10
L Highest mark only for song title. 10/10
V All singers are very good in their genres. 9.5/10
O Balkan neighbours can vote the way they like, but the rest of Europe will fall for this as they did for the Hora din Moldova. 10/10
Spain - Daniel Diges - Algo pequenito M: Attempt to create something in style of musicals. 7/10
L: Something about love, but hook is very bad and rather spols the song. 7/10
V: Stable, yet to remove the smile stretching from one ear to another throughout the entire song. And so, the number of boys in the competition is growing and multiplying.9/10
O: With such a t freak performance even Chikilikuatre can not be compared. One thing remains is to put Diges into a monster outfit in the style of Lordi and all fairy tale genres will be covered.8/10
M There has been no waltz in ESC since 1978. For 32 years. And the waltz is very good! 10/10
L Something very tiny that lets me think that I love you madly. 10/10
V Vocal is incredible. 10/10
O For once, really best song has won in the Spanish preselection 10/10
Latvia - Aisha - What For? (Only Mr. God Knows) M: There is no point in writing about the studio version of the song, because it has nothing to do with a live performance and stage presentation.8/10
L: Won't repeat, Anton said everything. Furthermore, I honestly have consulted with experienced teachers of English and they said that the British people with their claims are quite insolent and text is completely literate. 9/10
V: It is clear that for freaks vocals are not necessary, but sometimes even can harm.7/10
O: To be honest when first seen this, I cried with laughter. Such freak performance I have never seen at the Eurovision. It is the essence of the word "blonde"! Silvia Night and Lena Alexandra have been put aside. And can she do some jumping on her feets while maintaining the inflated expression on his face? Then everyone will end impressed. 8/10
M Janis Lusens. Arrangement makes the song better. Very good clap-your-hands. 10/10
L British people are to blame themselves - their language is international. If the Hindus and the Dane understand message across songs, even though the chorus, which may contradict to the Rules of English - language still performs it's communications function. And the fact that it is well-twisted and pushed - it's not a problem of speakers. Even if the British like to observe all the rules (although some of them do not pay attention to this) - let them follow them precisely in their England. And when in the competition are involved forty countries in which this simple lyrics will be understood and people will be happy. Although it's topic is just a kindergarten, and laundresses with a basins do not represent it on stage completely. But still for the fact that this song has qualified to the Euro I put 10/10
V Still for this song it is too unconfident and it relies on backs. 8/10
O But it does not spoil this song, I like it very much and wish it to reach the finals. 10/10
Slovakia - Kristina - Horehronie M: Fans favourite, with little obvious on the reason of it. An attempt to modernize ethnic. 6/10
L: Probably good, but like any songs in Czech or Slovak is not particularly resonant.7/10
V: Was becoming better with each round, probably will be on good level comes May. 7/10
O: The position of the fan favorite very rarely works in favor of the performer, but often opposite. 7 / 10
M - Nice ethnic part in the beginning of the song is completely killed by Balkan percussion. Alas. 7/10
L - Report on the impressions of nature. She would like to do a lot of things on these mountains. Nice lyrics, but the Flight in the darkness was cooler. 9/10
V - The vocals are pretty average. 6/10
O - I'm afraid that it will be dismissed like Kerndlova, even despite her legs. 7/10
Bulgaria -  - M: In principle, the song is not bad, needs more techno dance arrangement, to portray the developmentf 8/10
L: It makes sense to translate it into English. 7/10
V: El Kravchuk's appearance, and vocals too. 9/10
O: There have been people coming out from piano, jumping on it, now someone does a rack on the hands on it... 7/10
M - Out of the bunch of monotonous songs they have chosen the one that was the most monotonous. 5/10
L - Another lyrics of pseudoesoterical nature. You are my angel, he was merciless, but fair, blah blah. 5/10
V - So what? The song is nothing! 8/10
O - posed on the brink because of the vocals. 7/10
Georgia - Sophia Nizharadze - Shine M: Anton simply should have explicitly wrote that Georgia and Norway has one songwriter behind, and it is noticeable. 7/10
L: Actually, the philosophy is not much different from last year's Dutch Shine. 8/10
V: No offense to Sopho, but how stronger ballad performance could deliver Salome Gasviani... 8/10
O: And yet Sing My Song was stronger, but the fact that Lithuania and Spain got rid of their big ballads, and it beats Malta beats it can do really well. 7/10
M - The next "Titanic" smelling with Didrik, and even more with last year's Poland. By the way - the song is more interesting than Didrik's. 7/10
L - By the way, and the text thanks to its meaning in this stream is very likable. But no more than that. 8/10
V - Not bad within the frames of this song. 8/10
O - All the same ending. And let it be drawn right before Didrik. Because Didrik has no breast. 7/10
Turkey - maNga - We Could Be The Same M: Too long for Eurovision canons intro is in the end the best part of the song. Although the bridge before the chorus is not too bad. But recited verse and chorus of inarticulate divide song on incompatible pieces. 7/10
L: Honestly, I couldn't understand the meaning of the lyrics. It's about love between people of different nationalities? 7/10
V: Well, certainly the experience would affect performance and it should be at good level 8/10
O: Will be high enough 9/10
M - A pop-rock without any national color. And completely unoriginal. 7/10
L - Common sense - the show will go on, we will stay the same, whatever people talk. Well, at least one song without endless - I'm yours come and take me. 10/10
V - Lovely. Lovebugs of this year. 7/10
O - Well this is Turkey ... It will qualify with anything. 6/10
Lithuania - inCulto - Eastern European Funk M: Well, yes, something resembling funk. 6/10
L: Excursion to the history of Eastern Europe, as it experienced the Reds, two world wars, and now its people are migrant workers. Ireland will certainly evaluate it. 7/10
V: We Are The Winners were more interesting 7/10
O: Probably no chances. 6/10
M - Some schizophrenic band with scent of Switzerland-1979. They are at least amusing! 9/10
L - O Lord, I put this mark just for the complete lack of meaning in it. Let's dance, in short. 10/10
V - Freak vocals. Why not? 9/10
O - Let them pass to the inal. Let them be different among everything else. This year may surpass 2004 in the low average of the songs. 9/10
Croatia - Feminnem - Lako je sve M: Instrumental and dance part is not bad. Anthemic structure, but somewhat boring. 7/10
L: Yes, in general, he had deceived her, and for some reason it is she who asks for forgiveness. A bit confusing. Somehow we've got a lot of non-English lyrics this year. I wonder whether they will be translating it. 6/10
V: Quite good. 7/10
O: Difficult to distinguish on the general level. 6/10
M - The song continues horror-balladish tendency of this year, and failures of the preselections. Their hello to ABBA everyone remembers. Though here is also, same hello to Melodifestivalen and Kempedish authors 6/10
T - Another tragedy on the grounds of treason. In general, it is not so simple, in fact, but all ended well. 6/10
V - There's nothing here. Thank you though that it is better than voicelless Igor from last year. 7/10
O - Oh. In both semi-finals there is already a bunch of such a tragedies. 6/10
Moldova - SunStroke Project & Olia Tira - Run Away M: The symbiosis of dance music, violin and saxophone - is original, even with number of violins at Eurovision. 10/10
L: I Will Survive, duet version 8/10
V: At the national selection so far sounded far from the ideal. 8/10
O: If they work on vocals, staging and costumes - this is a favorite of the competition. 10/10
M - Very stylish Europop with light violins and saxes. Well done. 10/10
L - I'm afraid that this is the weakest part. Live-brief. Mind-Life, future-nature. In general, a song about the fact that it's time to run away. 9/10
V - Pleasant. 9/10
O - Finally, they have done it 10/10
Romania - Paula Seling & Ovi - Playing With Fire M: Very weak verse, where is aconversation. But a joint chorus just hits. 8/10
L: Obviously, this is about fighting with pillows, hitting and running after each other. This must be put into the stage presentation. 8/10
V: Excellent. 9 / 10
O: Oh, yes, this is the most balanced approach to the audience and the jury system, the top 5 in Oslo. But I will not forgive that they failed to select Krivaci - the first place would be in their pocket.10/10
M - Lead to the verse and verses themselves are amazing. They are killed by much weaker chorus. 10/10
L - In the general description of the foreplay. 8.5/10
V - Without any problems. 9/
O - Finalists, and there will be high enough. It's a shame though that there have been stronger songs in Romanian preselection. 9/10
Ukraine - Alyosha - Sweet People M: Almost Podolskaya. 6 / 10
L: Social lyrics, but not quite understandable for Eurovision 6/10
V: Singing is not bad, but it will be difficult to base everything on this only 8/10
O: For the first time, both Ukraine and Russia are balancing on the brink of absenteeism from the finals. 6/10
M - Another ballad. What were they thinking, knowing that they will perform close to Azerbaijan, which also has a rock-ballad. And this looses by it's quality to Safura... 7/10
L Very social theme, salutary, I would say. 8/10
V - Based on the national selection vocals, thanks God, are there is. It is good. 9/10
O - I vaguely understand on what counts Ukraine as it has even less chance than Vasyl. And so in the close neighbourhood with dripdrop whole situation just is compounded to the maximum. 8/10
Portugal - Filipa Azevedo - Ha dias assim M: Well, we'll compete with Malta's position on which of them is more boring. 7/10
L: In the English version: and again I'm alone, and all is over, and my heart is forever stolen and I can not find it anymore ... girl, you aren't yet 20, it seems you hardly realize what you are singing. 6/10
V: The contest begins to resemble the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Another teenager with little experience. 7/10
O: None. But Anton will put 30, because he is going crazy from all the songs in Portuguese, and Estonian, too. 6/10
M - Pure Brazilian ballad. 10/10
L - The sense is - unfortunately, this is life. But there is a song that I can sing, there are poems that you have not yet written, and then it continues in the tradition of Brazilian lyrics. 10/10
V - not the strongest part of the song. But I sincerely believe that prior to the contest they will work on it. Because Filipa herself is gorgeous. I believe that she'll cope with it and in advance I put 10/10
O - This is a finalist, because it is the only ballad of this year, which deserves, both to enter the final, and the top-10, given that everything else is a commercial and second-rate rubbish. 10/10
Ireland - Niamh Kavanagh - It's For You M: The music has a beautiful passage on the words "for the lost and stray". Basically, the Swedish kind of ballad with Irish flavour. 7/10
L: Anthemic and very weak, I would have rewritten the lyrics from scratch. 6/10
V: Yes, good vocals. Perhaps the best of the female ballads. 9/10
O: But, as it was shown last year, a young girl will have a greater chance - read Georgia. 7/10
M - Another "Titanic", this time written not by Sorvaag, but Gladnikoff coped with the same job well. It would be a big fun to see it drawn close to Didrik and Georgia in the finals. Separately - all of this trinity this is the strongest - sweet Irish Cream ballad with interesting transitions. 9/10
L - Very badl. There love will shine when he will come from the shadows and so going on. I'm tired... 7/10
V - Oh, yes, we say it in 1993! Vocals will do miracles here. 10/10
O - Given that it sits in the one semifinal with Georgia, which has very perfect drawing in the form of it's two neighbours, then it could spoil the result. But anyway, we will likely see it in the final. 9/10
Belgium - Tom Dice - Me and My Guitar M: Without guitar and with a normal orchestral arrangement - it would have been at least a normal ballad ... 6/10
L: About fetishism. Love to the guitar. 6/10
V: Vocals are disappointing. I thought that at least he won't sing so boring ... 6/10
O: Nowhere. 6/10
M - Combed version of Cyprus. For what a contest has been flooded by the crowd of boys with guitars... 5/10
L - The title itself already makes clear the clinical case described in the song. 3/10
V - What a sweet boy... And will we preserve them? And then we can start production of those mewing kittens. 3/10
O - What a shame that Cyprus is in the other semifinal. And thus we have the risk to see in the final both kittens. 4/10
UK - Josh - That Sounds Good To Me M: Positive. Reminds Don't Play That Song Again. 9/10
L: Just be with me and the whole world will shine. 6/10
V: The boy is in extasy from the fact that he had reached such a level. Another vocalist who is not even a third-tier. 6/10
A: At least two countries of the Big Four will end in the bottom of the final. 6/10
M - Very strongly reminded Scooch. Chorus is a little bit cute, but otherwise ... Oh-la-la. 5/10
L - If you give my sunshine - I'll give you good times. Song about the end of the global financial crisis. 6/10
V Kinda boys-bandish. 5/10
O - Yes. You're exactly what the country needs. Talents - think about it. And here comes the bottom again. 4/10
Germany - Lena Mayer-Landrut - Satellite M: Well, besides being clearly American song is pretty sweet. 8/10
T: Well, yes, now not only Belarus sings in Belinglish. But the lyrics are not bad. Girl with a hawk's eye rotates like satellite and aims with the bow. 9/10
V: Well, out of all girls and young boys, here clearly is some sort of vocal potential. 8/10
O: Without any special staging will not go anywhere, if they will show everything that is in the lyrics - it would be very funny. 7/10
M - There is something very touchingly smelling with Britney Spears. In the worst sense of the word. Arrangedement is unobtrusively primitive. 5/10
L - Besides the awful German accent lyrics are virtually indistinguishable. So it does not matter. 5/10
V - About the accent I wrote above. The vocal itself is terrible. 3/10
O - Another last place. Although there are already many candidates for that. 2/10
Estonia - Malcolm Lincoln - Siren M: It is an unsuccessful attempt to go into electronic music of 80th. Alphaville has all this done. 7/10
L: Song of the condition of schizophrenia from a failed life. 7/10
V: Singing is good, but the chorus of male sirens is not quite appropriate. 8/10
O: Speech is rather psychedelic. I think that 30 in the right column, I predicted a week ago, not depending on who would win there. 7/10
M - Piano psychedelic minimalism. But it can be understood with the time. 10/10
L - Probably the song tells about a man going crazy from the fact that a siren has settled down in his head and drives him mad with it's awful sounds. 10/10
V - What Robin has shown at the national final is the top masterpiece. Perhaps the most powerful male vocal of the competition. 10/10
O - For the rare listener. Maybe it will work on the formula of Bosnia-2008. It all depends on neighbors, though in this genre there are no other entries this year. 10/10
Greece - Georgos Alkaios and Friends - OPA M: One of the few uptempo things in the contest, especially in the style which at the Eurovision Song Contest is usually well accepted. Ready ringtone. 7/10
L: Brutal version of I Will Survive. Perhaps starting a new life with a full re-branding. 8/10
V: Very confident, especially when compared with recent Greek entries. 9/10
O: Won't forgive loss of Polemao, but still it is one of the favorites of the competition. Though there is SAGAPO ghost somewhere around too.
M - Male chlamydiosis with a solo on a Siemens mobile phone. 3/10
T - Because this Opa soon rewarded in a Russian-speaking world an additional letter (meaning "backside"), I agree to put him ten for courage. 10/10
V - A series of strange brutal guys from Greece continues. Singing is fine. 7/10
O - Yes, it is of course in the final. 7/10
France - Jessy Matador - Allez! Ola! Ole! M: Well, yes, here's the promised top artist from France, apparently. Well, yes, football and anthemic theme songs are becoming something frequent. 6/10
L: Poor fans of Francophonie. 6/10
V: I wonder how it will look like on stage. Will they throw balls in the hall? And what is there for female vocals? 6/10
O: Different, nothing to add. 8/10
M Something strongly smelling as a football anthem. It so begs to be heard from each market place. 6/10
T - The call to move what the part of body about which is sung in the Greek song deserves a respect. The rest of the text is about the dancing. 7/10
V - Not observed as such. 7/10
O - I'm afraid that all the fast tracks of this year are destined to get higher places because of the dominance of Ballad terror. 9/10
Serbia - Milan Stankovich - Ovo je Balkan M: Positive uptempo in traditional style of Bregovic. 8 / 10
T: Anton has not noted the phrase "Your breasts are like howitzers". In general, apparently a song about the international women's seduction methods. 8/10
V: Very good. If you do not look at the screen. 8/10
O: Well, it can unite Balkans together with one hand, and on other countries will get good points as well. 9/10
M - Bregovic, as you wished him. It is not he who spoils it. And in general - well, Balkan ethno... 7/10
T - I want to look indecent. Kiss, kiss, kiss. Nonsense in general. 6/10
V - Does not correlate with the appearance, but is not bad. If he had a plastic surgery done ... and his head was coloured. 7/10
O - Just imagine Gogol Bordello, with singer Vlad Topalov! Europe from only the fact that on the music of Goran comes out this piece of white chocolate... 6/10
Bosnia - Vukasin Brajic - Thunder and Lightning M: The whole song is just a lame duck and damp. But the potential is enormous. But it is not realized even in a half. At least, threre should not be a soft-rock arrangement, which spoils the entire song, but hard & heavy.7/10
L: Honestly, what the song is about I did not understand. About love? About World Peace? About religion? The plot is unclear. 7/10
V: Well, and vocals. How well it starts. And then going nowhere. Where are the high points, where is the screaming? 8/10
A: Yes, it is weaker in Macedonia, though plays on the same field. 6/10
M - Stable Balkan rock, but weaker than the Macedonian. It is still very good. 9/10
L - Everywhere now is drought, but breathing of bodies can also cause rain. Text is magnificent. 10/10
V - Yes, and the vocals are good as well. 9/10
O - Because of strong differences with Serbia and similarities with Macedonia both being is the same semi-final qualification to the final is under question. Of course I would like to see them both in the final. But if you choose one of the two - that will be Macedonia. Sorry, Vukasin. 8/10
Belarus - 3+2 - Butterflies M: Switzerland 2006. Anthemic ballad, although more powerful arrangements would not hurt. 7/10
L: About faith in the future. 7 / 10
V: Whatever is sung, it is still in BelEnglish. Even in studio. To work, work and work. Of course, the vocals are academic. Let's see how they will harmny live. 7/10
A: The second final for Belarus, but they shouldn't count for more. 7/10
M - Didrik-lullyby (even without Swedish songwriters). Yes, and written by Fadeev. Nice, large-scale (needs some hairbrushing, or they simply didn't have enough money for a good arrangement?), but how many such a songs are there already in the contest? Lead to the refrain is very similar to I be your angellllll of Chiara from 2005. 6/10
L - Free paraphrase of the song of Kristina Orbakaite "Da-di-dam". With regards to "Believe in miracles" 6/10
V - If there was not such an accent, it would sound better. But vocals are not bad. 7/10
O - The draw is very good still. Though qualification to the final will be somewhat undeserved. 7 10
Sweden - Anna Bergendahl - This Is My Life M: Terribly old-fashioned ballad. 6 / 10
L: Girl, we understand that your time has come. I'm done, tipping on my toes / Strike an iron and attack my soul - you can translate that yourself. 5 / 10
V: She smiles or throught the entire song is constrained not to start crying? All in all this puts another mark to the list of all the ballads and teenage girls. Metaxa wasn't too far from it. 6/10
O: Goodbye. 5/10
M - Third-level. Sweden strongly tried to ruin the best selection of the year in which even Kempetrash looked like Mount Everest in the middle of the Central Russian Upland. The song is so secondary, and I do not want to spend a single point for it. 0 / 10
T - Tipping on my toes... I'd rather have you leaving the scene and rescued the Melodifestivalen from such disgrace. 0 / 10
V - Crying meowing teenager in a white dress that came from her grandmother and with the guitar of the size of herelf. She sings passably, but for such an efforts 12 points can be given 12 points only at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. 0/10
O - 1963, the year the last time in the history Sweden entered female ballad and ranked last with zero points. I wish Anna the same 0/10
Azerbaijan - Safura - Drip Drop M: Start position of both the singer and the song left much to be desired. The bottleneck in the song - it's hook, Drip Drop. Smart chorus and then comes this all over the place recitative ... 8/10
L: Song is about the problems of love, mistrust and doubt. In general, the lyrics are nice. 9/10
V: Is improving with time. 7/10
O: It would be interesting to see them side by side with Georgia. Who would make a more beautiful presentation will get higher. But with the big number of ballads for both of them will be very difficult to win. Most likely the winner will come from the other category. 8/10
M - Soft-rock ballad. At least the country does not repeat genres. Although I would do a heavier arrangement. 9/10
L - A touching story about a man's betrayal, suspicion and women's tears. Professional lyrics from the lips of Safura sounds quite sincere. 9.5/10
V - In the first version the vocals have sounded rather weak. Alive it produced a much better impression, and with the appearance of the second version have pleased even more. So, if Swedish tuning will continue until the Oslo, everything can happen. And so far
for the obvious growth - 8.5/10
O - Heavier version would have had more chances in the final. From the semi-finals it will qualify easily. And if they will use real rain on stage, as I suggested - it will be a candidate for the top-3. 8/10
Israel - Harel Skaat - Milim M: It is very reminiscent of Soviet songs. Tariverdiev. Just add a little pretentious in the arrangement, yet it is quite sketchy. 8/10
L: But the text reminds Pamyat of Igor Talkov. 10/10
V: The weekest part of the song - this is a singer. I would like someone more experienced and matured. 7/10
A: Finalist. But then there are a lot of ballads. 8/10
M - A brilliant Israeli ballad bringing back memories of Shiri and Lahokat Shiru. 10/10
T - In essence, this lyrics are about the person who is on the verge of suicide. And in fact is an inverse response to the Azerbaijan. 10/10
B - As Andy said - Sweet boy. Only his voice is beautiful, touches the soul and brings tears. 10/10
O - Even with the third number is obliged to go to the finals and there to fight with Armenia and Azerbaijan for the victory. 10/10
Standings on the present moment (on 3 categories):
AM: Macedonia 29, Switzerland 29, Moldova 26, Israel 25, Armenia 25, Romania 25, Slovenia 25, Albania 25, Germany 25, Latvia 24...
AK: Portugal 30, Israel 30, Estonia 30, Spain 30, Macedonia 29.5, Slovenia 29.5, Moldova 28, Latvia 28, Lithuania 28, Romania 27.5, Azerbaijan 27, Armenia 27, Denmark 27, Switzerland 27