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Eurovision Song Contest 2010
Overview of participants and national selections.

# Country   Performer Song National selection
Finalists, 29th of May
2 Spain 2zggtw5.jpg (7227 bytes) Daniel Diges "Algo pequeñito"
(Jesus Canadilla, Luis Miguel de la Varga, Daniel Diges, Alberto Collado)
Spain has launched preselection process "Your Country Needs You". Submission period starts on 4th of December, artists may submit their entries through internet till January 12th. After that, a internet voting will be run for 3 weeks, however, this year, there will be no categories. 10 best entries will take place in televized preselection final. Contest will be open for performers - citizen of Spain or residing in the country for minimum of 2 years.
3 Norway 6391204_n.jpg (6489 bytes) Didrik Solli-Tangen "My Heart is Yours"
(Hanne Sørvaag & Fredrik Kempe)
Public submission period for "Melody Grand Prix" has been launched with deadline set to September 1st. Again, at least half of songwriters should be Norwegians. NRK will also invite several songwriters directly. Semifinals will start on 8th of January, final is scheduled for 6th of February.
12 United Kingdom josh_dubovie_206.jpg (4544 bytes) Josh Dubovie "That Sounds Good To Me"
(Pete Waterman, Mike Stock)
18 France jessymatador-2.jpg (8703 bytes) Jessy Matador "Allez! Ola! Olé!" Internal selection.
22 Germany fittosize_204_0_10e47b52dff5c350565bfedd1879bbfe_lena-meyer-landrut_02.jpeg (11388 bytes) Lena Meyer-Landrut "Satellite"
(Julie Frost, John Gordon)
Broadcasters ARD and Pro7 will join forces for the German national selection "Our Star For Oslo" which will be anchored by famous German entertainer Stefan Raab. 20 finalists will be determined through 7 preliminary rounds. 5 1/8 finals will be shown on Pro7, 1/4 on ARD, 1/2 on Pro7 and final on ARD.
Semifinal 1, 25th of May
1 Moldova 21076_1321824682232_1129260795_1008795_6334461_n.jpg (11725 bytes) Sun Stroke Project & Olia Tira "Run away"
(Антон Рагоза, Сергей Степанов - Алина Галецкая)
National final is planned for the late January. Local performers as well as mixed bands (citizen of Moldova with foreigners) will be allowed to take part in the preselection. Foreign composers are also able to submit entries and broadcaster will attempt to find suitable local performers for them. Submission deadline is 8th of January. 25 best entries chosen by jury + 5 wildcards chosen by SMS vote will take part in televized part of the preselection.
2 Russia nalitch15.jpg (7730 bytes) Peter Nalitch and Band "Lost and Forgotten"
(Peter Nalitch)
National selection similar to 2008 will take place on March 7th with 25 entries taking part and winner selected by mix of televoting and jury vote.
3 Estonia l_1ff4f40907804923b1b41cfea1d54764.jpg (4665 bytes) Malcolm Lincoln "Siren"
(Robin Juhkental)
Eesti Laul 2010 has been launched, submission deadline is set for January 7th, list of 10 finalists will be determined on January 11th. National final will take place on March 12th.
4 Slovakia 134010_kristina.jpg (7019 bytes) Kristína "Horehronie"
(Martin Kavulič -  Kamil Peteraj)
Submission period for Eurosong launched with entries accepted by October 30th. Composers can submit several entries, however there should be only one entry per singer submitted. Among changes this year is allowance of song refrain to be performed in English language, however rest of the song still should be in Slovakian. Still only Slovakian nationals can compete.
6 quaterfinals and 2 semifinals will be held starting January 22nd, leading to the final on 28th of February.
5 Finland m_02508ab8bc124232a3ae823183c1c25f.jpg (8571 bytes) Kuunkuiskaajat Työlki ellää
(Timo Kiiskinen, Susan Aho, Johanna Virtanen, Tom Nyman, Jetro Vainio)
Several changes have been brought to the preselection, including a public submission of the entries. Deadline to apply is set for the end of August. Several songs will line up for the internet voting in October and three of them will proceed to the live selection phase starting on 8th of January 2010. 12 more performers will be invited directly by YLE to complete line-up of 3 semifinal heats. Three best songs from each semi on a televote and extra wildcard selected by YLE will take part in the final which is set for January 30th.
6 Latvia m_73dee2aa44776288d3e015f42c305563.jpg (8154 bytes) Aisha "What For? (Only Mr.God Knows Why)" (Jānis Lūsēns - Guntars Račs) Eirodziesma 2010 final is set for 27th of February. 10 entries will take part in it. This year, only Latvian nationals are allowed to take part.
7 Serbia Milan-Stankovic3.jpg (6571 bytes) Milan Stankovic "Ovo je Balkan"
(Goran Bregovic - Marina Tucakovic)
RTS will appoint a composer, who would write songs for several artists that he will choose himself, with the consent of the RTS. In a televized preselection, the entries will be performed live, with winning song chosen by SMS vote of the public.
8 Bosnia- Herzegovina vukasin_brajic.jpg (8213 bytes) Vukašin Brajić "Munja i grom"
(Dino Šaran)
Bosnian broadcaster has invited songwriters (including foreign) to submit potential entries to BHRT till December 20th; singer selection is running as well with the same deadline, however, only Bosnian citizen may apply. Presentation of the entry wil take place on March 14th.
9 Poland e9.jpg (6291 bytes) Marcin Mroziński "Legenda"
(Marcin Nierubiec - Marcin Mroziński)
National final set for 14th of February. Submission deadline is set for November 2nd, 4 artists have been selected through public submission with several wildcards being added by the broadcaste. This year, all performers should have Polish citizenship and songwriters - Polish roots.
10 Belgium tomdice.jpg (4892 bytes) Tom Dice "Me and My Guitar"
(Tom Dice, Jeroen Swinnen, Ashley Hicklin)
Internal selection. The song will be presented on March 7th.
11 Malta 17132_286940490151_282783905151_4584574_8039301_n.jpg (7482 bytes) Thea Garrett "My Dream"
(Jason Cassar - Sunny Aquilina)
Foreign composers will not be allowed to enter Maltese Eurosong this year. Artists may submit only one song each. In first stage (2-4 December) of preselection 36 entries will be selected, these songs will be presented on TV (9 December - 13 January) and judged by jury and televoting in proportion 5:2. 20 songs will proceed to the final (20th of February), where winner will be selected on 50:50 basis. 
12 Albania 4101314.jpg (5486 bytes) Juliana Pasha "Nuk mundem pa ty"
(Ardit Gjebrea - Ardit Gjebrea, Pirro Cako)
Albania has brought some changes into it's Festivali i Kenges. On 24th of December 19 young artists will compete on Debutants night with only one entry qualifying to the main program. On 25-26th of December the main part of Festivali featuring 19 established artists plus one qualifier will take place, each song will be presented in two versions over this days and on December 27th the winner of the selection will be announced.
13 Greece 23667_103286389702829_100000644064416_91058_8230738_n.jpg (4931 bytes) Giorgos Alkaios and Friends "OPA" National broadcaster has invited local labels to propose artists for the national preselection. Final of 10 participants will take place on 12th of March.
14 Portugal 66_grnd.jpg (5122 bytes) Filipa Azevedo "Ha dias assim"
(Augusto Madureira)
Festival da Cancao will consist two Semi-Finals (100% televoting) and a Grand Final (of 12 entries each, 50-50 voting). 30 songs will be posted on the broadcaster's official website for the public to vote online between January 19th and 26th 2010, 24 will proceed further.
15 FYR Macedonia m_e89caee7ffdc7959d663a53f5c421954.jpg (5157 bytes) Gjoko Taneski ft. Billy Zver & Pejcin "Jas ja imam silata"
(Kristijan Gabroski)
National preselection will include 2 semifinals on 18-19 and final on 20th of February with participation of 28 entries (8 best from each semi qualify to the final). The winner will be chosen by mix of televoting (under new rules starting from the beginning of the show) and jury vote. Submission period ends on December 20th.
16 Belarus 3_2_.jpg (6217 bytes) "3+2" "Butterflies"
(Max Fadeev - Malka Chaplin)
Eurovision representative will be selected by decision of focus group which will include representatives from both BTRC and ONT broadcasters. Submission deadline is 15th of February. No restriction on nationalities of both singers and songwriters is applied. 
17 Iceland hera2.jpg (6504 bytes) Hera Björk "Je Ne Sais Quoi"
(Örlygur Smári, Hera Björk Þórhallsdóttir)
Preselection rules published, entries are accepted by October 5th. 150 entries have been submitted. Semifinals of 5 entries each have been scheduled for 9-16-23 of January with final set for February 6th.
Semifinal 2, 27th of May
1 Lithuania 1562369642_m.jpg (9323 bytes) InCulto "East Europe Funk" National preselection will include 3 semifinals in February and final on March 4th.
2 Armenia 19070_101106656589197_100000695890089_32107_2460996_n.jpg (6364 bytes) Eva Rivas "Apricot Stone"
(Armen Martirosyan - Karen Kavaleryan)
Applications for participation in the national preselection   are accepted until the 1st of February 2010. Artists - citizen of Armenia can take part in the preselection, however, songwriters may be foreigners. Until 10th of February professional jury will assess the applications received and will select 10 songs for the National Final, which will take place on 14th of February in the PTA studio. The winner will be chosen by joint decision of the audience and jury.
3 Israel Harel Skaat "Milim"
(Tomer Hadadi - Noam Horev)
Kdam-Eurovision will include 4 entries performed by Harel Skaat, viewers will select song to Oslo on 14th of March.
4 Denmark 83429_n.jpg (7398 bytes) Chanée & N'Evergreen "In a Moment Like This"
(Thomas G:son, Henrik Sethsson, Erik Bernholm - Thomas G:son, Henrik Sethsson)
National final has been set for February 6th in Aalborg. 562 entries have been received. Six finalists will be chosen by jury plus 4 wildcards appointed directly by the DR.
5 Switzerland Michael von der Heide "Il pleut de l'or"
(Michael von der Heide, Pele Lorriano - Heike Kospach)
Internal preselection rules have been published on the site of the national broadcaster this year. The deadline for entries have been set for October 22nd. As usual, channel is interested in submissions from experienced artists, having at least one full CD charted in top 50 and one music video. There are no conditions on nationality of the performers or language of the song lyrics.
6 Sweden bergendahl.jpg (6534 bytes) Anna Bergendahl "This Is My Life"
(Bobby Ljunggren - Kristian Lagerstrom)
SVT has invited songwriters to enter Melodifestivalen 2010 competition sending in their songs by September 22nd. One of the song of semifinals will be selected through the special additional online contest for a newcomers, hold on SVT website and also SVT will add 4 established artists as Jokers. Preselection rounds will take place starting February 6th. 
7 Azerbaijan safura_s.jpg (6642 bytes) Safura "Drip Drop"
(Stefan Örn, Anders Bagge - Sandra Bjurman)
Semifinal of the national preselection with 6 artists selected via castings procedure will take place on 2nd of February, top 3 will qualify further. Till 20th of February broadcaster is accepting potential entries and by 1st of March will select best combination of the song and artist.
8 Ukraine mid_7.jpg (5863 bytes) Alyosha "Sweet People"
(Olyona Kucher, Boris Kukoba, Vadim Lisitsa - Olyona Kucher)
Internal selection of the performer. Applications for the song entry from interested composers are being accepted. On 7th of March during TV show jury will select entry for Oslo.
9 The Netherlands 15_th.jpg (6534 bytes) Sieneke "Ik ben verliefd (Sha-la-lie)"
(Pierre Kartner)
Dutch ESC 2010 entry will be written by 74 years old Pierre Kartner (aka Father Abraham), the man behind Dutch 1973 entry and The Smurfs tune. National Songfestival will take place on 07/02. Several coaches will prepare new artists who will all perform the same song written by Kartner, in specially created for them arrangements. Song will be performed in Dutch.
10 Romania ovi2_.jpg (8211 bytes) Paula Seling and Ovi "Playing With Fire"
(Ovidiu Cernauteanu)
National preselection final is scheduled for March 6th. The authors must have Romanian citizenship and choose the artist from list of 54 recommended performers, published by TVR. The entries can be submitted to TVR from December 7th till January 14th and 12-15 of them will be chosen to take part in the final.
11 Slovenia anzambel.jpg (6437 bytes) Ansambel Roka Žlindre & Kalamari "Narodno zabavni rock"
(Marino Legovic - Leon Oblak)
Submission deadline for EMA is 14th of December. 14 songs will be selected to take part in semifinal, half will qualify to the final, where they will be joined by 7 more songs by invited composers. In both semifinal and final winners will be selected by 100% televoting.
12 Ireland 22166_1215375426940_1305457685_30585794_7620689_n.jpg (5694 bytes) Niamh Kavanagh "It's For You"
(Niall Mooney, Marten Eriksson & Jonas Gladnikoff - Lina Eriksson)
Eurosong 2010 will be made of 5 entries (no restriction on citizenship of songwriters or performers) and take place in early March. The jury reserves the right to change performers for the selected entries.
13 Bulgaria miro_sm.jpg (7394 bytes) Miro
(Miroslav Kostadinov)
"Angel si ti"
(Miro, Mihail Mihailov, Georgi Andreev and Gordon Davies)
Internal selection of singer will be implied this year. A survey among 51 music professionals will be organized to find best possible candidate. After determination of artist, 5 songs will be produced by BNT for him. First, on 7th of February introduction show will be aired, followed by 3 weeks of hot rotation of the tracks on TV and radio, and then on 28th of February during the final show SMS voting will select the best entry.
14 Cyprus 9276.jpg (8793 bytes) John Lilygreen & The Islanders "Life Looks Better In Spring"
(Nasos Lambrianidis, Melis Konstantinou - Nasos Lambrianidis
Preselection regulations published. Deadline to apply is 27th of November. Only Cypriot residents can apply. National final on February 7th will include 10 entries and winner will be selected by 50-50 system.
15 Croatia 16170_206143943447_53284698447_4111260_6197183_n.jpg (9010 bytes) Feminnem "Lako je sve"
(Branimir Mihaljević - Pamela Ramljak, Neda Parmać)
16 songs will be selected to Dora 2010 from the open submission with deadline on December 15th, 8 more will be added by special invitations to the authors of the most played Croatian songs during 2008 as per Croatian Composers Society data and will qualify directly to the final. Semifinal will take place on March 5th in Opatija, final on the next day.
16 Georgia sopho15.jpg (5182 bytes) Sopho Nizharadze "Shine"
(Hanne Sorvaag, Harry Sommerdahl, Christian Leuzzi)
Internal selection will take place. Songwriters are invited to submit potential entries. National final of 5 entries will take place on February 27th.
17 Turkey manga_5b1_5d_1241881003.jpg (9036 bytes) maNga "We Could Be The Same" TRT will repeat it's move from the last year and has invited public to nominate the singer they would like to see at the ESC 2010. TRT will consider the nominations and will discuss best rated candidates and will try to approach the leader of the voting with the proposal, and in case of decline, moving down to the next most nominated artist in the list.