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Eurovision Song Contest 2008
Overview of participants and national selections.

# Country   Performer Song National selection
Finalists, 24th of May
2 United Kingdom Andy_Abraham_x_factor_runner_up.jpg (4666 bytes) Andy Abraham "Even If"
(Andy Abraham,Andy Watkins & Paul Wilson)
Final on March 1st
4 Germany image_angels.jpg (4921 bytes) No Angels "Disappear"
(Remee, Hanne Sorvaag, and Thomas Troelsen)
National final on 6th of March with 5 candidates.
19 France 1198299410_l.jpg (4204 bytes) Sebastien Tellier "Divine"
(Sebasiten Tellier)
Internal selection in February, announcement in March.
22 Spain 9b2b.jpg (3804 bytes) Rodolfo Chikilicuatre "Baila el ChikiChiki" 10 artists will be selected to take part in televised national final March, 1st. 5 will be selected through online voting held between 11th and 20th of February, and 5 more by jury assembled by TVE. During the show on March 1st winner will be chosen via televoting.
23 Serbia jelena-tomasevic01.jpg (6843 bytes) Jelena Tomasevic feat. Bora Dugic "Oro"
(Zeljko Joksimovic - Dejan Ivanovic)
Beovizija: semifinal of 20 entries on 19th of February, 10 qualify to the final to be held on 20th of February 2008. Entries can be submitted by December 1 (foreign songwriters allowed).
Semifinal 1, 20th of May
1 Montenegro images1.jpg (3314 bytes) Stefan Filipovic "Zauvijek volim te"
("Never Forget That I Love You")
(Ognen Nedelkovski - Grigor Koprov)
Montenegrin channel RTCG is going to split this year singer and song selection. In special show on RTCG on 6 candidates will be presented and televoting will select the one who will represent country in Eurovision 2008. After that RTCG will appoint a team of songwriters to prepare song for the selected artist.
2 Israel Boaz_Mauda.jpg (5144 bytes) Boaz Mauda "The Fire In Your Eyes"
"Ke'ilu kan"
(Dana International, Shai Kerem)
Kdam-Eurovision: song will be selected via mini-national final of 5 entries, same format that has been used in 2007, to be broadcasted by Channel 2 in February.
3 Estonia 6a33.jpg (7368 bytes) Kreisiraadio "Leto svet"
(Priit Pajusaar, Glen Pilvre, Peeter Oja, Hannes Vorno, Tarmo Leinatamm)
Eurolaul: National final on 2nd of February - 6 invited composers + 4 songs from open submission (58 entries received till November 25)
4 Moldova jLcYEjznmR.jpg (4239 bytes) Geta Burlacu "A century of love"
(Oleg Baraliuc - Viorica Demici)
Entries are being accepted till December 11 (foreign songwriters allowed). National final of 12 performers on February 9th. Decision by jury, televoting, TRM comission (1/3 each). 
5 San-Marino 1246445904_l.jpg (8248 bytes) Mi Odio "Complice"  
6 Belgium Belgium5.jpg (4508 bytes) Ishtar "O Julissi"
(Michel Vangheluwe)
Eurosong: 450 entries were accepted till 23rd of November. 28 participants, 4 quaterfinals on January 27th, February 3rd, 10th and 17th, 2 semifinals on February 24th and March 2 and final on March 9 will take place.
7 Azerbaijan img01807sm.jpg (8309 bytes) Elnur & Samir "Day After Day" (Govher Hasanzadeh - Zahra Badalbeyli) Televized national final with 3 entrants on 2nd of February.
8 Slovenia Rebekasmall.jpg (7646 bytes) Rebeka Dremelj "Vrag naj vzame"
"Heavy Weather"
(Josip Miani-Pipi - Amon)
EMA: 2 semifinals of 10 songs each on 1st and 2nd of Ferbuary, half will qualify to the final on 3rd of February, superfinal in the same show will feature 2 performers. Entries are being accepted till November 30th.
9 Norway maria5.jpg (6693 bytes) Maria Haukaas Storeng "Hold on, be strong"
(Mira Craig)
Melodi Grand Prix: 600 entries received (foreign songwriters were allowed). 3 semifinals of 6 songs each will take place on 11th, 18th, 25th of January, round "second chance" on 6th of February, and final on 9th of February.
10 Poland z4355968M.jpg (8320 bytes) Isis Gee "For Life"
(Isis Gee)
Piosenka dla Europy: National final on 23rd of February. Submission deadline: 2nd of January, three wildcards to be added by TVP. Experienced performers only allowed, no citizenship restrictions.
11 Ireland dustin5.jpg (5533 bytes) Dustin The Turkey "Irelande Douze Pointe"
(Darren Smith, Simon Fine and Dustin The Turkey)
Eurosong 2008: entries accepted till January 21st, final of 5 songs to take place in February.
12 Andorra g5.jpg (4317 bytes) Gisela "Casanova"
(Jordi Cubino)
Internal selection.
13 Bosnia and Herzegovina m_1d91a6ff0a9a6305e446ddb71dc97a2c.jpg (2963 bytes) Elvir Lakovic "Laka" "Pokusaj"
(Elvir Lakovic)
Internal selection. Entries from experienced performers and songwriters are accepted till 10th of December. Song will be presented on 2nd of March.
14 Armenia sirusho1.jpg (5982 bytes) Sirusho "Qele Qele"
(Harutyun Ter-Hovakimyan - Sirusho)
Song will be selected at mini national selection of 5 entries (foreign composers not allowed). Entries are currently accepted, with final taking place in late January - early February. 
15 The Netherlands hind_08.jpg (4815 bytes) Hind "My Heart Belongs To You"
(Hind Laroussi Tahiri, Tjeerd van Zanen & Bas van den Heuvel)
Internal selection. Presentation on March 7th.
16 Finland images_teras.jpg (5663 bytes) Terasbetoni "Missa miehet ratsastaa"
(J. Ahola)
Euroviisut: 3 semifinals of 4 songs on 8th, 15th and 22nd of February, 2 songs from each and 2 from "second chance" show will compete in the final on 1st of March. Regulations.
17 Romania Nico_Vlad.jpg (7164 bytes) Nico & Vlad Mirita "Pe-o margine de lume"
(Andrei Tudor - Andreea Andrei, Adina Suteu)
Selectia Nationala: National final on 23rd of February, semifinals on 9th and 16th of February. Submission deadline - December 22. 282 entries received.
18 Russia images_bilan.jpeg (6498 bytes) Dima Bilan "Believe"
(J.Beanz - J.Beanz, D.Bilan)
National final of 25th entries on 9th of March. Entries accepted till February 1st
19 Greece images_kalom.jpg (5468 bytes)


"Secret combination"
(Konstantinos Pantzis - Poseidonas Giannopoulou)
Final of three singers on 27th of February 2008.
Semifinal 2, 22nd of May
1 Iceland euroband_RGB.jpg (6658 bytes) Euroband "This Is My Life"
(Fullkomid lif) 
(Orlygur Smari - Paul Oskar)
Laugardagslogin: 146 entries received through open submission (foreign songwriters allowed) (6 proceeded to the selection) + 9 composers invited with 3 songs each. Final will take place on 23rd of February.
2 Sweden images_per.jpg.jpeg (5149 bytes) Charlotte Perrelli "Hero"
(Fredrik Kempe, Bobby Ljunggren)
Melodifestivalen: 3434 entries received. Semifinals will take place on 9th, 16th and 23rd of February and 1st of March. "Second chance" round on March 8th, final - on March 15th.
3 Turkey morveotesi.jpg (5762 bytes) Mor ve Otesi "Deli" Internal selection.
4 Ukraine 248.jpg (6474 bytes) Ani Lorak "Shady Lady"
(Philip Kirkorov - Karen Kavaleryan)
Internal selection of singer. Song to be selected at national final of 5 entries on February 23rd. Submission deadline: February 5th.
5 Lithuania jeras-1.jpg (5789 bytes) Jeronimas Milius "Nomads in the night"
(Vytautas Diskevicius - Jeronimas Milius)
Eurovizija: Entries are being accepted till 10th of December (no nationality conditions). National selection of several stages will take place in January with final on 2nd of February.
6 Albania 1197303894-Olta_BOKA.jpg (5823 bytes) Olta Boka "Zemren e lame peng"
(Adrian Hila - Pandi Laco)
Festivali i kenges: 30 songs in two semifinals on 14th and 15th of December, final on 16th of December.
7 Switzerland a6133meneguzzi02gra.jpg (4113 bytes) Paolo Meneguzzi "Era Stupendo"
(Paolo Meneguzzi)
Internal selection: Entries accepted till October 22nd (foreigners - performers and songwriters allowed).
8 Czech Republic m_kerndlova1.jpg (5838 bytes) Tereza Kerndlova "Have Some Fun"
(Gordon Pogoda, Stano Simor)
Eurosong: national final of 10 entries will be held on January 26. SMS voting run starting January 3rd.
9 Belarus 57.jpg (6095 bytes) Ruslan Alehno "Hasta la Vista"
(Taras Demchuk - Eleonora Melnik)
Eurofest: semifinal of 15 entries on 21st of December 2007, final of 4 songs on 21st of January 2008, winner selected by televoting. Entries are accepted till 27th of November (foreign songwriters allowed).
10 Latvia pirates_of_the_sea225.jpg (7473 bytes) Pirates of the Sea Wolves of the sea
(Jonas Liberg, Johan Sahlen, Claes Andreasson, Torbjorn Wassenius)
Eirodziesma: 88 еntries were received till November 19th (foreign songwriters were allowed), list of finalists will be announced on 7th of December. Semifinals of 10 songs each will take place on 2nd and 9th of February and final on March 1st. Winner will be selected by 100% televoting. 
11 Croatia kraljevi1.jpg (5722 bytes) Kraljevi ulice & 75 cent "Romanca"
(Miran Hadzi Veljkovic)
Dora: final of 16 songs on 23rd of February, semifinal of 14 songs on 22nd of February, 6 best goes through to final, where joined by 10 specially invited.
12 Bulgaria deep_zone_balthazar1.jpg (6551 bytes) Deep Zone & Balthazar "DJ, Take Me Away"
(Dian Savov)
EuroBGvision: 79 entries received (foreign songwriters were allowed). Selections since 7th of October, 9 introductory shows, 3 quaterfinals with 3 songs qualifying from each, + 9 wildcards to be added to complete 18 songs semifinal (26th of January). 9 best + 3 wildcards will take part in the final (23rd of February). Regulations.
13 Denmark a09-1.jpg (5832 bytes) Simon Matthew "All night long"
(Jacob Launbjerg, Svend Gudiksen and Nis Bogvad)
Dansk Melodi Grand Prix: 433 entries received. Two semifinals of 8 songs on 12th and 19th of January, 4 songs from each + 2 wildcards will complete final, to take place on 2nd of February. 
14 Georgia gur26sm.jpg (6022 bytes) Diana Gurtskaya "Peace Will Come"
(Kim Breiburg - Karen Kavaleryan)
29 entries were received by November 17th 2007. National final of 12 entries on 1st of March.
15 Hungary kep17.jpg (8461 bytes) Csezy "Candlelight"
(Rakonczai Viktor - Imre Mozsik (Венгерский текст - Janosi))
Eurovizios Dalfesztival: Entries accepted till December 20th. National final of 15 performers on 8th of February.
16 Malta Morena1.jpg (5527 bytes) Morena "Vodka"
(Philip Vella - Gerard James Borg)
Song For Europe: 225 entries were received by November 13th (foreign songwriters allowed). Semifinal of 16 songs will take place on 24th of February, 8 best on jury opinion will qualify to the final on 26th of February. Winner will be selected by televoting (80%) and jury voting (20%).
17 Cyprus evdokia_kadi.jpg (5457 bytes) Evdokia Kadi "Femme Fatale"
(Nikos Evaggelou)
Final on 12th of January, winner will be selected by televoting (60%) and jury voting (40%). Entries are accepted till 15th of November. Blog.
18 FYR Macedonia mac1.jpg (5405 bytes) Tamara feat. Vrcak & Adrian Gaxha "Let Me Love You"
"Vo imeto na ljubovta"
Skopje 2008: National final on 15 performers on 23rd of February, all song in Macedonian.
19 Portugal vania1.jpg (4247 bytes) Vania Senhora do Mar
(Andrej Babic - Carlos Coelho)
National final in the beginning of March.