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Participant Song Tele Jury Pts Place

EK rating

pts plc
June Come Into My Life 843 (42) 16 58 11 7/10  
Nico & Mihai Traistariu All the Time 3439 (60) 114 174 3 9/10  
Maria Magdalena Danaila Learn to Say Goodbye 728 (30) 63 93 8 8/10  
Juke Box Lonely in Heaven 628 (24) 92 116 6 7/10  
Centru' Civic Living for Today 505 (18) 65 83 9 8/10  
Shake You're Right 379 (6) 33 39 12 6/10  
Academica Heading for Glory 393 (12) 69 81 10 8/10  
Loredana Groza Le Le 3871 (66) 135 201 2 6/10  
Luminita Anghel & Sistem Let Me Try 10832 (72) 134 206 1 9/10  
De La Vegas Zi Si Noapte 1394 (48) 46 94 7    
Pops I Need You So 747 (36) 86 132 5 6/10  
Mandinga Soarele Meu 1153 (54) 84 138 4 6/10  
Alexandra Ungureanu Your Love withdrew       7/10  
Directia 5   withdrew          

Финал намечен на 5 марта.
Final is scheduled for March 5th.

Luminita Anghel was born on October 7th 1968, in Bucharest. She is a graduate of the Popular Art School, section Vocal-Light Music. At present, she is a student in the 4th year at the Faculty of Sociology- Psychology within the University “ Spiru Haret”.

She fell in love with performing since childhood, having performed from the age of 8. Since then, her artistic career based on an outstanding voice expanded continously. By now, Luminita is a very popular and appreciated artist, that has been awarded with numerous prizes, both on domestic and international song contests.

In 1993, she won the 1st Prize and the Trophy of the song festival “ Mamaia”, Romania

In 1995, and 1996 she won the 3rd Prize at the song festival “Mamaia”, Romania.

Also in 1995, she played in the movie “Captain Conan”, directed by Bertrard Tavernier.

In 2001, she won the 1st place for the best performance, at the International Festival “The Golden Stag”. Also in 2001, she won the Popularity Prize at the International Festival “The Golden Stag”.

In 2002, she won the 1st prize and the trophy for the best international voice, at “Song for Europe Festival Malta”, the 1st prize and the trophy for the best international voice at the International festival “Discovery”, in Bulgaria, the special prize of the Press Jury, at the Festival “Universetalent Prague 2002” and the 3rd Prize for the best voice ”Universetalent 2002” at the same festival.

In 2003, she won the 1st Prize for the best international performance at the International Festival “Voice of Asia”, the 2nd Prize at the International Creation Festival “Cairo 2003”, with the piece “I Ask You Why”.

In paralel with her singing career, Luminita is also a well known and appreciated TV host in different programmes (mostly) on the Public Television.

In 1998, she has presented the show “Music Charts”, at Prima TV.

In 1999, she has presented the contest show “Who’s Better”, broadcasted by TVR, as a show for the youth.

In 2000, she has presented the talk-show “The Price for Success”, broadcasted by TVR2.

In 2002, she has presented the show “Special Offer”, broadcasted by TV Romania International.

Since 2003 until the present, she has been presenting the weekly live show “Start in life”, broadcasted by TV Romania International

Люминита Ангел родилась 7го октября 1968го года в Бухаресте. Она закончила художественную школу по классу вокала. В настоящее время она учится на 4м курсе факультета социологии-психологии университета "Спиру Харет".

С детства она любит выступать, исполняя песни с 8 лет. С того времени ее карьера базируется на ее неповторимом вокале. В настоящее время Люминита очень популярная и известная артистка, получившая ряд призов на местных и международных песенных конкурсах.

В 1993 году она завоевала 1ю премию на фестивале Мамайя в Румынии.

В 1995 и 1996 годах она завоевывала на том же фестивале 3ю премию.

В 1995 году она снялась в кинофильме Капитан Конан режиссера Бертрарда Тавернье.

В 2001 году Люминита получает первую премию за лучшее выступление и приз зрительских симпатей на фестивале Голден Стаг.

В 2002 году она получила 1ю премию на международном конкурсе Мальтийской песни, 1ю премию на международном фестивале Дискавери, Болгария, специальный приз Прессы и 3ю премию на фестивале Универсеталент в Праге.

В 2003 году она завоевывает первую премию на международном фестивале Голос Азии в Казахстане, 2ю премию на международном фестивале в Каире с песней I Ask You Why.

Одновременно со своей музыкальной карьерой Люминита ведет ряд программ на национальном телевидении.

В 1998 году она вела шоу Музыкальные Чарты на Прима ТВ.

В 1999 году она представляла молодежный конкурс "Кто лучше" на ТВР.

В 2000 году она вела ток шоу "Цена успеха" на ТВР 2.

В 2002 году - шоу "Специальное предложение" на ТВР международном.

С 2003 года и по настоящее время она ведет еженедельное шоу "Старт жизни" на международной версии канала ТВР.

SISTEM is an unconventional percussion group.

All the five percussionists of the band have thorough studies of classical music and, in time, have acquired a wide experience in this domain. At the moment, they have a wide and highly original repertory, consisting of music parts for metal and plastic barrels, casks as well as for different parts of the human body. They also make use of bags, coffee-cups and lanterns to produce their music, all this building up a performance full of special effects that combine water effects with those based on fire or dust.

What made it possible for SISTEM to come into being was the fascination they had for the new ways of expression. In the beginning their music was a kind of minimal music, an original mixture of body music (they used parts of the human body instead of instruments) and rhythms played at different other objects. As for the history of the group, SISTEM was formed in November 2000.

There followed a long period of experiencing various styles and rhythms, but this period finally came to its end the moment the group adopted its present formula, which is actually unique in the whole world: five percussionists playing the casks -unconventional musical accessories- and using only a normal drum-set.

At present, the group consists of five members, all of them being professional percussionists: Robert MAGHETI, Florin ROMASCU, Claudiu PURCARIN, Ciprian ROGOJAN and Toth ZOLTAN. While the first one is still student at the Music Academy of Cluj-Napoca, the other four have already graduated at the same academy.

Various composers have written most of their songs, but the percussion parts have always been composed by SISTEM. But this is not all, for their final performance they have created an elaborate show that combines music, special effects and choreography. And for this, they have to spend many hours rehearsing and exchanging ideas.

SISTEM's success is - thus – due to their hard work and commitment: they rehearse daily and their rehearsals are usually two or three hours long, if one does not include their individual study. It happens so because they all believe in their music and because they really want to get an outstanding show in the end: there is not only music; there are also scenarios, pyrotechnical effects and choreography at stake. SISTEM repertory was made public in live performances, in concerts, in national and international festivals and TV shows.

· European Karate Championship - Cluj Napoca 2000
· International Percussion Festival - Debrecen HUNGARY 2000
· Vengaboys & Friends Concert - Bucharest 2001
· HAGI GALA – Bucharest 2001
· Music Festival – Chisinau MOLDAVIAN REPUBLIC 2001
· International Festival Sighisoara 2001
· « Bucharest » Music Festival 2001, 2002
· « Mamaia » National Music Festival 2002
· Tour – Singapore SINGAPORE 2002
· « Callatis » International Festival 2001, 2002
· Opening of International Festival « Golden Stag» 2004
· International Festival « Golden Stag » 2001, 2002
· Opening of MTV RO Awards 2004
· Romania’s entry in the NATO 2004
· Europe’s Day - Stokholm SWEDEN 2004
· Moldavia Rally 2004
· Official Launch - Dacia « Logan » 2004
· World Championship of Military ski 2005
· EUROVISION (national selection) 2005

Since they have emerged on the Romanian music scene Sistem has always been in top positions of most of the airplay charts in Romania. At the present moment, Sistem is in top positions of most of the airplay charts in Romania, they have just released their third album and their latest single has entered at #79 the Romanian Top 100 (most important Romanian airplay chart). In the next few weeks the track has made it to #7 and is now heading for the Top 5.
СИСТЕМ - это перкуссионная группа.

Все пять музыкантов группы профессионалы, изучали и занимались классической музыкой. В настоящее время они имеют весьма широкий и оригинальный репертуар, состоящий из музыкальных произведений исполняемых на металлических и пластиковых бочказ, касках и различных частях человеческого тела. Они также используют сумки, чашки и фонари для создания совей музыки, совмещая выступление с спецэффектами из воды, огня и пыли.

В начале музыка СИСТЕМ была минималистской. Они исполняли музыку различными частями человеческого тела, потом они стали исполнять ритмы на различных других объектах. Группа была сформирована в ноябре 2000 года.

После долгих изысканий группа пришла к своей современной формуле, которая абсолютно уникальна в мире, пять перкуссионистах играющих на необычных музыкальных аксессуарах, и использующая из музыкальных инструментов только ударную установку.

В настоящее время в группу входят пять профессиональных музыкантов - Роберт Магети, Флорин Ромаску, Клаудиу Пуркарин, Киприан Рогоян и Тот Золтан. Первый из них учится в музыкальной академии, остальные четверо уже ее закончили.

Множество музыкантов писало песни для группы, но перкуссионные части всегда сочиняют сами СИСТЕМ. Но это не все, для своего выступления на Евровидении они создали уникальное шоу, совмещающее музыку, спецэффекты и хореографию. Для этого они потратили множество часов на репетиции и обмен идеями.

Успех СИСТЕМ в их тяжелой работе и преданности своему делу, ежедневно они репетируют по два или три часа, а также занимаются индивидуально. Они верят в свою музыку и в конце концов хотят создать неповторимое шоу - не только музыку, но пиротехнические эффекты и хореографию. Репертуар СИСТЕМ был подобран для исполнения на живых концертах, местных и международных фестивалях, ТВ шоу.

Группа прияняла участие в следующих событиях:
- Чемпионат Европы по Карате 2000
- Международный перкуссионный фестиваль - Венгрия 2000
- Концерт Венгабойз и друзья - Бухарест 2000
- Хаги Гала - Бухарест 2001
- Музыкальный фестиваль в Кишиневе 2001
- Международный фестиваль Сайисоара 2001
- Фестиваль Бухарест 2001, 2002
- Фестиваль Мамайя 2002
- Тур по Сингапуру 2002
- Фестиваль Каллатис 2001, 2002
- Открытие фестиваля Голден Стаг 2004
- Фестиваль Голден Стаг 2001, 2002
- Открытие церемонии вручения премий MTV Румыния 2004
- НАТО 2004
- День Европы в Стокгольме 2004
- Молдавское Ралли 2004
и других шоу.

С момента своего создания группа СИСТЕМ занимает ведущие места в хит парадах Румынии, они только что выпустили свой третий альбом и их сингл вошел в хит парад топ 100 на 79 месте и за несколько недель поднялся до первой десятки.

- Hello, guys! Congratulations for being chosen Romanian representatives at Eurovision 2005, how do you feel now, being selected Eurovision singers?
- Hi! We are very proud, of course, to represent Romania at the Eurovision. For us, the most important thing was that we received almost 11.000 votes from the Romanian audience, with almost 7000 votes more than the song on the 2nd place. It was a new record for the Romanian selection at the Eurovision as last year, the #1 song got only ~7000 votes. We as well as Luminita hope not to dissapoint our fans with our performance in Kiev.

- It is your first attempt in National Preselections, isn't it? Why have you decided to give it a try?
- Yes, it was our first attempt. We usually don not participate in contests unless we are convinced that we can win. So, when Luminita has proposed us to perform with her we needed a whole week to decide. But we liked her a lot and also we liked the song, so finally we said yes.

- Are you planning to record more songs together with Luminita?
- For the moment this is the first collaboration between us and Luminita. We do not know if there will be something in the future for us. We are not planning anything for the moment.

- What was your opinion about this year Romanian preselection, do you like other competing songs?
- We liked the second coming song.

- How can you describe Let Me Try in one sentence?
- Great song, great voice, great performance!

- What will be your aim in the Eurovision contest, are you looking for win?
- We allways look to win. We have heard all competing songs (from semi-final and final) and we really think we have chances not only for the semi-final but also for the final.

- What as do you think can make your song stand different from the other competitors? How you are planning to make your song one to remember?
- Luminita has a voice to remember and Sistem will have a show you will never forget. It will be totally new from everything you have seen in this contest. Full of rhythm, energy, flamboyant, explosive!

- Will your stage performance in Kiev be similar to the one at National final or you're planning to add some changes?
- The performance will be similar, because we will still use the barrells, but most of the effects will be new and spectacular.

- Can you tell us a bit more about music you are creating?
- As we all are percussionists, our music is based on percussion and rhythm. For our singles we allways collaborate with feminin voices. SISTEM means rhythm, energy and fun!

- With which popular Romanian and foreign singers you have worked together?
- We haven't worked with many popular Romanian singers. Apart from Luminita, we have recorded a song with the singer that came on the second place at the national selection - Loredana.

- Your style is pretty interesting and there is difficult to find any similarities, but can you name us your favourite world singers your are mostly inspired with?
- We are inspired by many different artists in many ways, starting with music and finishing with stage attitude: Dave Weckl, John Patitucci, Jack de Jaunette, Take 6, Robbie Williams, Michel Petrucciani etc

- Are you planning any new releases this year?
- Yes, we are. We have already started working for our new album.

- Our site is may be surprisingly for you based in Kazakhstan, though it works for audience in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine etc. Luminita has already participated in the 2 festivals in our country.  If you get invitation to participate in them - will you accept it?
We will be honoured.

- And our usual question usually asked by our visitors - can you name us any singers you know coming from ex-USSR, Russia, Ukraine?
- Yes, some of us remember Alla Pugacheva and, of course, the fenomenon called T.A.T.U.

- If you wish to leave any message to the visitors of our site you can do it now.
- We would like to get us known by as many people as possible and to have fans all over the world to enjoy our music. So please feel free to visit us on our management's agency site  From time to time we meet our fans in the chat room there. And also we invite everybody to visit our site
Our motto is: "Feel the rhythm! Get into the SISTEM!"

- Thanks for the interview, good luck and see you in Kiev!

- Привет, ребята! Поздравляю вас с победой на румынском отборе 2005 года! Что вы чувствуете сейчас, будучи выбранными конкурсантами Евровидения?
- Привет! Мы конечно очень гордимся тем, что именно нам выпала такая честь, представить страну на конкурсе. Для нас наиболее важным стало то, что мы получили более 11 тысяч голосов на национальном отборе, а песня занявшая второе место около 7000 голосов. Для нашей страны это новый рекорд, в прошлом году победившая песня набрала лишь около 7000 голосов. Мы и Люминита постараемся не разочаровать наших поклонников нашим выступлением в Киеве.

- Это было для вас первой попыткой участия в национальном отборе, не так ли? Почему вы вдруг решили попробовать?
- Да, это было для нас первое участие. Обычно мы не принимаем участия в конкурсах, если мы не уверены в своей победе. Поэтому когда Люминита сделала нам предложение, нам потребовалась целая неделя, чтобы принять решение. Но она нам очень понравилась, понравилась и песня, и поэтому мы в конце-концов согласились.

- Вы планируете запись еще нескольких песен с Люминитой?
- Для нас это первый совместный с ней проект. Пока мы не можем сказать, что будет в дальнейшем, но пока ничего не планируется.

- Что вы думаете о других песнях, участницах национального отбора?
- Нам понравилась песня, занявшая второе место.

- Как вы можете описать Let Me Try в одном предложении?
- Великолепная песня, великолепный голос, великолепное выступление!

- Какова ваша цель на конкурсе Евровидение, вы будете стремиться к победе?
- Мы всегда стремимся только к победе. Мы уже прослушали все конкурсные песни из полуфинала и из финала и считаем, что у нас хорошие шансы не только в полуфинале, но и в финале конкурса.

- Чем вы планируете выделиться среди других участников? Что вы сделаете, чтобы зрители запомнили именно вашу песню?
- У Люминиты очень запоминающийся голос, а мы продемонстрируем шоу, которое не будет так уж просто забыть. Оно будет абсолютно новым и не похожим на все, что вы сможете увидеть на конкурсе. Энергичное, ритмичное, пламенное, взрывное!

- Ваше сценическое шоу в Киеве будет похожим на то, которое у вас было на финале Национального отбора, или вы готовите какие-то изменения?
- Выступление будет похожим, потому что мы все также будем использовать бочки, но большинство эффектов будут новыми и захватывающими.

- Можете вы нам немного рассказать о музыке, которую вы создаете?
- Так как мы все - перкуссионисты, наша музыка основывается на ударных и ритме. На наших синглах мы обычно сотрудничаем с различными вокалистками, так как женские голоса наиболее подходят нашей музыке. СИСТЕМ - это ритм, энергия и веселье!

- С какими популярными румынскими певцами вы работали вместе?
- Не так уж со многими. Кроме Люминиты, мы записали песню с певицей занявшей второе место на отборе - Лореданой.

- Ваш стиль очень интересен, и к нему нелегко подобрать что-то похожее, и все же, можете вы назвать нам музыкантов, которые больше всех повлияли на ваше творчество?
- На нас повлияли многие артисты и разными путями, начиная непосредственно с музыки и заканчивая отношением к сцене: Дэйв Векл, Джон Патитуччи, Джек де Жонетт, Тэйк 6, Робби Уильямс, Майкл Петруччиани и другие.

- Вы планируете новые релизы в этом году?
- Да, мы уже работаем над нашим новым альбомом.

- Наш сайт базируется в Казахстане, хотя и работает для аудитории в России, Беларуси, на Украине и т.д. Люминита уже участвовала в двух фестивалях в нашей стране. Если вы получите приглашение - примете ли вы его?
- Для нас это будет большая честь.

- И наш обычный вопрос - кого из исполнителей стран СНГ вы можете вспомнить?
- Некоторые из нас помнят Аллу Пугачеву, ну и конечно феномен под названием Тату.

- И если вы бы хотели передать что-то нашим посетителям, то вы можете это сделать прямо сейчас.
- Мы бы хотели, чтобы о нас узнало как можно больше людей и фанаты со всего мира могли бы слушать нашу музыку. Поэтому мы приглашаем вас на сайт нашего менеджмента . Время от времени мы там проводим чаты с фанатами. Мы также приглашаем всех на наш сайт
Наш девиз "Чувствуй ритм! Вливайся в СИСТЕМ!"

- Спасибо вам за интервью, удачи, и увидимся в Киеве!

All the five members of SISTEM have most impressive profiles: specialized studies, international awards and outstanding live performances!

Toth Zoltan (Zoli) was born on the 25th of November 1976 in Timisoara (sign of Sagittarius). At present, he is the Managing Director of the 'Star Management' Company (the first on-line booking agency in Romania). In 1995, he graduated from The 'Ion Vidu' Music High School in Timisoara and in 2000 from the 'Gh Dima' Conservatoire of Cluj-Napoca. He is the upholder of the unconventional percussion music in Romania and it is actually he that introduced this music style for the first time in Romania. In 1997 he founds Hands'n'Feet Quartet and later on, he also sets up SENSOR, a percussion group.

His professional experience is very impressive indeed: in 1994 he was one of the representatives of Romania in the Olympic Competition, in Los Angeles, USA. Moreover, he has gradually acquired notable experience in solo performing in concerts around the country or abroad: Timisoara, Deva, Oradea , Cluj, Tg. Mures, Bucharest, Budapest, Koln. On these occasions, he presented for the first time, as first hearings, pieces of music signed by Peter Szego and Ede Terenyi. In addition to that, together with his first group Hands’ n’ Feet Quartet he has given various concerts in Brasov, Bistrita, Miercurea-Ciuc, Costinesti and Cluj.

Zoltan had the opportunity to study with Therry Miroglio (The Paris Conservatoire) and with Mircea Ardeleanu (Music Academy – Lausanne, Switzerland). In 2000 he won a music scholarship to the Music Academy of Koln, Germany, having Christoph Caskel as one of his Professors. In the same year he became Bachelor of Arts of The "Gh. Dima" Music Academy with excellent qualifications. He has played and worked with prestigious groups, such as: Marimbas Quartet, Ars Nova, Pro Muzica Nova, Anonimus (being included on four CD-s) and he was also member of The Percussion Ensemble conducted by Professor Grigore Pop. In 1999 he went on a tour in Germany, and in 2000 he became a member of the Ensemble “Neue Musik” - Koln. He was Principal in The International Orchestra "Elbe Wesser", Germany (1993-1998) as well as in The International Orchestra Nyrbator, Hungary (1997) and in The "Kolner Simphony Orchestra", Germany (2000). He received a lot of awards, such as: The 3rd Prize in The National Olympic Competition-Timisoara (1994), The 1st Prize in The National Olympic Competition-Constanta, The 2nd Prize in The National Olympic Competition-Baia Mare (1995), The 2nd Prize in The National Contest of Solo Percussion-Bucharest (1998).

Between 2000 and 2002 he worked as a percussion teacher at the “Sigismund Toduta” Music High School, Cluj-Napoca. As a teacher, he still won many first prizes in national Olympic contests (2001,2002).

Robert Magheti (Robi) was born on March 29th, 1981 in Timisoara (sign of Aries). He graduated from The „Ion Vidu" Music High School in 1999, with a diploma in percussion, and The „Gh. Dima" Music Academy of Cluj-Napoca, Instrumental Interpretation-Percussion section, in 2005. His artistic activity relies also on many awards and prizes, obtained in The National Music Olympics from 1993 to 1999, four of them being 1st Prizes. Meanwhile, he has had many solo concerts both in Romania and all across Europe (France, Germany). In 1999 he took part at The International Festival of University Music from Belfort, France.
Claudiu Purcarin ( The Godfather )was born on the 15th of April 1979 (sign of Aries). He graduated from the „Sigismund Toduta" Music High School from Cluj-Napoca and attended various groups as a percussionist: Atlantic (1994 -1997), Gaio Pro Jazz Napocensis Bia Band (1999 - 2000), Voices of Silence (1997-1998), Adrian Berinde (1998-1999), Mihai Porcisanu Quartet (2000), Old Timers Dixiland (2000), Hara (2000). He also worked for some time with other bands such as: Altar (1998), Un alt inceput / Another Start (1999), Narcoma (1999), Yelow Cab’66 (1998). He recorded tracks with Cash group (1998), Narcoma (1999) and Hara 2000. His collaboration with Hara even resulted in them shooting a video together.

Mihai Ciprian Rogojan (Cici)
was born on September 23rd, 1977 in Baia Mare (sign of Libra). In 1991, he graduated from The Art High School in Baia Mare, namely from the Violin Department, for only in 1995 to graduate from The Percussion Department of the same high school. In 2001, he completed his studies by graduating from The “Gh. Dima" Music Academy (Percussion Department). Between 1996 –1998, he took summer classes in classic and orchestral music in Piatra Neamt. His artistic activity is remarkable as well: he was given many important awards at The National Music Olympics (1991 – 1997). Moreover, in 1997, he played live in Bayrenth – Germany. An year later, joining The Academy Orchestra, he had a concert at the Opening Ceremony at the Munchen Airport. In 2000 he also had a few concerts with the Percussion Ensemble in Belfort – France.

Florin Catalin Romascu (Phlo) was born on April 21st, 1980 in Constanta (sign of Taurus). In 1999, he graduated from The Art High School in Constanta, being at present a third year student at The "Gheorghe Dima" Music Academy of Cluj-Napoca. He started studying the piano at the age of 5. After 8 years of intense study, in 1993 he began to feel interested in percussion. Since 1993, he has attended many competitions, contests and national and international recitals. As a result, he has also been awarded many prizes, among which: the 1st Prize in the "George Georgescu" Contest, Tulcea, 1994; the “Spring Of Arts” Contest, Bacau; the 1st Prize in The Instrument Performing Contest, Brasov, 1995 and also Constanta, 1997. Between 1989 -1994 he had over 50 concerts and recitals all over the country. In March 1995, together with other music students, he performed in Germany and Holland in a few concerts of great success. In June 1996, as a response to the official invitation addressed by the French Minister of Youth, he, together with the Folklore Group from his Art High School in Constanta, joined a project and took part in many shows all over France. In 1997 he performed in a radio broadcast concert with The “Black Sea” Philarmonic Orchestra, conducted by Aurelian Octav Popa, and in 1998 he performed in a concert on the “Black Sea” Philarmonic stage, in a trio percussion show, with other two professional percussionists. His first solo percussion recital occured in 1999, at The “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy of Cluj-Napoca.
Русский перевод - здесь

When I find you in my dreams
You always try to run away
It doesn't look it, but it seems
You still take my breath away

And when I try to ask you why
We couldn't give ti one more try
I can't find you anywhere
You're not there

Let me try, let me try
I don't wanna say goodbye
I will find a way to make you stay
Just let me try

Looking back I realize
We are learning from mistakes
I can see it in your eyes
I can feel your heartbeat breaks

But when I try to ask you why
We couldn't give ti one more try
I can't find you anywhere
You're not there

Let me try, let me try
I don't wanna say goodbye
I will find a way to make you stay
Just let me try

Let me try, let me try
I don't wanna say goodbye
I will find a way to make you stay
Just let me try

Let me try, let me try
I don't wanna say goodbye
I will find a way to make you stay
Just let me try

Let me try
I will find a way to make you stay
Just let me try