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Eurovision 2005
What is your favourite entry in Eurovision 2005 contest? /
Какова ваша любимая песня в конкурсе Евровидение 2005?

Final Results / Итоговые результаты

Chart is closed on May 8th as we're departing for Kiev!

Сhart Top 3 Bottom 3 Russia Belarus Ukraine Procedure Updated
Eurovision Song Contest Statistics (vote - closed) Greece, Iceland, Hungary Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria 39 22 38 usual 03.05 (1812)
doteurovision MB poll Hungary, Greece, Iceland Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland 23 18 29 usual 05.05
ESCprechart (vote) Greece, Iceland, Switzerland Bulgaria, Ireland, Estonia 18 19 31 jury (496)
Eurovision Madrid (closed) Greece, Iceland, Hungary Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belgium 34 18 39 usual 06.05 (303)
Andy's ESC (vote) Greece, Iceland, Hungary Belgium, Ireland, Bulgaria 19 31 36 usual 04.05 (551)
Andy's ESC (vote) Greece, Iceland, Hungary Belgium, Ireland, Estonia 16 22 34 jury 04.05 (551)
OGAE Germany (vote) Greece, Hungary, Romania Belgium, Ukraine, Bulgaria 27 25 38 usual 07.05 (602)
Edwin van Gorp poll Hungary, Greece, Iceland Portugal, Ukraine, Bulgaria 31 32 38 ranking all songs 06.05
Average prognosis calculated by Greece, Iceland, Hungary Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belgium 26 23 35    
Our chart is not including polls which are made by choosing only one or two favourite songs, like you do in our site's poll, and polls with only few voters (less than 100).
Semifinal prediction polls:
BigPoll (vote): Iceland, Hungary, Switzerland, Netherlands, Romania, Norway, Israel, Slovenia, Lithuania, Belarus
Eurovision-Madrid: Iceland, Hungary, Switzerland, Romania, Netherlands, Belarus, Israel, Croatia, Slovenia, Norway
esconnet: Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Belarus, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark
eurosong dk (vote): Iceland, Hungary, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Romania, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel
OGAE Germany (semifinal) (vote): Hungary, Romania, Iceland, Switzerland, Austria, Latvia, Norway, Netherlands, Israel, Croatia
Eurofriends: Switzerland, Iceland, Hungary, Norway, Netherlands, Romania, Israel, Belarus, Croatia, Austria
Edvin van Gorp: Hungary, Iceland, Switzerland, Israel, Romania, Netherlands, Norway, Croatia, Latvia, Finland
All Kinds of Everything bets calculation: Norway, Hungary, Switzerland, Iceland, Netherlands, Belarus, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Israel

Average prognosis calculated by Iceland, Hungary, Switzerland, Romania, Netherlands, Norway, Israel, Latvia, Belarus, Croatia.
William Hill: Greece 9/4, Norway 13/2, Hungary 11/2 ... Belgium, Poland, Macedonia, Monaco, Bulgaria, Andorra 100
bet365: Greece 5/2, Norway, Hungary 9/2 ... Bulgaria, Andorra 150
betdirect: Greece 15/8, Norway 7/2, Switzerland 6 ... Portugal, Andorra 250
Coral: Greece 9/4, Norway 5, Hungary 6 ... Andorra, Poland, Portugal, Bulgaria 100
Paddy Power: Greece 5/2, Norway 4, Hungary 6 ... Macedonia, Belgium, Portugal 66, Bulgaria 80
skybet: Greece 5/2, Norway 9/2, Hungary 6 ... Belgium, Andorra, Makedonia, Bulgaria 100
Review of: oddschecker, bestbetting, All Kinds of Everything
Russia: best - 25, worst - 50
Belarus: best - 25, worst - 33
Ukraine:  best - 50
Moldova: best - 40, worst - 66
Other polls: All Kinds of Everything (also top5 prediction), Soult Eurovision, ESC.Info.Se (select 1 song), eurosongpoll (weakest link), eurovision-general (weakest link), Eurovision-archive (predict winner), house of eurovision, escrom (closed), r-themus (vote), all times esc, escsweden, eurovision-spain, Europrediction
Has not started:,, Eurovision-DB, oneurope, songfestivalpoll.

You can read here review of the preview videos.

Top 40 of the best songs of 2004-2005 season:

1. Konstantin Pona - My Crazy World
2. New Jerusalem - Melodiya Lyubvi
3. Sergei Gavrilov - Korabli
4. Geir Ronning - Why
5. Eva & Ceslovas Gabalis - I'll Be There
6. Luminitha Anghel - Let Me Try
7. Boris Novkovic feat. Lado Members - Vukovi Umiru Sami
8. Chi Hua Hua - Uhh La La La
9. Ibrica - Sustra bit ce prekasno
10. Vasil Naidenov, Roberta, Mariana Popova, Orlin Goranov - Az znam
11. Kimmo Kouri - My Life, My Love
12. Kaffe - Lorrain
13. Omar Naber - Stop
14. Nelly Ciobanu - One More Time
15. Seppo - Can You Hear Me
16. Aldo Busuttil - Addio Ciao
17. Ruslan Musvidas - Portrety
18. Julian Lekocaj - Do Te Fal
19. Martin Stenmarck - Las Vegas
20. Lanco - Nada Para Ti, Nada Para Mi
21. Be Good - Take Me Back To Rio
22. Jahn Teigen - My Heart Is My Home
23. Panaiotov and Chumakov - Balalayka
24. The Alayev Family - Esperansa
25. Millenium - Tablou Pe Sticla
26. Bodies Without Organs - Gone
27. Gunars Kalnins - Ja nu
28. Samanta Karavello - Buzeqeshje
29. Gunesh Abasova - Call My Name
30. Unplugged Plug - Everything She'll Do
31. Johnny Rosenberg - When Forever Ends
32. Anastasia Kuzmitskaya - Negromkaya Lyubov
33. Adrian Ursu - Lacrimi si durere
34. Enzo - Quien Dira
35. Christophe Heraut - C'est La Vie
36. Aiste Pilvelyte - I'll Let You Fly
37. Airi Ojamets - Dream In A Dream
38. Iedomu Sparni - No Way Back
39. B'Avarija - Oceans Of Love
40. Fredrik Kempe & Sanna Nielsen - Du och jag mot varlden


First of all let me introduce the concept of ranking system we used on our site. All points given under category "EK rating" and on this page - are marks put by  authors and reviewers of our site. As we try to do our best to be objective (we have experience in music doing such kind of rankings for more than 6 years now) there usually is a big chance that our opinion will be completely different from yours.
Now about points theirselves. Each song that won national selected and qualified to the final or qualifying round is ranked by 4 categories with 4th being mark for live presentation given during final night. In each category 10 points is the maximum.
At national pages of this website each song is marked out of 10. This allows us to complete rating of best preselection songs. Some songs considered by us as the best of preselection are also reviewed on country pages.
And again I have to mention that ranking is put on site just to be rough guide for you, to give estimates for each song. If you want to express your opinion, agree or disgaree with authors - mail us or share your view at forum

Participants of Eurovision 2005
  Music Lyrics Vocal Total before Eurovision Live performance Fin
Global.Kryner - Y Asi (Austria) Very strange song from Austria: pseudofolk with Spanish influentions. 8 Story of the girl from Cuba, reminding Manilow's Copacabana 7 Standard female vocal with interesting back vocals 7 A lot of will depend on the perfomance 21 Professional, developed performance similar to the one at National Final. 9 31
Laura and The Lovers - Little By Little (Lithuania) Up-tempo song in standard Scandinavian style  8 And lyrics are about love, so really about nothing... 6 Vocal is professional. 8 Chances are low 22 Nice performance and good work with cameras. Didn't deserve last place.  8 30
2B - Amar (Portugal) Pop song with latino elements and chorus very similar to Sting's popular song. 7 Song about how happy can two people be together. 6 Vocals are average. 7 Will be big surprise if it manages to qualify.  20 Worst performance of the contest. Absolutely unprofessional singing and chaotic dances. 5 25
Zdob Si Zdub - Bunica Bate Doba (Moldova) Ethnic rock'n'roll with pseudo folk elements  8 Story about granny, training her abilities to play drums 7 Seems we will be having another performance in fun style, where vocal abilities mean nothing  7 In case of smooth presentation should enter the final.  22 Not standart performance and big thanks to the Grandma for the final result. 9 31
Walters and Kazha - The War Is Not Over (Latvia) Guitar ballad 8 In the style of this year it is another social lyrics - antiwar this time   9 Professional mixing of vocals  8 Comparisions with Re-Union are having no grounds. Can enter final provided good drawing place. 25 Honest innocent performance which touched the viewers. 8 33
Lise Darly - "Toit De Moi" (Monaco) Good orchestration but pretty boring song overall. 7 Again love lyrics, pretty average. 6 Vocals are not bad in studio version. 6 Very low chances of qualification. 19 Can't understand the different praising opinions towards this performance, which was amateurish and relied on backing vocals a lot. 6 25
Shiri Mayom - Hasheket Shenish'ar (Israel) Rather simple but effective ballad music with some development. 8 Pretty complicated lyrics, but as any ballad of course about love. 7 Differently from the other ballads more important here is the appearance, not the vocal of the performer. 7 Chances to qualify are low. 22 The last moment change to sing half of the song in English has worked. Vocally at the level of singer's abilities. 8 30
Anzhelika Agurbash - "Love Me Tonight" (Belarus) Dance pop standard in the style of Nikos Terzis. 7 As usual dance songs has all same common love lyrics. 6 The main problem of this composition is pronunciation, if it improves then the song will get qualification chances. 6 Depends on performance and vocals. 19 Instrumental version is much better than vocal. And what a silly promotion which only worked against the singer and it's non qualification was met with huge applaudes in press-center. 7 26
Glennis Grace - My Impossible Dream (The Netherlands) Quite interesting arrangement of ballade entry. 8 Anthemic basis in I will survive style. 8 Perfect vocal 9 Will fight for the place in final. 25 Vocally performance was on the highest level. Unfortunately bad drawing was the reason of nonqualification.  9 34
Selma - "If I Had Your Love" (Iceland) Mix of all possible styles, including James Bond theme. 8 Difficult to understand smth besides that lyrics are certainly about love. 7 Professional vocal. 8 Chances of qualifying exist. 23 Chaotic scene movements have not added charm to this song. 7 30
Nuno Resende - "Le Grand Soir" (Belgium) At the moment when France finally decided not to send typical ballad to the contest, Belgium immediately occupies it's place 7 Song about important evening in the life of singer. 7 Vocals are good. 8 Will be lost among other ballads.  22 The best performance of the semifinal. 10 32
Suntribe - "Let's Get Loud" (Estonia) Standard but quality pop. 7 "Let's get loud". Better to turn off sound. 7 Poor pronounciation and vocals. 6 Standard girl band - chances of qualification are pretty slim. 20 With the course of rehearsals performance had improved and reached desired level. 8 28
Wig Wam - In My Dreams (Norway) Glam rock of world level. 10 Pressure on the another catchy chorus. 9 No doubts in the vocal. 10 Favourite of the contest number one. 29 Vocally on the highest level, but orange flag has not added any points. 9 38
Luminita Anghel & System- Let Me Try (Romania) Agressive pop based on drums. 10 Not the lyrics are important but performance. 9 Live vocal is absolutely fabulous. 10 Aggressive stage show can fight for the highest places. 29 Ideal performance of the team that lost their win only because of decision of organizers not to allow fireworks on stage. 10 39
NOX - Forogj Vilag (Hungary) Another song using mix of pop and folk music. 7 Difficult to understand lyrics. 7 Vocals are good. 8 As there are diverse songs in this category in semi, qualification chances are not very high. 22 Very empty and chaotic on stage, but vocally on the highest level. 8 30
Geir Ronning - Why? (Finland) Anthemic base, pop ballad 10 Amazing lyrics, Why can't love be all that matters? 10 Marvelous vocal, which can not be compared or mixed with anyone. 10 The highest score in the history of our site, though still may fail to qualify with the votes of ordinary viewers 30 Best back vocal of the contest, but Finland seems to be spending a lot more time searching for the neighbours eager to share points... 9 39
Martin Vucic - Ti si son (Macedonia) Song in unusual for ballad singer dance style is another symple oriented pop-dance. 6 And standard dance lyrics about nothing 6 Professional vocals. 8 Chances are not big, but a lot of depends on performance. 20 One of the worst performances of the contest, awful dances, vocal and drum solo. 6 26
Marian van de Wal - "La Mirada Interior"
Very standard, nothing positive 6 Lyrics are average, very literaly translated into Catalan. "Search for the beauty inside your heart" 7 Extremely poor performance at the national preselection, there is a lot of work to be done in future. 6 Very low chances to qualify to the final of the contest. 19 Average performance and backing vocals overshouting main singer. 7 26
Vanilla Ninja - Cool Vibes (Switzerland) Dark pop-rock. 9 Also dark, close to gothic lyrics 8 Vocals are not bad, but pretty standard 7 One of the favourites of the contest. 24 Worst back vocal of the contest, even couldn't be saved by added singing male guitarist. 7 31
Boris Novkovic feat. Lado Members - Vukovi umiru sami (Croatia) Folk of the highest standard. 9 Very impressive dark lyrics 10 Boris is one of the leaders of Yugoslavian stage. 10 Should qualify to the final and song is the best from the folk ones. 29 Ideal performance. 10 39
Kaffe - Lorrain (Bulgaria) Classy soft rock tune. 10 "I can still remember Lorrain in the rain" Very nice lyrics corresponding with the song and very easy to remember. 9 Perfect live performance. 9 Great song with 70th feeling, should qualify to the final. 28 Performance on the highest, but it seems that only I liked this song.  8 36
Donna & Joseph Mc Caul (Ireland) Pop duet, song is professionally composed. 9 Also simple but this time effective lyrics 8 Donna already can perform on good level, and Joseph is still got a lot to learn. 8 Chances are unpredictable - from Switzerland 04 to Estonia 01. 25 Even with help of all journalists trying to save this song (like also the song below), it could only be saved with complete getting rid of Joe. 7 32
Omar Naber - "Stop" (Slovenia) Wonderful ballad with excellent vocal line. 10 "Everything tells me - Stop". A bit repetetive but still very nice lyrics. 9 Some practice is of course required, but in case of reaching full mutual understanding with back vocalist song can become real hit. 9 Should qualify to the final. 28 The brightest example how the song can be spoiled by preparation and unnecessary changes. 7 35
Jacob Sveistrup - Tonder pe dig (Denmark) Nice song, but rather simple. 8 English variant is pretty nice 9 Good professional vocals. 8 Chances to qualify are very slim 25 At the end it turned to be vocal band with soul song, which is a bit different from what we had at the beginning. 9 34
Ivan & Delfin - "Czarna Dziewczyna" (Poland) Interesting pseudo Gypsy style, involving traditional Russian/Ukranian rhymes. 8 Same is stylistics of the lyrics, which suits music very well and as refrain is regulary repeated it makes it easy to remember. 8 No definite vocal talents, but they are not specially requited for such easygoing type of the song 7 Should qualify to the final. 23 Nice, bright performance, but not so strong enough to collect votes from Western Europe. 8 31
Javine - Touch my fire (UK) Strangely it is eastern dance. 6 And usual in this cases lyrics anbout nothing. 6 She definetely can sing live. 7 Only provided strong stage presentation. Awful performance - worst of the final.  6 25
Chiara - Angel (Malta) Pretty standart ballad, being written by the performer herself.  8 Simple but effective lyrics. 8 Vocal is surely the best feature of the song. 9 Popular performer won in Malta, top ten probable in Kiev 25 Ideal vocal performance. 9 34
Gulseren - Rimi Rimi Ley (Turkey) Turkish ethnics 6 Repetetive and not original lyrics 6 Proffesional but not very visually impressive performance. 7 Good ethnic song, but not the thing that can get good place at the contest 19 Even adding a dozen of drums couldn't save this song. 7 26
Ledina Celo - "Neser Shkoj" (Albania) Difficult to get. National rhymes involved in pure pop stylistics. 6 Song is from category of wedding songs. Possibly will be performed in English at the contest. 6 Average vocals and average pathetic performance. 7 No definite prognosis is possible before 3 minute English version, that can be drastically different, will appear 19 Poor performance. 7 26
Constantinos Christoforou - "Ela, Ela" (Cyprus) Standardl pop-dance with few traditional influences. 6 Lyrics are nothing from any point of view - that is simply row of sounds to add to the dance music. 6 Vocal of Konstantinos is professional and he shouldn't repeat Rouvas's whispered singing at the contest. 8 Song is completely same with last year Greek one, so possible top 10. 20 Interesting staging and backing vocal but repeated course never worked at Eurovision. 8 28
Son de Sol - Brujeria (Spain) Latino dance. 6 Very long lyrics but not very impressive 7 It is humouristic song, so vocal ranges are not important. 6 Can score good, but doesn't seem to be top spot candidate. 19 Poor and unrememberable performance with some men in black. 7 26
No Name - Zauvijek Moja (Serbia and Montenegro) Folk rock. 8 Interesting folk based ballad lyrics. 8 In audioversion song looks nice, but visually it is far from excellent... 7 Top 10 in the best case 23 Boys band as the example how song can be saved by nighbour votes. 7 30
Martin Stenmarck - Las Vegas (Sweden) Very interesting 70th style reminding Barry Manilow 9 Strange story about Americal Vegas. 9 Professional vocal. 9 Minimum top 10 in Kiev. 27 Unfortunately, was completely lost among other entries.  8 35
Greenjolly - Razom Nas Bogato (Ukraine)            
Gracia - Run & Hide (Germany) Another pop-rock in a style of David Brandes. Good but not very impressive. 8 Standard lyrics. 6 A bit of practice is required. 6 Another time in a round Germany went for a local chart joker thus perspectives at the international level are not that bright  20 Poor song and average performance. 7 27
Helena Paparizou - You're My Number One (Greece) Folk-dance in typical Balkan style. 6 Repetetive and not so impressive.  6 Seems we will hear this song live for the first time only on the contest itself. 7 Can score only on the performer's ranking. 19 Strong performance with tricks liked by European viewers. 8 27
Natalia Podolskaya - Nobody Hurt No One (Russia) According to our tradition we do not rank Russian entries before the Eurovision Song Contest. We wish Natalia good luck in Kiev          
Feminnem - Zovi (Bosnia) Straight girls band pop with some swedish influences. 7 Very simple lyrics. 6 Vocals should be more praciced 6 Chances for survival are not that good. 19 Nice performance, but also lost among others.  8 27
Ortal - Chacun pense a soi (France) At least this is not standard French song 7 A lot repetetive, but rather interesting lyrics about modern world. 8 Vocals are rather good. 8 Top 10 in best case. 23 Absolutely poor presentation with white dress being the only thing to remember. 7 31

Final scores: Romania 39, Croatia 39, Finland 39, Norway 38, Bulgaria 36, Slovenia 35, Sweden 35, Netherlands 34, Denmark 34, Malta 34, Latvia 33, Belgium 32, Ireland 32, Moldova 31, Austria 31...

The 6th edition of the National Finals Song Contest, is already underway. Contest is run by Eurovision - Madrid website.
It is a fan contest, where all songs from preselections that don't make it to the final ESC compete. All songs are divided into a 18 groups and registered juries vote for each group in the eurovision way. The 6 most voted songs from each group progress to the semifinals. Then, the same ... everybody votes in the semifinals, and the top 6 from 4 semifinals progress to the final. And finally, there is the voting of the final, where all juries decide the winner of NFSC 2003. The past editions were won by Magazin (2000), Ebonique (2001) and Karmen Stavec (2002), Alcazar (2003) and Shirley Clamp 2004.

Anyone who wants to take part as jury in the NFSC can do it. The only thing they need to do is to register in the website (there is a special registration form) and with the password that they will be given, start to vote when the first round opens.