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Winner - Dino (Croatia)

Runner-Up - Sergio (Spain)

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Final scorecard:
Croatia - 134 points, Spain - 125 points, United Kingdom - 118 points, Belarus - 103 points, Denmark - 93 points, Belgium - 83 points, Malta - 56 points, Greece - 53 points, Latvia - 37 points, Romania - 35 points, The Netherlands - 23 points, FYR Macedonia - 19 points, Norway - 18 points, Cyprus - 16 points, Sweden - 12 points, Poland - 3 points
This year for the very first time Junior ESC or ESC for Kids will take place. Though this event is not in main course of this site, there were many requests that we should do some reviews of it. So this page appeared.

So, on November, 15, 2003 in Copnhagen, Denmark, the first edition of Junior ESC will take its place. As it was reported interest to the participation in the event was so high that EBU had to make a draw to determine what countries will participate. So this 15 countries appeared to be winners of that draw:

Belgium (VRT/RTBF), Croatia (HRT), Denmark (DR), Germany (ARD/NDR), Greece (ERT), Latvia (LTV), FYR Macedonia (MKRTV), Malta (MT/PBS), Netherlands (NPB/AVRO), Norway (NRK), Romania (RO/TVR), Slovakia (SK/STV), Spain (TVE), Sweden (SE/SVT), and United Kingdom (UKIB/ITV).

Cyprus was then added as 16th country. Slovakia and Germany later withdrew from the event, Ireland and Israel were invited next, but declined participation, so final spot went to Belarus.

Prototype of Junior ESC was Nordic Junior Song Contest, that is taking place in Denmark, that's why this country was selected to host European-scale event. Venue will be Copenhagen Forum, with 8000 seats.

Hosts of the first contest will be Camilla Ottesen and Remee. Previous report suggested that this role should go to Ronan Keating, who also hosted Adult ESC in 1997. Also as Guest Stars were invited such singers like Robbie Williams, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, but none of them confirmed participation and instead of them performed Busted (without Charlie Simpson) with Crushed The Wedding and Sugababes with Hole in the Head.

Rules of the contest are almost same with senour Eurovision ones. All participants should not be older than 15 years. Questionable moment is that same limitations are applied to authors of the song too.

It was the first Eurovision to be broadcast in the 16:9 widescreen format. It was also the first Eurovision Song Contest where a DVD of the contest was released.

Second edition will take place in London, UK, on November, 20, 2004.

Now let's introduce you participants of this year (now list is sorted in order of presentation):
Full list of participants in National finals and some lyrics of winning songs are available at this page. Official site of the contest where you can find multimedia files is, official Danish site ESC DK (in Danish).

Flashback - participants of 2003 event after five years - here.

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Comments EK ranking


Nikolas Ganopoulos

Fili gia panta (Friends for ever)
lyrics at this page

10 songs in final. Nikos is youngest of ESC junior participants, he is 8 years old. Rather average bouncy tune, but we must take age into consideration. 5/10



Ti si moja prva ljubav (You're my one and only)
lyrics at this page

11year old winner listen to different music from rock to classics but prefer Bon Jovi. Song is already recorded in Croatian and English versions Very interesting rock-ballad.  9/10


Theodora Rafti

Mia eyhi (One wish)
lyrics at this page

11year old Theodora won in internal selection with about 30 entries. She was born in London. Pleasant ballad 7/10


Volha Satsiuk

Tantsuy (Dance)
lyrics at this page

This 10 year old singer perform songs at 5 languages: Belarus, Russian, Ukranian, Polish and English Nice happy song. Good debut in EBU music contests. 7/10


Dzintars Cica

Tu esi vasara (You are in summer)
lyrics at this page

10 contestants in final, the youngest of them 10 year old Dzintars won. This one can be saved only by participant's age 4/10

FYR Macedonia

Marija & Victorija

Ti ne me poznavas

One of singers Victorija Loba has Russian origin. Both she and Marija Arsovska (25/12/98) are 15 years old. Typical Balcan-pop 7/10


Kasia Zurawik

Cos mnie nosi
lyrics at this page

12 year old singer already has experience of winning number of festivals in Eastern Europe. Довольно сильная танцевально- балладная песня 8\10


(website, website)

Sinnsykt gal forelsket (Crazy in love)
lyrics at this page

2U are Charlot Daysh (05/05/92) & Joakim Harestad Haukaas (02/03/92).
10 songs took part in preselection.
Song is mix of pop and r-n-b. 6/10


Sergio (Jesus Garcia Gil)

Desde el cielo (From Heaven)
lyrics at this page

12 year old Sergio devoted his song to his mother, that recently passed away. Good pop ballad. 7/10


 Bubu & Co.

Muzica (Music)
lyrics at this page

9 years old Bubu (Andrei Mihai Cernea) was born in Netherlands. May be among participants below 10 years old this song is OK. 6/10



De vriendschapsband (The tie of friendship)
lyrics at this page

Punk band composed of Jonas Meukens (15/12/89), Niels Meukens (02/05/91), Philip Valkiers (19/06/93), Thomas Valkiers (07/10/91).
Preselection was made of2  semifinals and final with 5 songs in each.
Punk culture reached Junior ESC in no time. Nothing special in song itself. 4/10

United Kingdom

Tom Morley

My song for the world
lyrics at this page

10 year old Tom won preselection of 8 finalists. Nice pop tune 7/10



Arabiens drom (Arabian dream, Арабская мечта)
lyrics at this page

Song of 11 year old singer was written under impressions of Aladdin story. Interesting, good dance tune.  7/10


The Honeypies

Stoppa mig (Stop me)
lyrics at this page

10 contestants took part in preselection. Winners are duet of Rebecca Laakso (20/12/92) and Julia Urban (22/06/92) Nothing special can be said about this song. Typical pop tune.  5/10


Sarah Harrison

Like a star
lyrics at this page

13 year old Sarah is living and studying in London and will appear in next Harry Potter film. Song is average, but singer is cute!! 6/10

The Netherlands

Roel (Felius)

Mijn ogen zeggen alles (My eyes say everything)
lyrics at this page

Song of 14 year old Roel is about paralized man, whose connection with the world are only his eyes.
9 participants in final. 
Only good reviews to this excellent song.  8/10