Participant Song Votes Place

EK rating

pts plc
Mary Harki Burning fire     6/10  
Mirto I need love     7/10  
George Platon Millionaire     7/10  
Eleni Skarpari Come to me     7/10  
Scorpion Tell me     6/10  
Lefki Stilianou Vision of dreams     8/10 4
Stefanos Georgiadis Cold     8/10 3
United Me     9/10 1
Georgia Panaioutou Analyse your love     6/10  
Lisa Andreas Stronger every minute     8/10 2


The Cypriot Final will be held on February 17th , the winner will be chosen by televoting.
Киприотский финал пройдет 17 февраля, победитель будет выбран телеголосованием.

Picture by John Henry
Best preselection songs (ESCKAZ version):
United - Me 9/10
Peace anthem
Lisa Andreas - Stronger Every Minute 8/10
Female ballad
Лучшие песни отбора (Версия ESCKAZ):
United - Me 9/10
Гимн за мир
Lisa Andreas - Stronger Every Minute 8/10
Женская баллада
Русский перевод - здесь

No matter where I am
I'm always thinking of you
It may be hard, but I need you to understand
That I don't often say what I feel
But now this is straight from my heart

My love grows stronger every minute
And it won't ever die
I want you to stay with me
Not just this day but for all my life

Now when I look into your eyes
I can tell there's something wrong
You're holding back the tears
Gonna better loose you now
So I won't make my feelings clear
My love grows stronger every minute
And it won't ever die
You must believe I'll always be there
For you all my life

Thelo na eimai sti zoi sou (Because I will get lost)
Alios tha hatho (If you stay with me)
An minis konta mou (Now and forever, I will follow you)
Tora kai panta tha s'akoloutho