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Better later than never. Our site present you full rankings of all preselections 2002. If you want to listen to the songs we recommend you to use special program - SoulSeek.
Cyprus UK Austria Greece Spain Croatia Russia Estonia FYROM Israel Switzerland Sweden Finland Denmark Bosnia Belgium France Germany Turkey Malta Romania Slovenia Latvia Lithuania


In Cyprus internal preselection was held, so we skip it.

United Kingdom:

Songs that didn't qualified to the final -
Lovestruck - Honey Trap
Released in Sweden before the deadline so it wasn't disqualified just because it didn't qualified.
Absolutely unprofessional two step with poor vocal. 3/10
Never in a million years - Zee
And this one was disqualified because it was issued in Hungary.
In general - not bad accoustic-synthesizer song with strong vocals, which was considered as main favourite. 8/10
When you're around - Paula O'Neil
Very poor vocal, this song has nothing to do in final. Same unstoppable refrain. 3/10
Fade away - Pulse
Not bad attempt - ballad soft rock with male vocal, but not too different from other songs of the same genre. 7/10

4 place: I give in - Surf N' Turf
Absolutely strange how such poor song could get into final, where it failed to produce. Female singer has nothing even close to vocal. 3/10
3 place: Every step of the way - Level Best
Song got in the final replacing disqualified Zee Asher. Possibly best song in final, boyband and soloist has some sort of vocal, isn't it strange? 8/10
2 place: D J Romeo - Tricia Penrose
Dance number. Not so bad, but I wish singer could sing. 7/10
And finally Come back - Jessica Garlick 7/10
Antother poor winner of another poor preselection. Something should be changed for sure...

8th placers:
On a day in june - The Shepherds
Something in Corrs style. Poor song with poor vocal, really deserved 0 points. 3/10
Supadupa - Hartmann
Something in 60th style in German. No impression. 4/10
Gule, Gule - Kubilay Bas
Typical Turkish entry in Turkish, in Tarkan style. Didn't impress audience, but not bad. 6/10
7 place: SMS4LOVE - i:levenless7
11-7=4 presented typical girlbands song.3/10
6 place: Love can change your heart - Ela
Not bad ballad with female vocal. Nothing in common with final of absurd. 6/10
5 place: Be Somebody Be Someone - Anik Kadinski
Soft rock ballad. Girl can't sing so didn't deserve much. 4/10
3 place:
Bluama in da Scherba - Bluatschink
Most well-known participants of final with amazing rock ballad, all money earned for this single was donated to Bosnia reconstruction. 8/10
Wont forget tonight - Loud9
Without any doubt best song of preselection, and one of the best in 2002 overall. Duet with great ballad. 10/10
2 place: Das schonste Ding der Welt - Stermann & Grissemann
Be happy that this song didn't win. Dancing bears reading text with techno music, same actors were hosts of the show. You should try to understand that this is typical German-Austrian style, and there will be more tracks like this in future. 7/10
And finally Say A Word - Manuel Ortega 8/10
So if we will overlook very small possibility that Loud9 could win, winner really deserved his place in Eurovision.

Ranking for next 2 preselections already were on the site so I will just add few comments.
Tu non c'eri qui - Veroniki Mpielitsa
Italian-Greek song in 70th style. Surely performer did her best, sometimes vocal is on very high level. 7/10
Pansion - sweet home - Giannis Kokkinos, Tolis Kokkinos, Flora Theodorou, Ermioni Komninou
Very poor song, though vocals are not so bad, but lyrics have no sense. 6/10
Proti fthinoporini vrochi - Christos Giannopoulos
Not bad, another 70th song, style which still rules Greece. 7/10
Beautiful life - Elina Konstantopoulou & Marian Georgiou
Very strong dance number with refrain in English, but not enough good to enter top 5. 8\10
Miazi na'ne cinema/Y Tu Cruel - Katerina Topazi
Poor song in latino style with bad vocal performance 6/10
5 place: Fire - Motive
No originality in this song, in 80th techno style this time. 6/10
Let me be the one - Kostas Mpigalis & Mirela Fragkopoulou
Great super ballad, one of best in history of Greek preselection ever. 10/10
2 place:
To be together - Maria Louiza Vasilopoulou (MLV) & Not4Sale
Very popular among eurofans dance number with good performance 9/10
Love is a wonderful thing - Pegki Zina
Almost similar dance performance with strong vocal 9/10
And finally superhit of the season S.A.G.A.P.O. - Michalis Rakintzis 10/10
Pity that there were so many great songs in final and just one qualified to the final of Eurovision.

I won't repeat cause review of this final was already published on our site
So I'll only mention that no doubt best Busta's entry La magia del corazon didn't reach Eurovision final. But from the other side - win of Rosa, as participant of OT was in no doubt too and it's good that Spain was represented by winner of OT and not runner-up. In that case all sense of the show would have been lost.
Hope to get chance to watch OT in full this year

Next goes Croatia.
Two songs were disqualified before contest and replaced by reserve. I've never heard one of this. If somebody has it - pls inform me. It is Tihana Sabati - Ne sudi mi,

Magazin - Tko me zove
Good vocals, but arrangement is awful. 5/10
20 place: Znam ja kako je kad ti uzme sve - Zak
I won't say that this was worst song of preselection. Typical Balkan ballad. 8/10
19 place: Odlazim - Davor Radolfi
Another ballad. May be too slow, but not bad IMHO. 9/10
18 place: Lazi - Petar Dragojevic
Let's continue ballads contest. Again not bad performance. 7/10
17 place: Takav sam ti ja - Joy
This time something dancy without any chances. 5/10
16 place: Hvala ti za sve - Branimir Mihaljevic
One ballad more with very strong vocal this time. 8/10
15 place: Sve ljubavi mog zivota - Alen Lazaric
We still continue browsing same style. All difference is in vocal quality. 8/10
13 place:
Ave Maria laudata - 4'33"
Despite certain difference of this song (techno-cosmic) from other stuff in final, I think it's rather overestimated by fans. 4/10
Ne ljubim vise na glas - Tihana Sabati
Girl has no voice at all, but song itself is not so bad. 6/10
12 place: Carolija - Jacques
Great song and best vocal performance of the day. Dance tune with ballad lyrics. 10/10
11 place: Divne Godine - Najboli Hrvatski Tamburasi
Ethnic song with rather strong vocal 7/10
10 place: Nemirna Rijeka - Perle
Too many people in the band only spoilt song. 3/10
9 place: Ti si tu - Ivan Mikulic
Great ballad, wonderfully performed. 8/10
8 place: Ja-ja - Mladen Burnac
Childish song. 4/10
7 place: 101 Laz - Davor Tolja & Leonida Buric
Not bad duet in 80th style 7/10
6 place: Ja sam Istrian - Alen Vitasovic
This time political song 5/10
5 place: Dotakni srce - Adalbert Turner- Juci
There were much better songs in the preselection 7/10
4 place: Odavno shvaltila sam sve - Zdenka Kovacicek
Great soul song with R-n-B elements, brilliantly performed. 9/10
3 place: Elois - Boris Novkovic
Best entry in preselection. Ballad in French and Croatian. 10/10
2 place: Jos uvijek vjerujem da ljubav postoji - Goran Karan
Best lyrics of the day. Amazingly strong ballad in typical Karan's style. 10/10
And finally Sasvim signurna - Vesna Pisarovic 8/10
Surely not the best choice. There were minimum 4 songs in preselections that could enter ESC top 5.

Next comes Russia. Everyone knows that regulary there is no sign of preselection, but this time so called runner-up was announced - very poor Kristina Orbakaite's song who imagines that she is singing in English language. This was last time provisional list of top entries was announced...

10 place: Computer Love - Ivo Linna, Yvette Kadakas, V.Lattu
Robostyle... Very poor song if we can call this - song... 2/10
9 place: What If I Fell - Lea Liitmaa, Jaagup Kreem
Average duo... 5/10
8 place: This Is (what luv can do) - Hatuna Narsavidze, Riina Riistop
Another poor song demonstating only total absence of vocal. 3/10
7 place: A Dream - Maarja Kivi
After listening to such kind of songs all wish to write review disappears... 4/10
6 place: You can't - Julia Hillens
Girl from Germany. Surely there such kind of singers are kept a mile away from national final. 3/10
5 place: Im Falling - Jaanika Vilipo
Finally song that can be at least estimated as not bad. Ballad with good vocal. 7/10
4 place: Ill Never Forget - Maarja Tokke
Another average song though with potentially good vocal 6/10
3 place: Need A Little Nothing - Gerli Padar
Tanel's sister is not far from the brother in terms of vocal abilities. 5/10
2 place: Another Country Song - Nightlight Duo & Cowboys
Pity but NlD also showed nothing. 4/10
And finally Runaway - Sahlene 5/10
Ve-e-e-ry poor final. Whoever won - no chance in ESC at all. Just not to win and to be obliged to organize it again.

Let's move on to FYR Macedonia.
18 place: Somnez - Zarmena
Song of no style of fairly unknown female singer without any chances 4/10
17 place: Sakam da sme zaedno - Pece Ognenovski
Song written by Andrijana Janevska didn't suit Pece Ognenov at all. 5/10
16 place: Kako mi e mene - Ana Simonovska
Deep vocal, but this ballad is very sleepy. 6/10
15 place: Neobicen krug - Biljana Dodeva
Ordinary pop song without any ambitions. 4/10
14 place: Lejdi - Fani
Male singer was replaced just before the contest to female one. It doesn't help a song at all. 4/10
13 place: Veti mi - Vera Jankovic
Ballad from female rock-singer. Not bad vocal, but song is just average. 6/10
12 place: Koga molcat ocite - Marija Georgieva & Gjoko Taneski
It's rule that duets are usually spoilt by female part. This time it was confirmed once again. But overall impression is not so bad. 7/10
11 place: Kazi mi, kazi - Marijan Nikolovski & Lozena
Very ethnic song that has nothing in common with eurostyle. But singer demonstrated unbelievably big vocal diapason. 8/10
10 place: Za samo edna nok - Aneta Eftimova
Poor vocal in standard song that doesn't keep in mind. 4/10
9 place: Sekavanje - Dekso & Suzana Jovceva
This time both members of duet can't sing. 5/10
8 place: Ke te najdam - Bagaz
Nothing absurd techno dance with awful screams of back vocal. 2/10
7 place: Lice i opacina - Lidija Kocovska
This is what experience means. Superb performance of dance tune. 9/10
6 place: Totalen kolaps - Ljubko Angelov
Actor from Denmark who generates from FYROM performed nice song with good vocal. 8/10
5 place: Pesna za tebe - Gorgi Krstevski
Best song of preselection, Gorgi confirmed that he is really top male performer in Macedonia. Brilliantly performed ballad. 10/10
4 place: Izgrev (Sunrise) - Tijana
Singer living in Serbia took part in Macedonian preselection. Despite of vocal potential song is rather weak. 6/10
3 place: Nema veke pesni tazni - Risto Samardjiev
Song with folk elements, but in this preselection ethnic song are vocally performed better than others. 8/10
2 place: O cherie, mon cherie - Andrijana Janevska
Song should had been performed by duet but Andrijana solo produced nice performance. But song itself is extremely poor. 5/10
And finally Od nas zavisi (It Depends On Us) - Karolina Gocheva 9/10
In general - better less, but better quality. Final is overflouded with average pop tunes. Krstevski should had won that, and future no doubt belongs to him.

In Israel preselection was run among 4 songs performed by Sarit Hadad.
Unfortunately one song Malkat HaDisko was not available when this review was written.
Mr DJ Superman
Very strong dance lyrical track, surely it will be more successful at Eurovision than politics influenced ballad. 9/10
Yasu Yasu
This is another dance tune, but without any perspectives for good result. 6/10
And Let's Light a Candle 8/10
Ordinary internal preselection without any discoveries.

First love - Camen
Singer withdrew his entry because of voice problems. In general nice dance song. 7/10
8 place: Via dal - Mati
Absolutely zero vocal and song is more read than sang. 4/10
7 place: Mia vita - Luciano de Soria
Exellent Italian vocal track. 10/10
6 place: Fuego latino - Amanda Blatter
Latino with Spanish and English lyrics and poor vocal. 6/10
5 place: It's a perfect day - Marc Neff & Friends
Strong jazzy song, greatly performed. 9/10
4 place: My little freaky boy - Tanisha
Another Britney Aguilera. 6/10
3 place: Die Engel tanzen um Mitternacht per te - Nina Dimitri
Bolivian resident produced unforgettable performance with brilliant vocal display. 9/10
2 place: Cosa - A-Live
Band made of German, US, Israel and Switzerland citizens performed a-capella number and surely is remembered for it's originality. 8/10
And finally Dans le jardin - Francine Jordi 9/10
Very strong final, there weren't two similar songs in it - ideal to be reached by other countries. And very strong winner.

So, here comes the biggest preselection of all - Sweden.

Songs that didn't qualified to the final.
8th places in semifinals:
En varld som alltid brinner - Rickard Skold
Average rock-ballad with nice vocal 7/10
Ingenting ingenting - Jennifer Newberry
Absolutely bad song with nothing to be called vocal. 3/10
You're the best thing - Linda Grip
Female ballad, not so badly performed but not keeping in mind. 5/10
I want you - Niklas Andersson
American accent of singer sounded rather strange in his rock-ballad. 5/10
7th places:
Blue as your angel eyes - Tom Nordahl
Simply rock, performed with good quality. 8/10
Du och jag(i hela varlden) - Martin
Most of songs in Swedish failed to impress juries, and even this nica orchestral pop had no chances. 7/10
Back again - Towe Jaarnek
Poor vocal in poor song. 3/10
Ge mig himlen for en dag - Solo
Nice ballad with strong back-vocals. 8/10
6th places:
Hollywood-Do - Zoe
Pop with hip-hop elements or vice versa. Sounds awfully. 2/10
Sluta - M. Holmberg / A. Hanson
Pretty strange duo talking lyrics with disco music 3/10
Ingenting ar storre an vi - Arvingarna
Rock-techno with strong performance. 7/10
It takes 2 - Honeydrops
Another extemely poor song 2/10
5th placers:
Du har rort vid min sjol - Camilla Linden
Rather popular among eurofans song, I think because of brilliant vocal performance and orchestral arrangement. 7/10
Ge mig mitt hjarta tillbaka - Jakob Stadell & Voice Boys
Voice Boys just demonstrated lack of voice. 4/10
Hon ar en annan nu - Sylvia Vrethammar
Not a song to remember. 4/10
Vackrare nu - Fredrik Wannman
Ordinary europop. 4/10

Wild card loosers:
16 place: Tidig ar tiden - Rolf Carlsson
Guitar ballad, greatly performed 8/10
15 place: Last to know -Excellence
Techno-pop of another girl band, nothing different from other songs in same style. 3/10
14 place: Det innersta rummet - Date
Another techno-pop, this time rather strong. 7/10
13 place: What difference does it make? - Poets
Very impressive rock-dance song in 70th-80th style. 9/10
12 place: Son of a liar - Kina Jaarnek
Not bad rhythmic song, but singer failed to catch the rhythm. 4/10
11 place: Sail Away - Annika Ljungberg
Nothing above average. 5/10

10 place: Hon kommer med solsken - Osten med Resten
Group of scientists-genetics, which is not tired to change with every song and impress the audience. 9/10
9 place: Big time party - Hanna & Lina
Absolutely awful shouts, strange how such a low quality song qualified into final. 2/10
8 place: The one that you need - Friends
Friends in their own style, or ABBA again? 8/10
7 place: Sista andetaget - Jan Johansen
Superb ballad, excellent vocal. 9/10
6 place: No hay nada mas - Javiera
Latino ballad with average vocal performance. 6/10
5 place: Kom och ta mig - Brandsta City Slackers
The main heterosexual of Sweden and his band of fire-fighters demonstrated once again amazing rock number. 9/10
4 place: Varlden utanfor - Barbados
Best song of preselection. Enough said. 10/10
3 place: Vem e de du vill ha - Lotta Engberg, Kikki Danielsson & Elisabeth Andreassen
Popdivas of 80th reminded about their existence. 6/10
2 place: Adrenaline - Mendez
Another latinorap of Mendez, absolutely poor IMHO. 4/10
And finally Never let it go - Afro-dite 8/10
Don't know how Afro-dite managed to win preselection with their abilities to sing live. Again best songs weren't rewarded, and this is the sign that selection system should be changed. 11 juries is too much.

12 place: The closest thing to heaven - Jussi Saxlin
Participant of Astana 03 Jussi performed nice ballad which really didn't deserved to be placed last. 8/10
11 place: Silenzio - Taina Kokkonen
Dance song in Italian, awfully performed. 4/10
10 place: If I do - Stiina Jean
Specific vocal in poor song. 3/10
9 place: My special one - Saana
Rather average ballad. 5/10
7 place:
Welcome the world - Susanne Sonntag
Euro anthem written by serious international squad of authors really didn't conqured fans attention. 6/10
Goodbye, hello - Marky
Singer of Hungarian origin demonstrated strong vocal abilities while performing simple ballad. 8/10
6 place: Make the rain - Sheidi
Rock ballad, but Sheidi really wasn't ready to perform it as decision to replace original singer was taken just days before the contest. 6/10
5 place: Who cares about a broken heart - Johanna
ABBA style. Enough said. 7/10
4 place: Say you will, say you wont - Ressu
Strong pop song that tends to keep in mind. 8/10
3 place: I dont wanna throw it all away - Geir Ronning
Great ballad, without any doubt best song of this preselection. Norwegian singer tried his luck in neighbour country, as Norway missed 2002 contest. 10/10
2 place: Stay - Aika
Famous discoband performed interesting, easy to remember song. 9/10
And finally Addicted to you - Laura Voutilainen 10/10
Excellent preselection, one of ideals on songs selection and it's number.

Songs that didn't qualified to top 5:
Mon du falder ned ? - UFO
Pop Hip Hop. Tune appear only in refrain. 5/10
Medieshow - Jeanett Debb
Monotoneous sleepy song. 3/10
Helt derinde - Tine B.
Lower than average pop song. 4/10
Aldrig min igen - Mads Broe Andersen
Another average pop song. Nothing interesting yet. 5/10
Det' pa tide - Bjarne
At least some vocal display and ballad lyrics save this song. 7/10
5 place: Som en drom - Petur vid Keldu
Singer from Faroe Islands performed excellent calm ballad. 9/10
4 place: Alle dage er en fredag - Morten Fleck
Interesting up-tempo pop song with good vocal. 8/10
2 place:
Sommerregn - Luna Park
Not so interesting ballad, though nicely performed. 7/10
Alt mellem himmel og jard -Neighbours
Famous songwriters joined as Neighbours to perform their own song. Classic calm ballad with brilliant music. 9/10
And finally Vis mig, hvem du er - Malene W. Mortensen 10/10
One important thing to mention is that all songs were performed in Danish and only after preselection winning song should have been translated into English. That's pity as Danish lyrics are something!

16 place: Priznajem - Edin Pasic
In general not bad entry which didn't deserved last place. Folk-pop. 6/10
15 place: Slusaj moju pjesmu - Lada I Lana
Two sisters from Serbia demonstrated nothing special. 4/10
14 place: Sve sto imas ti - Tinka Milinovic
Very poor dance song. 3/10
12 place:
Primabalerina - Romeo I Biljana
At first Romeo was scheduled to perform this song alone. He should have done so. 6/10
Budi malo moja - Boje Noci
Pop-rock song, poorly performed, but with strong musical accompaniment. 7/10
11 place: Ponocno sunce - Zeljka
Greatly performed dance hit 9/10
8 place:
Trnje i ruze - Dragana Ilic-Venus
Average ballad with average performance 5/10
Kapije bola - Sladana Mandic
Possibly future star. Vocal ballad. 8/10
Zlato, zlatnije - Dragana & Geronimo
Very strong duet on vocal view, but song should be better than this. 8/10
7 place: Samo zapjevaj - Mica & Selma
Awful vocals in awful song. 3/10
6 place: Vjerujem - Lily
Nothing interesting in vocal, neither in musical view. 5/10
5 place: Emina U la la - Emina feat. K.C.
Extremely poor vocal perfomance and awful rapping by American performer. 3/10
4 place: Ti i ja smo mogli sve - Boris Rezak feat. Karney
Absolutely best male singer of Bosnia with absolutely best preselection song of 2002, back vocals by Karnay from Mikado. 10/10
3 place: Sanjam bolji svijet - Al' Dino
Very strong ethnic song. 8/10
2 place: Samo nemoj danas - Mija Martina
Brilliant vocal-dance song of 17 years old contestant. 10/10
And finally Na jastuku za dvoje - Maja Tatic 9/10
Super vocal of singer from Canarian Islands, almost unknown in Bosnia conquered hearts of all jury members. It's obvious that system of preselection of 2 rounds and 2 independent juries is not working anymore.

Belgium. Very long and totally uninteresting preselection.
7th places in semifinals:
Hollywood star - Mistery
Dance number without special talents. 5/10
When I look in your eyes - Tanja Dexters
Techno pop with poor vocals 5/10
Shine on - Jimmy
Nice musical development, but no overall impression for the song. 6/10
Nananana - Fantasie
Extremely dull song 3/10
6th place:
Nooit een dag te laat - Wim Leys
Rock songs with standard decisions. 5/10
Meer - Luc Schuit
Disco-jazz with nonstop rotating of one word. 4/10
Paco Y Pacita - Wade & C
Latino-summer song. Vocals all over the place. 3/10
Op naar de top - Christoff
Not bad vocal, but song is far from being great. 6/10
5th places
You and me - 3 for you
Girlband in it's poorest variant. 4/10
Time of my life - Ivan
And finally strong disco number with nice performance. 8/10
Ik kan jou niet vergeten - Patrick Vinx
Also not bad but very standard ballad. 7/10
4th places in semifinals:
Imitation love - Indiana
Another singing little girl. 5/10
Comme une enfant - Lea Dan
Great arrangement and ... poorest vocal. 6/10
The magic times - The Incredible Time Machine
Very interesting song in disco 80th style. 8/10
I ragazzi di oggi - Raffaele
How we can do without Italian language song. Very strong vocal. 8/10
All my love VandaVanda
One of best songs of preselection. Superb ballad. 9/10
3rd places:
The sun shines - Kim 'Kay
Very popular song among eurofans. On my opinion not bad dance number, but nothing more. 7/10
Everything - Bennett & Bosman
Another duet spoilt by female part. Though not so badly. 7/10
Forever yours - Iris
Very dull ballad. 5/10
If I - Peter Elkins
Average guitar playing. 6/10
2nd place in semis (other 2nd placers qualified to the final):
What goes up - Danae
Really deserved it. This song has nothing to do in final. 5/10

7th place: Flyin' - Raf
Another boring song, which is main stream of preselection, and nothing to add here. 6/10
6th place: Wherever you'll be - Severine Dore
Almost blind singer performed strong ballad number which was far from winning though. 7/10
5 place: All out of love - Sonny
Three songs in a row in final were written by Paelink brothers. And from song to song result was getting better, till it reached maximum. Second song of brothers is vocal ballad. 8/10
4 place: Without love - Wuyts & Schepens
Excellent ballad in Irish style with great vocal performance in 2 voices. 10/10
3 place:
Take this heart - Yasmina
Average song which really didn't deserved such a high placing. Boring ballad with poor vocal. After a number of ballads jury got tired and decided to select something else. 5/10
2 place: Someday - Spark
Nothing special, dance number. 5/10
And worldwide known Sister - Sergio @ The Ladies 8/10
So Belgium got result that it deserved. With all song with no difference from each other won song which had something different in it. Extremely poor preselection, and do we need semifinals when there are no good songs enough for the final itself?

France conducted internal preselection. Rumoured runner-up was Lizzy - Quelqu'un qui m'attend, and this song was much much better than boring Sandrine.

Germany always claimed that it's preselection is top class. Is it so? Let's see...
Only top 3 placers were announced officially, other placings are rumoured by national newspapers.
15 place - You Never Walk Alone - Unity 2
Strong ballad in anthem style. 7/10
14 place: Be or Not To Be - Zarah
Nothing special in this ballad song. 5/10
13 place: Get Up Stand Up - Disco Brothers ft. Weather Girls
Amazing song. Recommended to all. Disco at it's best. 10/10
12 place: Higher Ground - Linda Carriere
Strong soul number of performer from London. 8/10
11 place: Fleisch - Mundstuhl
Comic duet devoted to all meat lovers. This is typical German-Austrian style of comic songs. 8/10
10 place: Du bist mein Weg - Tuesdays
Too many performers who only spoilt song. 6/10
9 place: Und Wenn Du Lachst - Nino de Angelo
Classic shlager of Germany 1989 contestant. 8/10
8 place: Bravo Punk - SPN-X
As tytle says - this is pank song, not badly performed, but nowhere near favourites. 6/10
7 place: Es Ist Niemals Zu Spat - Ireen Sheer & Berhard Brink
Another performers with Eurovision experience (Lux 74, 85, Ger 78). And how Germany can do without peace anthem? 9/10
6 place: My heart will survive - Isabel Soares
Dieter Bohlen did everything to promote his project. But he couldn't add vocal to the singer. 7/10
5 place: Dont Say Goodbye - Natalie
This girl has Russian origin. Nice ballad and performance. 8/10
4 place: I Wanna Beloved - Kelly Family
Strong ballad of performers with Irish origin, extremely popular in 60th and their relatives. Nice lead vocal and arrangement. 8/10
3 place: Hold On - Normal Generation?
Song similar to well known anthem Love United. Strongly performed it fit 3rd place well. 8/10
2 place: Joy To The World - Joy Fleming & Jambalaya
Veteran of German scene (Germany 75) finished just short of another ticket to the contest. Great vocal in soul song. 8/10
And finally I Cant Live Without Music - Corinna May 9/10
Very interesting final with number of great easy to remember songs. It all finished with satellite broadcast when Ten Tenors from Australia performed unbeliavable humouristic mix of all songs from selection.

Now short lowbudget Turkish preselection.
Son sans - Cenk Yeles & Grup Deniz
Heavily ethnic song, which can grab attention only of devoted fans of folk music, though male vocal is rather good. 5/10
Gunes Dogarken - Grup Dolunay
Interesting intro and arrangement, but performance itself should be much better. In general not bad, easy to remember dance song with ethnic motives. 6/10
Ne olursun birseyler soyle - Semih Bayraktar
Another perfect vocal performance by veteran of Turkish preselections, best live performance of the day. Song though containing ethnic motives, is much closer to Eurostyle than other finalists. 8/10
Saril bana - Ayca Donmez
Superb ballad, which without any doubt would nicely fit to Eurovision. 9/10
And finally Leylaklar doldu kalbime - Grup Safir 5/10
Another ethnic final, which brought another bad placing for Turkey, concept of preselection was totally changed next year.

Now is time for worldwide popular and without any doubt best preselection - Malta.
Rank itself was available at the site, so I'll just add comments.
16 place: Secret to share - Julie Zahra
Not perfect performance, and certainly not the best song of Julia. Nice arrangement. 7/10
15 place: Romantic - Nadine Axisa
One of two songs by Nadine. Nicely performed, but song itself is not interesting. 7/10
14 place: Hide and seek - Fiona Cauchi
Rock entry performed by Fiona on motobike. 6/10
13 place: When I'm near - Roger Tirazona
Very interesting ballad of talented composer and performer, who represents future of Maltese music. 9/10
12 place: Heaven in my life - Fiona Cauchi
Another not so impressive performance by Fiona, this time country song with guitar. 7/10
11 place: Give me wings - Olivia Lewis
Strong vocal midtempo tune. 8/10
8 place:
A new day is dawning - Annalise Ellul
Nice musical decisions in song with poor lyrics and vocal performance. 7/10
Theresa - Karl Spiteri & Andreana Debattista
Soft rock. This duet is ruled by female vocal. Karl is singing only back-vocals. 7/10
Moment of truth - Lawrence Gray
Song in typical LG style, not without new dances and playing with camera. Impressive ballad. 9/10
6 place:
Think of you - Nadine Axisa
I'm more than sure that in future Nadine will be representing Malta at ESC final, provided with good song. This was latino ballad. 8/10
Wanna hold you - Gunther Chetcuti
Another newcomer of Maltese scent performed strong disco number. 9/10
5 place: Dazzle me - Paula
Extremely poor song, unexpectedly placed 5th. 6/10
4 place: What happened to our love - Lawrence Gray
Superb vocal performance and another success with public and total disregard by jury. Song not in LG style - latino-dance, which let LG chance to demonstrate all his strange dances. 10/10
3 place: One step away - Ira Losco
This time Ira performed only 2 songs at preselection. And this one was much interesting musically - super disco tune, and better vocally performed. 9/10
2 : When comes my lover - Karen Polidano
Cute Karen demonstrated superb vocals in dull song. Next year Karen will battle with LG, Nadine and Roger for main prize. 7/10
And finally 7th wonder - Ira Losco 8/10
Maltese songs has tendency to be rewritten by 80 % in time between selection and ESC final. This happened again, if you'll compare final and preselection variants, you'll find nothing similar.
All in all superb final with great number of eurohits.

14 place:
Vino-n somnul meu - Sfinx Experience & Laurentiu Niculescu
Rock shouts and screams. 5/10
Lacrima - Voltaj
Nothing semidance with smth like rock arrangement. 5/10
Povestea unei mingi - Class
Rock number with awful vocals. 4/10
Liberi - No comment
Poor song performed with great ambition. 5/10
Fluier - Quartz
Extremely poor song which can't be listened for more than 5 seconds. 2/10
13 place: Together as one - B Brothers
Better than everything previous. Boy band with pop song. 7/10
10 place:
Frunza - Kappa
Strong vocal performance which singer produced with closed eyes. Trying to do his best, it seems. 7/10
You know it - Alina Sorescu
Poor disco-pop mainly because of vocal. 6/10
Ce vraji mi al-facut - Kripton
Not bad rock song in traditional style. 7/10
9 place: Daca Vrei, Poti - Sfinx Experience
Another rock song with folk inspirations. 7/10
7 place:
Spune mi - Candy & Gaz
Average quality dance tune. 5/10
Mama Terra - Proconsul
We continue rock festival. This is best of all with superb vocals. 8/10
5 place:
I do - Nicola
Another attempt by Nicola. This time it's another Anastasia styled song. 8/10
All I want - Luminita Anghel
Strong vocal by Luminita, and not so strong dance song. 8/10
4 place: Mama - Valahia
Another brilliant vocals by Mihai, song itself is rather boring but vocals are simply marvelous. Should be favourite next years. 9/10
3 place: EA - Spitalul de urgenta
Folk ballad. Not bad. 8/10
2 place: All too young - Vank
Rockopops with opera influence. Stylish. 8/10
And finally simply the best Tell Me Why - Monica Anghel and Marcel Pavel 10/10
Misterious final, when fans from other countries sometimes don't get even pictures of performers. Interesting though in it's current condition.

Scandalous Slovenian preselection, rankings of which are already present at website.
Semifinalists (first 4 cut by televoters, other by jury)
18 place: Shangri La- DEJA MUSIC
Song in Indian style, nothing to remember. 3/10
17 place: Plamen v temi - Alenka Smid&Cena
Very strong ballad, greatly performed. 9/10
16 place: Vsako Zilvljenje gre svojo pot -Damjana Golavsek
Pop-rock-dance-no style. 6/10
15 place: V Ritmu, Ki me lovi - Irena Vrckovnick
Strong uptempo song. 8/10
14 place: Baby Blue - Gianni Rijavec
Very strong vocal performance in standard song. 7/10
13 place: Ce Ni Ljubezni - Anika
Very strong song and performance but jury this time was totally out of control, and selected their favourites as opposite from public view. 9/10
12 place: Ljubezen daje moc - Regina
Another strong dance song. 8/10
11 place: Ocean - Katrinas
Poor dance song and out of tune vocals. 5/10
Everyone know story about broken telfone lines, and final decision was taken solely by jury decision.
10 place: Slika brez pozdrava Rok'n'band
Traditional rock of 60th, nicely performed. 8/10
9 place: Angelina Botri
Disco tune with easy to remember refrain. 7/10
8 place: Imej me vedno s seboj Faraoni
Excellent rock-ballad. 9/10
7 place: Moja moja Andraz Hribar
Contestant with biggest potential of all, no doubt future ESC finalist. Nice lyrics and beautiful ballad. 8/10
6 place: Zdravilo sveta Manca & NORDunk
Not bad but a bit monotoneous ballad. 7/10
5 place: Mi pase Monica Pucelj
Poor song with poor performance 5/10
4 place: Pelji me, kjer sem doma Ana Dezman
Dull ballad, though nicely performed. 6/10
3 place: Se in se Karmen Stavec
Main favourite of preselection with strong dance tune and good development in song. 9/10
2 place: Oblaki Polona
Good music and arrangement but vocals should be better. 8/10
And finally Samo ljubezen SESTRE 10/10
On my opinion stuardesses deserved this win, as musically this was brilliant disco tune and visually - something outstanding too. Final itself is very average, and even big changes won't help.

Latvia. Ranking of this preselection was already present at the site, so I only added comments.
15 place: My Only Dream - Hameleoni
Superb pop dance shlager with excellent vocals. 10/10
14 place: Wait (For Love) - Marina Voitjuka
Not bad eurotune. 7/10
13 place: Love Is For You - Sea Stones
Song written by Stibelis would have been nice, if performers sang in tune. 7/10
12 place: Amberland - Caffe
Strong soul anthem. 7/10
11 place: A Girl From A Sunset Town - Madara Celma
I'm getting tired of this girl, send her somewhere far... to Eurovision for example. 5/10
10 place: A Place To Call Come - Dzulians
Not bad stylish euroballad-anthem. 8/10
9 place: My Town - Diana & Olga Piragas
Brilliantly performed disco-jazz. 10/10
8 place: Remember - 4 Elements
Band produced by Arnis Mednis, where sister of Lauris Reiniks is singing. Dance tune with easy to remember refrain. 8/10
7 place: Let's Sing The Song - Janis Stibelis
Another R-n-B of Jay Stever. 7/10
6 place: Tell Me Why - Gunars Kalnins
Another dance tune 7/10
5 place: My Memory Tape - Lauris Reiniks
Strong solohit in latinostyle. 9/10
4 place: Be Alive - Andris Abelite
Without any doubt future eurostar, song with strong refrain. 8/10
3 place: This Is Not Paradise - Tumsa
Martins Freimanis and his rock-band. Excellent rockopops. 9/10
2 place: Stop The War - Linda Leen & Horens
Awful rap-reggie song, which couldn't be saved even by Linda. 3/10
And finally I Wanna... - Marija Naumova 10/10
Usually strong Latvian preselection continued its style.

Disqualified entries:
Grace - Aiste Pilvelyte
Nice lyrical ballad. 7/10
Q-ba-ba Adoms
Silly latino song, not quality Adoms can produce. 5/10
We all - B'Avarija
Stylish rockopops with nice chances at ESC. 9/10

Without placings:
Feelings - Agne Nastopkaite
No voice, no song 3/10
If you can - If
Bad arrangement and performance of good anthem. 6/10
Don't ever stop - Kosmo
Would be good dance attempt if they can sing in tune. 7/10
You're the biggest star of my life - Markas
Very poor performance of strange song. 5/10
Fantasy - Simona
Poor vocal, if it can be called such. 3/10
8 place: Never - La Vita
Something poor in soft-rock. 4/10
7 place: Find your song - Iris
Another senseless ballad. 4/10
6 place: I wanna hold you - Jolanta Tubenyte & King Lion
Awful summer reggie. 3/10
5 place: You'll be waiting - R.Difartas & Dreams
And finally very strong soft-rock ballad with excellent performance. 10/10
4 place: Hello - Ruta Lukoseviciute
Great stylish anthem. 9/10
3 place: I'm so in love - Naktines Personos
Good dance number with strong lyrics and arrangement. 9/10
2 place: Singing in the night - Saules Kliosas
Another stylish pop song with nice vocal. 9/10
And not expecting to become winner Happy you - Aivaras 9/10
Two conclusions. Such understanding of rules can bring country to disqualification. And number of poor songs in final adds to the question of it's usefullness.

Here are overall results of preselection reviews.
First - average rating of preselection - i.e. average rank of songs in each preselection.
UK 8 entries - 5.75
Austria 10 entries - 5.9
Greece 10 entries - 7.8
Spain 9 entries - 7.0
Croatia 20 entries - 7.15
Estonia 10 entries - 4.4
FYR of Macedonia 18 entries - 6.11
Switzerland 9 entries - 7.56
Sweden 32 entries - 5.77 (final only - 10 entries - 7.1)
Finland 12 entries - 7.
Denmark 10 entries - 6.7
Bosnia-Herzegovina 16 entries - 6.31
Belgium 28 entries -6.11 (final only - 7 entries - 5.44)
Germany 15 entries - 7.67
Turkey 5 entries - 6.6
Malta 16 entries - 7.75
Romania 18 entries - 6.93
Slovenia 18 entries - 7.33
Latvia 15 entries - 7.67
Lithuania 16 - 6.38
So top three of preselections 2002 - Greece, Malta, Germany.

Now Fantasy Eurovision 2002 (also known as male hit-list) on our site's version.

Cyprus ?
UK - noone
Austria Wont forget tonight - Loud9
Greece Let me be the one - Kostas Mpigalis & Mirela Fragkopoulou
Spain La magia del corazon - David Bustamante
Croatia Elois - Boris Novkovic
Russia ?
Estonia - noone
Macedonia Pesna za tebe - Gorgi Krstevski
Israel ?
Switzerland Mia vita - Luciano de Soria
Sweden Varlden utanfor - Barbados
Finland I dont wanna throw it all away - Geir Ronning
Denmark Som en drom - Petur vid Keldu
Bosnia Ti i ja smo mogli sve - Boris Rezak feat. Karney
Belgium Without love - Wuyts & Schepens
France Lizzy - Quelqu'un qui m'attend
Germany Get Up Stand Up - Disco Brothers ft. Weather Girls
Turkey Ne olursun birseyler soyle - Semih Bayraktar
Malta What happened to our love - Lawrence Gray
Romania Mama - Valahia
Slovenia Imej me vedno s seboj Faraoni
Latvia My Only Dream - Hameleoni
Lithuania You'll be waiting - R.Difartas & Dreams

As requested - female hit-list:

Greece To be together - Maria Louiza Vasilopoulou (MLV) & Not4Sale
Greece Love is a wonderful thing - Pegki Zina
Croatia Odavno shvaltila sam sve - Zdenka Kovacicek
Macedonia Lice i opacina - Lidija Kocovska
Israel Sarit Hadad - Mr DJ Superman
Switzerland Die Engel tanzen um Mitternacht per te - Nina Dimitri
Finland Stay - Aika
Bosnia Ponocno sunce - Zeljka
Bosnia Samo nemoj danas - Mija Martina
Turkey Saril bana - Ayca Donmez
Malta One step away - Ira Losco
Slovenia Plamen v temi - Alenka Smid&Cena
Slovenia Ce Ni Ljubezni - Anika
Slovenia Se in se Karmen Stavec
Latvia My Town - Diana & Olga Piragas
Lithuania Hello - Ruta Lukoseviciute
Lithuania Singing in the night - Saules Kliosas

The end. Waiting for your feedback, though I know that in CIS I'm probably the only person who followed preselections 2002 in full. Pity.