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Site's Ranking

First of all I have to introduce concept of ranking system used on our site. All points under category EK rating and on this page- are marks put by me- author. As I try to do my best to be objective (I'm doing rankings of any kind for more than 5 years now) there usually is a big chance that my opinion will be completely different from yours.
Now about points thereselves. Each song in final is ranked by 4 categories with 4th being mark for live presentation during final night. In each category 10 points is maximum. At national pages of this website each song is marked out of 10, with only song, not singer taken into consideration, cause ESC is contest of songs, not singers.
And again I have to mention that ranking is put on site just to be rough guide for you, to give estimates for each song.
If you want to express your opinion, agree or disgaree with author -mail me

Besides our own ranking we're introducing new column - EKspertyza, where all songs qualified for Big Final are reviewed by participant of Russian preselection, well-known singer and composer Kevin. His review is located here.

  Music Lyrics Vocal Result after 3 categoties Live performance during the final Result
Segthu Mer Allt - Birgitta Haukdal (Iceland) Very interesting melody. 8 Questions pop up in my mind that only time can answer

Not bad. 8

Vocal surely needs to be worked out. 7 Considering 1st starting number should qualify into top 10. 23 Inflammatory performance. Nice start. 9 32
Weir der Mensch zahlt - Alf Poier (Austria) A great mix 8 The rabbits live in the forest and the cockroaches behind the tiles 8 Very nice and funny 8 Huge plus for originality!!! 24 Fabulous, I wish more persons like this on ESC. 10 34
We've got the world tonight - Mickey Harte (Ireland) Nice, reminds Fly on the wings 9 Weekest part but still OK 8 Proved being exellent 9 Is it another victory for Ireland? 26 Michey worried a lot, but sang perfectly and Sweet Charity didn't missed it too! 9 35
Everyway that I can - Sertab Erener (Turkey) Mix of national rhymes with european standard 7 Everyway that I can I'll try to make you mine again

Average 7

Talking is definetely  7 I expected more 21 Back vocals all over the place 7 28
To Dream Again - Lynn Chircop (Malta) The only thing that can save  this song 8 Summers roll and winters too, yet my feelings for you stay true

Lacks sense 6

Absolutely average 6 Difficult to understand how this song managed to qualify   20 Despite good stage performance Lynn's vocal ability is absolutely poor. 6 26
Ne brini - Mia Martina (Bosnia and Herz.) One of the best from all dance tunes 8 Don't worry, lies won't hurt  me

Nothing to remember 7

Not so good 7 Good chances if performed in English 22 Nice stage performance, but nothing to remember 8 30
Deixa-me sonhar (so mais uma vez) - Rita Guerra (Portugal) A bit overplayed 7 Take my destiny in your hand

Interesting 8

Very nice, strong voice 8 Standart portuguese selection, chances are not so high 23 Great finish but again don't stay in the memory 9 32
Claudia - Vise Nisam Tvoja (Croatia) Nice rhymes  8 Who are you to judje me

Poor. 8

Not bad  8 May be a surprise if in English  23 Sexy girl, but English part of the song is not so good 9 32
Stelios Konstantas - Feeling Alive (Сyprus) Not bad. Not hit either. 8 I waited for you all my life

Highly repetetive. 7

Rather strong. 8 Requires another song. 23 High level 9 32
Let's get happy -  Lou (Germany) Not bad lively tune 8 Let's get happy and be friends

Not bad. Not good. 7

Specific and interesting 8 Siegel again... 23 Superb! Lou is brilliant! 10 33
Ne verj, ne boisja, ne prosi - t.A.T.u - Russia

Not ranked.

Dime - Beth (Spain) Standard up-tempo tune, with a lot of influences from other compositions. 7 Let's forget yesterday and start everything again.

At least here is smth interesting 8

Poor. 6 So it's obvious that nice song got bad performer. 21 Very poor vocal 7 28
Milim shel ahava (Many words for love) - Lyor Narkis (Israel) Easy stylish rhythm 8 'I love you' in all languages 8 Above average 8 Can bring a surprise 24 Another great stage performance with idea 10 34
One More Night - Esther Hart (The Netherlands) Average dance tune. 7 We're all in need of a brighter day

And of a new song 7

Nice voice 8 Nothing similar with her great UK song 22 One more nice performance lost among others 8 30
Cry Baby  - Jemini (The UK) Very interesting itnro but no development  8 I thought our love would last forever

Repetetive 6

Unprofessional 6 Just doubts 20 No vocal at all and totally all over the place on stage put this near Tatu 3 23
Hasta La Vista - Oleksandr Ponomariov (Ukraine) Definetely reminds previous Svika Picks songs 8 I can see in your eyes all the love you'd like to hide away

Average 7

We know Ponomariov possibilities 8 Let's wait for the live performance 23 Another superb performance with snake-girl 10 33
Never let you go - Mando (Greece) Slightly oldfashioned. 7 I can't hide my feelings at all

Highly pathetic. 8

Vocal is great, no doubt. 9 Chances for top 10. 24 Surpised by live singing ability 9 33
I'm not afraid to move on - Jostein Hasselgard (Norway) Very nice, calm melody 9 I'm in love with a beautiful girl

Brilliant!!! 10

Great vocal 9 Hope nightmarre of 2001 won't repeat. 28 Finally managed to sing very difficult vocal line! 10 38
Louisa - Monts et Merveilles (France) Dull... 7 At average level of the song 7 French standart 7 Same for last 3 years 21 Prize to most beautiful girl and prize for biggest surprise of the day! 10 31
Keine Grenzen - Zadnych Granic (Without borders) - Ich Troje (Poland) Perfect anthem 10 Boundless, unusual world without discords, explosions, anger and war

Love and peace 9

Male vocal is great, female is very good 9 Unfortunately not so many chances of winning with current system. Anyway very nice song 28 No doubt - best performance of the day! 10 38
Hallo From Mars - F.L.Y (Latvia) The best part of the song 9 No one knows that day when love will come and set you free

Not bad, but not easy to understand 8

Yana should practice, Lauris and Martins quite OK 8 Surely top 5 25 Inspiring performance, not without mistakes 9 34
Sanomi - Urban Trad (Belgium) Sleeping pill 7 Hm... Just for the idea 8 I haven't found any 7 Few chances 22 Very monotonous 7 29
Eighties Coming Back - Ruffus (Claire's Birthday) (Estonia) High level 8 And I feel like the 80th coming back

A bit repetetive 8

Suits such type of songs 8 Really differs from the others 24 Very casual performance 8 32
Don't break my heart - Nicola (Romania) Average techno  6 Listen to your heart and  you'll find the way

No comments.  6

IF it can be called vocal  6 Agree you or not, but it is nothing similar with 2002.  18 Another surprise 10 28
Give me your love - Fame (Sweden) Not bad, not bad 8 You can turn my winter into summer

Average nonsense 7

Great male vocal. Not female. 8 Friends number 2. 23 Absolutely different quality of performance for 2 singers   8 31
Lep Poletni Dan (Nanana)- Karmen Stavec (Slovenia) Northing outstanding 6 He sang to me nanana,
So naturally it set my heart on fire

Bad. 6

Vocal is rather nice, but a lot of work is to be done. 7 Song very similar to last year Runaway and surely nothing to compare with Se In Se. 19 And finally... 8 27

So leaders by stage performance -
1 Poland 2 Austria 3 Germany 4 Norway 5 France 6 Israel

And final rating on 4 categories:
1 Poland 2 Norway 3 Ireland 4 Austria 5 Israel 6 Latvia 7 Germany 8 Ukraine 9 Greece 10 Cyprus 11 Estonia 12 Iceland 13 Portugal 14 Croatia 15 France


We bring back our project of reviewing all most popular internet charts, presenting their top and bottom 3 with everyday update. Of course we started our own small poll where you can vote for your favourite entry and leave your comments. See 2002 results here

Eurovision 2003 / Евровидение 2003

What song in ESC 2003 do you like most of all? Какая песня из Евровидения 2004 вам нравится больше всего?

Итоговый рез-т
/Final Results

Chart Top 3 Bottom 3 Russia Procedure Updated
ESC Chart Spain, Iceland, Turkey Israel, Estonia, UK 5 other charts as jury 19.05
The Big Poll Spain, Russia, Iceland Israel, Malta, Belgium 2 Jury, prediction 19.05 (2320)
Eurovision Song Contest Statistics (vote) Spain, Iceland, France Austria, Estonia, Poland 5 Standard closed (1421) (vote) Spain, Turkey, France Austria, Poland, Ireland 7 Jury 23.05 (2342)
EuroFriends (vote) Spain, Iceland, France Malta, Austria, Sweden 14 Ranking of all songs closed
Eurowizja Poland, France, Iceland Austria, Israel, Malta 16 Ranking of all songs 07.05
Eurovision-DB Spain, Iceland, France Austria, Israel, Estonia 9 Jury 20.05
Eurovision Madrid Spain, Turkey, Iceland Austria, Estonia, Israel 6 Standard closed (274)
Eurosong-GR (vote) Spain, Russia, Turkey Poland, Austria, Israel 2 Standard 14.05 (297)
OGAE Germany (vote) Spain, France, Iceland Israel, Estonia, Ireland 6 Standard 23.05 (919)
YLE-Euroviisut Russia, Spain, Iceland Israel, Portugal, Ukraine 1 Standard 23.05
The House of Eurovision (vote) Spain, Iceland, Netherlands Austria, Poland, Israel 4 Standard FINAL (244)
Eurovision-Latvia (vote) Spain, Russia, Iceland Israel, Poland, Estonia 2 Jury 23.05 (520)
OnEurope (vote) Iceland, Spain, Turkey Israel, Estonia, Austria 7 Standard closed (420)
ESC-DK (vote) Iceland, Spain, Turkey Israel, Austria, Poland 8 Standard 17.05 (230)
Eureka (vote) Russia, Malta, Austria Israel, Poland, Belgium 1 Standard (restarted every week) 17.05 (416)
Eurovision Chart (vote) Iceland, Spain, Turkey Israel, Poland, Estonia 6 Standard 23.05 (vote) Iceland, Spain, Turkey Israel, Poland, Austria 4 Оценка песен 23.05 (653) Turkey, Russia, Slovenia Belgium, Romania, Latvia 2 Rating of songs 05.05
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Our chart is not including polls which are made by choosing only one or two favourite songs, like you do in our site's poll, and polls with only few voters (less than 100). If you want to be informed of all polls top 10 standings - we recommend you to use special site ESC Chart which is keeping complete listings of all polls available in the Net and tracks all stats.


The 4th edition of the National Finals Song Contest, NFSC 2003 has finished! Contest is run by Eurovision - Madrid website.
Winner of 2003 edition is Alcazar with I'm not a sinner, nor a saint (Sweden).
It is a fan contest, where all songs from preselections that don't make it to the final ESC compete. All songs are divided into a number of groups (12 in the previous editions) and registered juries vote for each group in the eurovision way. The most voted songs (it depends on every year, normally 6 or 7) progress to the semifinals. Then, the same ... everybody votes in the semifinals, and the top 8 (if there are 3 semifinals) progress to the final. And finally, there is the voting of the final, where all juries decide the winner of NFSC 2003. The past editions were won by Magazin (2000), Ebonique (2001) and Karmen Stavec (2002).
From it's part Eurovision-Kazakhstan presents our own top 10 of national preselection songs
1 Lawrence Gray - Why Not? (Malta)
2 Simon Chapman - Now and Forever (UK)
3 Manuel Carrasco - Vivire, Morire (Spain)
4 Aurelian Temisan - Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye (Romania)
5 IRA - Femme Fatale (Poland)
6 Valahia - Friends are Friends (Romania)
7 Boulevard - Souvenirs (Netherlands)
8 Elija - Somehow, Somewhere (Germany)
9 Stachursky - Waiting for You (Poland)
10 Jeffrey - Waar en wanneer (Netherlands)
And as it is hugely requested by our visitors - top 5 songs with female vocals:
1 Karen Polidano - One Touch (Malta)
2 Johanna Guzman - I Believe in Love (Malta)
3 Romina Mamo - Here Today Gone Tomorrow (Malta)
4 Shirley Clamp - Mr.Memory (Sweden)
5 Roses and Tears - Tatiana Timchuk (Latvia)