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Archive Of the Eurovision-Kazakhstan:

Eurovision 2003 RIGA 

This part of site is devoted to already finished contest 2003. It will always remain the same as on June 2003. So a  lot of links may be dead now!!!
All new pages devoted to new contests -start from the front page of the site.
Homepage of the site with all news and updates. Eurovision 2004 is coming!

Страница с новостями 2003 на русском - здесь.

Pages 2003.

Final scorecard and countries-participants 2003

Eurovision week. Live reports from Tallinn. Press-conferenses, chats, now even more photo.

Rankings - Find all web charts final results (including our site's prediction).

Separate pages for each contestant-(Includes bio, official lyrics, and info on national final)
Russia, Ukraine, Malta, Ice, Aut, Ire, Tur, BIH, Por, Cro, Cyp, Ger, Spa, Isr, Net, UK, Gre, Nor, Fra, Pol, Lat, Bel, Est, Rom, Swe, Slo

News 2003

t.A.T.u. (TATU) with "Ne verj, ne boisja, ne prosi" (Don't believe, don't be afraid, don't ask) for Russia in Eurovision 2003


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Contestants table.

Separate pages for each country will be launched soon, with info on national selection, participant biography, photos, song lyrics etc. Follow the links in second column!

You can find national preselestions audio files at this sites:
Comprehensive source for all national final entries - www.euro-mp3.com, Mp3 files also available at eurosong.webbyen.dk, Real Audio files at devoted.to/eurovision, Windows Media - http://home.pages.at/songcontest/

draw order Country +link to our page Singer +link to official (unofficial) page Song, author National final + Official site
1 Iceland

Birgitta Haukdal

Open your heart (Segthu mer allt)
Hallgrimur Oskarsson, Sveinbjorn Baldvinsson, Birgitta Haukdal)
15.02.2003 Sonvakeppnin
2 Austria

Alf Poier

Weil Der Mensch zahlt (Because people count)
(Alf Poier)
14.03.2003 "song.null.drei//"
3 Ireland

Mickey Harte

"We've Got The World Tonight" (Keith Molloy, Martin Branagan) 08.03.2003 "You're A Star"
4 Turkey

Sertab Erener   

Everyway that I can
(Sertab Erener - Demir Demirkan)  
5 Malta

Lynn Chircop

To Dream Again
(Alfred Zammut - Cynthia Sammut)  
07-08.02.2003 "Malta Song For Europe"
6 Bosnia and Herz.

Mia Martina

Ne brini (Don't worry)
(Ines Prajo - Arjana Kunshtek)
01.03.03 "Vas Slager Sezone"
7 Portugal

Rita Guerra

Deixa-me sonhar (so mais uma vez) (Let Me Dream (Just One More Time))
Paulo Tome Martins da Encarnacao
internal, Operacao Triunfo
8 Croatia


Vise nisam tvoja (I'm not longer yours)
(Andrei Babic)
07-09.03.2003 "Dora"
9 Cyprus

Stelios Konstantas

Feeling alive (Stelios Konstantas) internal
10 Germany


Let's get happy
(Ralph Siegel - Bernd Meinunger)
07.03.2003 "Countdown Grand Prix"
11 Russia


Ne verj, ne boisja (Don't believe, don't be afraid)
(Mars Lasar - Valeri Polienko)
12 Spain


Amaya Martinez & Jesus Maria Perez)
17.03.2003 "Operacion Triunfo"
13 Israel

Lyor Narkis

Milim shel ahava (Many words for love)
(Yoni Ro'eh - Yossi Gispan)
23.01.2003 Israel Bo'heret
14 Netherlands

Esther Hart

One More Night
(Tjeerd van Zanen, Alan Michael)
01.03.2003 "Nationaal Songfestival''
15 UK


Cry Baby
(Martin Isherwood)
02.03.2003 A Song For Europe
16 Ukraine

Oleksandr Ponomariov

Hasta la Vista
(Svika Pick - Mirit Shem-Or)
17 Greece


Never Let You Go
(Mando - Teri Siganos)
26.02.03 National Preselection
18 Norway

Jostein Hasselgard

I'm not afraid to move on
(Arve Furset)
01.03.2003 "Melodi Grand Prix"
19 France


Mont et Merveilles 
(Hocine Hallaf)
20 Poland

Ich Troje

Keine Grenzen - Zadnych Granic (Without borders)

(Andre Franke / Joachim Horn - Bernges, Michal Wisniewski, Jacek Lagwa)

21 Latvia


Hello From Mars
(Martins Freimanis, Lauris Reiniks)
01.02.2003 "Eirovizija 2003"
22 Belgium

Urban Trad

(Yves Barbieux)
23 Estonia

  Claire's Birthday (RUFFUS)

Eighties Coming  Back
(Vaiko Eplik)
08.02.2003 "Eurolaul"
24 Romania


Don't break my heart
(Mihai Alexandru - Nicola)
01.03.2003 "Euroviziune"
25 Sweden


Give me your love
(Calle Kindbom, Carl Losnitz)
15.03.2003 "Melodifestivalen 2003"
26 Slovenia

Karmen Stavec

Nanana (Lep poletni dan)
(Martin Stibernik / Karmen Stavec)
15.02.2003 "EMA 2003"


Hosts of contest were finaly announced to end all rumours. Eurovision Song Contest will be hosted by Renars Kaupers of Brainstorm (ESC 2000)  and Marie N (Marija Naumova) - winner of ESC 2002
Renars Kaupers represented Latvia in ESC 2000 with his band Brainstorm and ended up at a third place. Marie N won Eurovision 2002 with "I wanna", also participated at Voice Of Asia s.c. 1999 Almaty, Kazakhstan.


The final of the "Eurovision" song contest will be held in the "Skonto" Olympic Center on May 24, 2003

scontocat1.jpg (27029 bytes)

Venue. Click to open bigger images
26 Countries will participate.
Out Denmark, Lithuania, Switzerland, Finland, FYROM.
Back Portugal, Netherlands, Poland, Iceland, Ireland and Norway. New country - Ukraine.
Full list - Austria (ORF), Belgium (RTBF), Bosnia-Herzegovina (PBS BIH), Croatia (HRT), Cyprus (CY/CBC), Estonia (EE/ETV), France (GRF/FT3), Germany (ARD/NDR) , Greece (ERT), Iceland (RUV), Ireland (RTE), Israel (IBA), Latvia (LT), Malta (MT/PBS), the Netherlands (NPB/NOS), Norway (NRK), Poland (PRT/TVP), Portugal (RTP), Romania (RO/TVR), Russia (Channel One Russia), Slovenia (RTVSLO), Spain (TVE), Sweden (SVT), Turkey (TRT), Ukraine (NTU) and the United Kingdom (BBC).
Here you can download rules in pdf format

How final result depends on placings

Nomination Place Years (when this place won) In 2003
The best starting place Last 60,70,77,82,83,89 Slovenia
Second Best First 75,76,84 Iceland
The worst 2,4,7,16,21 Never won Aut, Tur, Por, Ukr, Lat

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Eurovision - Kazakhstan Alternative Page Of "Voice Of Asia"

Main Page 2003 Latest news

Main Page
Eurovision 2002 Tallinn   
History of the contest Andy Mikheev's HomePage
Links on ESC sites and audio-video files Main Page
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