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Eurovision week Tallinn 2002   
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Archive Of the Eurovision-Kazakhstan:

Eurovision 2002 Tallinn 

This part of site is devoted to already finished contest 2002. It will always remain the same as on June 2002. So a  lot of links may be dead now!!!
All new pages devoted to new contests -start from the front page of the site.
Homepage of the site with all news and updates. Eurovision 2003 is coming!

Страница с новостями 2002 на русском - здесь.

Pages 2002.

Final scorecard and countries-participants 2003

Eurovision week. Live reports from Tallinn. Press-conferenses, chats, now even more photo. Include links to videos of the final

Rankings - Find all web charts final results (including our site's prediction). Vote in after-contest charts.

Separate pages for each contestant-(Includes bio, official lyrics, and info on national final) Cyp, UK, Aus, Gre, Esp, CroRus, Est, Mac, Isr, Sui, Swe, Fin, Den, BIH, Bel, Fra, Ger, Tur, Mal, Rom, Slo, Lat, Lit.

News 2002 in brief - include links to preview videos


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Latest Eurovision news

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Live news from Tallinn, press-conferences and chats with participants - here!

All latest news and updates are published at homepage. If you started not from there - go that way!

The latest news, national selection results, reports, photo-audio-video you can discover with help of our Links page. We'll guide you the right way!

Contestants table.

Eurovision 2002

What do you think is the best song in the contest?

Current results


Links to audio files presented by  

eurosongonline.com All the news about the eurovision song contest

Separate pages for each country launched, with   info on national  selection, participant biography, photos, song lyrics etc. Follow the links in second column!

Some mp3 files are still available at this websites OnEurope, Eurovision Lyrics, SongContest.nl, Eurosongonline, Eurofestival.net, Eurowizja.com, VinTik's web.

draw order Country +link to our page Singer +link to official (unofficial) page Song, author National final + Official site + link to our page
1 Cyprus One

"Gimme" ("Den mporo")

by Giorgos Theophanous.

Internal selection

More info+  lyrics- here

2 UK Jessica Garlick

"Come Back"

by Martin Bayley


More+ lyrics here

Official URL

3 Austria Manuel Ortega

"Say a word"

by Alexander Kahr, Robert Pfluger


More+ lyrics- here

Official URL

4 Greece Mihalis Rakintzis

"S A G A P O" ("I love you")

by Mihalis Rakintzis


More + ranking + lyrics here

Official URL

5 Spain Rosa

"Europe's Living a Celebration"

by Chus & Tony Teb

4.03 and 11.03

Information + ranking - here

Official URL

6 Croatia Vesna Pisarovic

vesna.jpg (2101 bytes)

"Everything I want" ("Sasvim Sigurna")

by Milana Vlaovic


More info + lyrics- here

Official URL

7 Russia Premier-Ministr

p14_m.jpg (2644 bytes)

"Northern Girl"

by Kim Breitburg, Karen Kavaleryan, Evgeny Fridland, Irina Antonyan

Internal selection

More+ lyrics here

8 Estonia Sahlene


by P. Paulus, I. Laisaar, A. Kotkas, J. Hallas


More info- national final, song lyrics -Here

Official URL

9 FYROM Karolina Gocheva

"Od nas zavisi" ("It Depends On Us")

by   N. Perevski-Pere and V. Krstevski-Franc


Official URL

Selection info and lyrics - here

10 Israel Sarit Chadad

"Let's Light  A Candle Together" ("Bo-u ve  Nadlik Yahad Ner")

by Zvika Pick and Yoav Ginay.

Internal selection

More- our Israel page.

11 Switzerland Francine Jordi

swi_francine.jpg (5043 bytes)

"Dans le jardin" ("In the garden of my soul")

by Francine Lehmann


More+song lyrics-  our Swiss page

Official URL

12 Sweden Afro-dite

referensbild.jpg (2634 bytes)

"Never let it go"

by Marcos Ubeda


More + lyrics- here

Official   URL

13 Finland Laura (Voutilainen)
"Addicted to you"

by Maki Kolehmainen, Janina Frostell, Tracy Lipp


More info + song lyrics on our Finland page

Official URL

14 Denmark Malene W. Mortensen

"Tell  me who you are" ("Vis mig hvem du er")

by Michael Ronson


Selection info+ lyrics - here

Official URL

15 Bosnia and Herz. Maja Tatic

"Na Jastuku Za Dvoje" ("Fairytales about love")

by Dragan Mijatovic and Ruzica Cavic (participant of Voice of Asia 2001)

23.02 Official URL

Boris Rezhak & Kati Karnay among participants

Selection info - here

16 Belgium Sergio & The Ladies

"Sister" ("Meisjes")

by  Dirk and Marc Paelinck


Selection info and lyrics- here

Official URL

17 France Sandrine Francois

From ESC Today

"Il faut du temps" ("We need the time")

by Rick Allison-Patrick Bruel-Marie Florence Gros

Internal selection

More + lyrics -here

18 Germany Corinna May

"I can't live without music"

by Bernd Meinunger and Ralph Siegel


More selection info + lyrics- here

Official URL

19 Turkey "Safir" Groop

"Leylaktar doldu kalbimde"   ("Lilacs filled my heart")

by Fani Hodara, Sami Hodara, Figen Cakmak


Selection info +lyrics- here

Semih Bayraktar was one of the five candidates to present his song at   ESC.   

20 Malta Ira Losco

"7th wonder"

by Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg


Lawrence Gray presented 2 songs at 16 song final

Official site

More info on selection + ranking +  lyrics-here

21 Romania Monica Anghel (winner of Voice of Asia 2000) and Marcel Pavel

"Tell me why"

by Ionel Tudor and Mirela Fugaro


More + lyrics- here

Official URL

22 Slovenia Sestre

"Samo Ljubezen" ("Only Love")

by Robert Pesut & Barbara Pesut

15-16.02 Official URL

Selection info+ lyrics - our Slovenian page

23 Latvia
Maria Naumova
(Marie N.)

"I wanna"

by Maria Naumova, Marata Samauska


More + ranking + lyrics- here

Official URL

24 Lithuania Aivaras


"Happy You"

by Aivaras

Previously chosen B'Avarija band was disqualified


All info- here

Official URL

New! Here  you can find great database program on ESC by Greek Teenagers.

If song files links are broken-  try media player by ESC Today. Just click on appropriate song title on opened window.
  eurosongonline.com All the news about the eurovision song contest
Hosts of contest were finaly annouunced to end all rumours. Eurovision Song Contest will be hosted by Anneli Peebo,30, solist in Vienna Staatsopera since 1997 and Marko Matvere,  33, singer and actor in Tallinna Linnateater since 1992. Both are very popular persons in Estonia.


Contest will be held in recently built arena Saku Suurhall near Estonian capitall Tallinn on 25 of May 2002

24 Countries will participate, incuding two late-hour additions- lucky losers Israel and Latvia (who substituted Portugal). So 6 countries were excluded from 2001 list- Portugal, Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Iceland and Norway and 7 countries are welcomed back- Romania, Belgium, Cyprus, Switzerland, FYROM, Finland and Austria. All countries omitted from the list +passive participanants Albania, Yugoslavia and Belarus are supposed to return in 2003.

Here you can download rules in pdf format

How final result depends on placings

Nomination Place Years (when this place won) In 2002
The best starting place Last 60,70,77,82,83,89 Lithuania
Second Best First 75,76,84 Cyprus
The worst 2,4,7,16,21,23 Never won GBR,Gre,Rus,Bel,Rom,Lat

The question of participation of Kazakhstan in ESC is still undecided, but first candidat is already known. Here are the passage from "7 Notes" magazine.

Bakhtiyar Tailakbayev is ready to conquer hearts of   Eurovision lovers.

Bakhtiar is well-known singer not only in Kazakhstan but also abroad. He won prizes for the best song of the year 1998 and 2000 in contest of modern kazakh song  and was laureat of Voice Of  Asia contest in 1999 . Winner of Maltese song festival in nomination "Best male vocal".  He took first prize and won the prize of specator sympathies in 8-th Discovery-99 contest in Varna, Bulgaria. Third prize in contest "New songs for the new millenium" in category "Love, feelings".

Our site declared Bakhtyar the best singer of the decade.

You can follow this links to listen to songs of the best Kazakhstan singer.   Keshe Ghana(Only yesterday), Araldyn Arui, Caruso (L.Dalla)-soon!

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Eurovision - Kazakhstan Alternative Page Of "Voice Of Asia"

Main Page 2003

Main Page
Eurovision week Tallinn 2002   
Page 2001  Page 2000 Andy Mikheev's HomePage
Links on ESC sites and audio-video files Main Page
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