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Our dear Swedish friend Lilian (YLE) has created a great article on things to do and see in Stockholm while here for Eurovision

It's in Swedish but google translate will help you



Прогноз Вандера по первому полуфиналу



Пролетать в предсказалках - это моя специальность. Но тем не менее, вот моя 10ка:
5 стран, которые я обязательно хотел бы видеть в финале, это:
Ещё пять стран:
Буду рад проходу Молдовы и Финляндии вместо Нидерландов и Кипра.

Dami Im shines at Q&A Fan Party

This afternoon, the Australian delegation and their representative Dami Im, invited a small group of super fans and press to attend a Q&A session.

The lighthearted session, which lasted about 30 minutes, saw Dami Im performs two songs; her debut single Super Love, and her Eurovision entry Sound of Silence.


Fan Party Dami Im Australia

After she had done so, the singer invited fans in the audience to answer questions. These ranged from her passion about Eurovision, to how she came up with the song to which city would be her preferred location should she win for Australia.

It was a very lighthearted session, full of laughter and jokes, and we want to thank the Australian delegation for allowing ESCKAZ to be part of this wonderful event.

EBU release official statement on Russian Jury votes

The EBU has released the official statement on the Jury Vote issue with Russia last night

Having just spoken to the delegation I believe this is the correct course of action and the delegation are fully cooperating with the EBU and completely back their decision and actions.


Text of the statement is below and link under that

The EBU has been investigating a video recording made and published by a member of the Russian jury, during the judging for the first Semi-Final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest during last night’s dress rehearsal.

Following constructive talks between EBU and RTR, Russia’s participating broadcaster, RTR proposed to withdraw the respective jury member who produced the video recording. As a consequence, the EBU declared the voting result of the respective judge invalid. The other four judges submitted a valid jury vote. RTR will have the opportunity to provide a replacement judge for the Grand Final on Saturday 14 May.

In a statement to the EBU, Russian broadcaster RTR expressed regret at the actions of its' juror. RTR has also apologised to Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS and Armenian broadcaster AMPTV for the online broadcast of their performances.

During its investigation the EBU sought advice from PwC's independent observer, in line with protocol for the event.

The EBU does not consider it a breach of the rules to stream a video online from the jury deliberation, as long as individual rankings, combined rankings or jury points are kept confidential until after the Grand Final.

Nevertheless, the EBU regards the actions of the person involved as not in keeping with the spirit of the competition and potentially prejudicial as it imposes a potential risk of accidentally revealing results.

The independent notary present at the jury gathering confirmed that the voting was conducted in accordance with the rules.

"The broadcast of the Jury Semi-Finals and Jury Final is an internal transmission, not meant for public distribution," said Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of the EBU.

"The credibility of the professional juries is a critically important aspect of the competition. We are satisfied with RTR's proposal, which reflects their understanding of what is and what isn’t appropriate behaviour of a judge for the Eurovision Song Contest,” said Dr. Frank Dieter Freiling, Chairman of the contest’s governing body, the Reference Group.


Обзор грузинской вечеринки

Вчера мы посетили грузинскую вечеринку, проходившую в творческом центре «Kulturfyren», который находится в самом сердце шведской столицы. Хотя вечеринкой это сложно назвать, мероприятие было похоже на домашний уютный концерт. Атмосфера носила крайне скромный и доброжелательный характер, без лишнего пафоса, свойственного вечеринкам других стран. Собрался полный зал гостей, большинством из которых являлись представителями грузинской диаспоры в Швеции.

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