Interesting facts about Eurovision in Ukraine

Istanbul, 2004, Ruslana winns with the song "Wild dances" and the first blue and yellow Eurovision heart shaped symbol.
Stockholm 2016, Jamala winns woith the song "1944" and Kyiv is again hosting the massive music event of Europe.
A lot of things have changed during these 12 years, but what stays the same is the thing that the Eurovision song contest starts new technological and musical trends every year. The broadcaster of the contest and the hosting city have put much effort to it.

This year a public competition between cities to host the contest was held.
6 cities competed for the right to host the song contest: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odessa, Kherson. According to the results the capital city was chosen to host the event on one of the biggest venues in Ukraine - Arena.
The executive supervisor of the Eurovision Jon Ola Sand says: “I had an opportunity to see the Arena in the end of July and I think that it is great because it can adjust to the Eurovision, but not vice versa.” Here is the result on the photo.
The longest Red Carpet in the history of the Eurovision 2017, which is 265 m.long, will be located next to the Mariinsky palace, where the Opening Ceremony of the contest took place in 2005.
Besides the official fan-zone of the Eurovision Village, the administration of the city opened other 4 fan-zones on Troyitska, Poshtova, Sofiyska and Mykhailivska squares.
The stage of this year’s Eurovision contest weighs 30 tons and has 350 sq.m performance planform. The height of the screen, which is the part of the stage, is 11 metres and is 70 metres long. This is the biggest screen ever built in Ukraine.
The central part of the stage is called “beehive” construction, and it allows the separate parts of the stage to go up and down during the show. This so-called “beehive” has a fixed 1D camera, which allow to show the stage from above. Moreover, there is another camera inside the stage, which can move and hide under or rise above it.

For the first time:
● In last 5 years he Eurovision will start on Sunday, instead of Monday. Thus, it will last for two full weeks.
● A song by Naviband was sung in Belarusian language
● Three men Volodymyr Ostapchuk, Oleksandr Skichko and Tymur Miroshnichenko became the show hosts.
● The Croatian participant Jasques Houdek will sing a song switching voice from variety to opera.
● The official album of the Eurovision 2017 will be on sale with a limited edition of vinyl discs of four different colors.
● 34 countries took part in a pre-party in Amsterdam, which is a record number in the history of Eurovision.
● Krisitian Kostov, the contestant from Bulgaria became the first participant to be born in 2000.

Four participants became parents just before the contest. Joakim With Steen, the contestant from Norway is among them, and also Koit Toome from Estonia, Serhii Yalovytskyi from Moldova and O.Torvald frontman Zhenia Halych.
Valentina Monetta from San Marino will come to the stage of Eurovision for the fourth time, which is the record number in the history of Eurovision.This year she will sing in a duet with Jimmie Willson. It is also the 25th song on the song contest for Ralph Siegel, a famous songwriter.

Two participants of the contest this year took part in the Eurovision 2005 in Kyiv. They were Laura from Estonia and Omar Naber from Slovenia.Years before Koit Toome, Sunstroke Projet from Moldova, Serbian singer Tiana Bogicevic and a contestant from Israel Imri also took part in the contest. The girls from the O'G3NE took part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007.
There will be 2 world premieres on the Eurovision 2017: Jamala’s "I Believe In U". and Ruslana’s "It`s Magical".

Top 10 Kyiv selfie spots

Omar Naber's (Slovenia) Eurovision journey so far

Omar Naber: “It feels great being in Kiev!”

Omar Naber arrived in Kiev just over a week ago and will perform 17th in the running order at tomorrow’s first Eurovision Semi-Final.

He’s had a busy week. Here’s a day-by-day taster of what he’s been up to since arriving in the Ukrainian capital on 30th April, as the clock counts down to that performance.

Slovenia Press Photos

Monday 1st May
Omar stepped on to the Eurovision stage at the Kiev International Exhibition Centre for the first time for his first rehearsal.

Speaking to the press after his first rehearsal, Omar said: “As they say, practice makes perfect, so I am satisfied with everything for now. The design team responsible for the performance and the visuals have done a fantastic job. We will still make a few minor adjustments, but by Friday, when we have the next rehearsal, everything will be fine-tuned and ready to go.”

Tuesday 2nd May
Omar had a few free hours so got to take advantage of them by having a wander around Kiev – and he was very impressed. “It feels great being Kiev. It’s full of soul – the people have been so friendly and you can feel that warmth in the air. I also love the food – which will help me keep up my strength for the days ahead!”

Wednesday 3rd May
Omar was invited to meet with Nataša Prah, the Slovenian Ambassador to Ukraine, and he kept her informed about how his preparations for the semi-final are going. They also discussed the changes Omar has noticed in the city since he performed last time out in 2005.

Thursday 4th May
At the invitation of the Montenegrin delegation, Omar impressed the guests with his appearance at their pre-event party, alongside that of the host’s and the representatives of Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia.

Friday 5th May
Omar’s second on-stage rehearsal took place and left the whole team with a strong feeling of satisfaction.

"I’ll do my very best to perform and present the song as best I can to the world,” said Omar at his press conference after the rehearsal. “My team has done top-notch work on it to ensure that its presentation will stand out and be exceptional. My job in all of this is that, at the onset, I put in 100% to my performance – as the audience expects. After that, the rest is out of my hands.”

Omar spent Friday evening in the company of fans as he performed at the Eurovision village.

Saturday 6th May
Omar spent the day doing press and media interviews – and was very in-demand.

In the evening, Omar was invited by the Australian representative Isaiah, to attend their delegation’s party.

Sunday 7th May
All of this year’s performers at the Eurovision Song Contest, attended the official opening and walked down the red carpet.

Slovenia Press Photos

This evening (Monday 8th), Omar will perform in front of the national juries before undergoing the same assessment by viewers from across Europe tomorrow evening.

At one of his interviews before he takes to the stage once more for the performances that matter, Omar admitted to one of the journalists:

“Performing on stage at the biggest musical event in the world is a big responsibility so you have to look after yourself in the best possible way. I’m trying to stay calm and collected."

Omar’s outfit for the performance was designed exclusively by Jelena Proković – JSP, who previously lent her services to ensure he made a stylish appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005, which was of course, also held in Kiev.

To keep track of all EMA-related news and preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest, visit the MMC RTV Slovenia, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels, as well as the EMAEvrovizija Snapchat.

The Eurovision Version of his song “On My Way” – the Slovenian Eurovision entry 2017 – is now available on all digital platforms including iTunes, Google Play ...

Slovenia Press photos

United Kingdom Jury spokesperson announced

Red Carpet Interview Photos

Katrina Leskanich from Katrina and the Waves to be UK jury spokesperson for Eurovision 2017

Celebrating 20 years since she won the Eurovision Song Contest for the UK with hit song ‘Love Shine a Light’, Katrina Leskanich returns as spokesperson to announce the results of the 2017 UK jury vote.

The 62nd Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final takes place this Saturday 13th May live from the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv, Ukraine, broadcast live on BBC One at 8pm with commentator Graham Norton.

Katrina said: “I am honoured and delighted to be invited to be the spokesperson for the UK at Eurovision this year. It makes it extra special as this year is the 20th anniversary of my win in 1997 with Love Shine a Light.”

2017 sees the 60th anniversary of the UK’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Lucie Jones represents the UK with her emotive song ‘Never Give Up On You’; which was co-written by 2009 Eurovision Song Contest winner, Emmelie de Forest.

Lucie said, “It's been 20 years since Katrina won Eurovision so it is SO exciting that she is back this year! She's a huge inspiration to me and one of the reasons I wanted to be a part of this huge competition, that means so much too so many people. I am so excited to be here in Kiev getting ready to perform at the final!”

Rehearsals have begun in Kyiv and exclusive content of the preparations for the big night are available now via the BBC Eurovision website.

Mel Giedroyc and Scott Mills host the Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals live on BBC Four on Tuesday 9th and Thursday 11th May.

Press release from Svala - Iceland

Iceland press photos

The Icelandic artist, Svala, will make history in the Eurovision Song Contest when she performs her song, Paper, in the first semi final on the 9th of May. Svala and her father will be the first father and daughter to have represented the same nation in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Her father Björgvin Halldórsson competed on behalf of Iceland in Dublin 1995. He performed the song Núna and came in at nr 15 out of the 23 competing nations. At the time songs were performed in the native language of each nation, so Björgvin performed the song in Icelandic. 22 years later, his daughter Svala now represents Iceland in Kiev with her song Paper and as the name suggests she will be performing in English.

Björgvin is excited to see his daughter experience the adventure he had in 1995. “It is very exciting for the family to watch. I am also experiencing stress as I did in 1995. We are very proud of Svala”.

In addition, Björgvin will read the points awarded by Iceland. This is a great way to involve Björgvin in the Eurovision Song Contest again, 22 years later. Svala says she is excited to see her father on the screen on the evening and she hopes to get through to the finals.

Father and daughter Jacques Pills and Jacqueline Boyer competed for seperate nations in 1959 and 1960. Jacques Pills represented Monaco but his daughter Jacqueline Boyer represented France in 1960. Germany entered the mother and daughter team Maxine and Chris a Garden in 1988 with the song Lied für einen Freund. ABBA´s Benny Andersson and his son Peter Grönvall, took to the stage with 22 years between them, Benny with the winning song Waterloo performed by ABBA in 1974, and his son Peter alongside his band came in third with One More Time.

San Marino 's Senhit sends love to Valentina and Jimmy....

Senhit supports San Marino

San Marino had its first open rehearsal this early morning, Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson took the stage together with three backing vocals performing 'Spirit of the Night' by Ralph Siegel. We understood few minutes ago that the Eurovision star Senhit watched the snippet of the performance published on eurovision.tv few minutes later the performance and was amazed by Vale & Jimmie and the energy of their performance. She recorded a video with her comments which you can see here. (https://www.facebook.com/senhitofficial/videos/vb.64968436976/1015510456...)

Senhit was the artist of the return of San Marino to the Eurovision Song Contest, bringing a classy and refined performance on the Sammarinese stage in Dusseldorf in 2011. Since then her career developed and she has recently published the song 'Something on your Mind', produced by Brian Higgins, that you can listen here:https://youtu.be/YnobbDRe_9g

Senhit's comment in English:
"The spirit of the night takes our feelings so much higher and higher." To me the best quote to wish a good luck to Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson! Your song really rocks, guys. It's already stuck in my head! I know well your feelings right now, since I've been the representative for ESC San Marino in 2011. I'd only suggest you to enjoy your performance, to have a lot of fun and to embrace Eurovision Song Contest's spirit!


OG3NE outfits

Curious to see what the Dutch trio will wear on stage next week? Later today OG3NE will have their first rehearsal, but the Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS has released a video from a photoshoot already, so you can take a look now!

Press release from Romania - Ilinca ft. Alex Florea Start their journey to Kyiv

Ilinca and Alex Florea have started their journey to Kiev

Romania press photos

Romania press photos

Ilinca Băcilă and Alex Florea, the winners of the National Selection have left on May 1st to Kiev, the place where, in only 2 weeks from now, it will take place the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest Final.
Full of emotion, the artists have said goodbye during a conference organized within a press conference from the Henri Coanda airport. Among the ones who attended the event, there was also Iuliana Marciuc, the Head of Romanian Delegation at the 62nd edition of the contest, a part of the Eurovision Romania team, Mihai Alexandru, who is the composer of the song ”Yodel It!”, the press, but also the fans, both Romanians and foreigners. The artists have taken lots of pictures with the supporters, have given autographs and offered gifts. Ilinca has also charmed the present ones with a few yodeling notes.
During the event broadcast live on TVR 1, the journalists have discussed about Romania’s chance to get a good place at Eurovision 2017 final chart and Iuliana Marciuc has confessed that she hopes the artists will be in the Top 5 at the Final from May 13th.

Regarding the echoes of the song “Yodel It!” at a European level, Iuliana Marciuc has declared that: “I have noticed with joy that Europe and the foreign journalists have been very receptive at the song and curious during interviews. It is clear that the fans have changed their options and charts following the promotional tours, and things look good for us. All these are completed by our optimism and we want to support these kids with all our powers, because they are at their first international experience. We are keeping fingers crossed for them and we want to come back with great results”, has also added Iuliana Marciuc.

The second day after their arrival in Ukraine, the Romanians will get very excited and make their first rehearsal on the Kiev stage. "It is a very important day for us that we are waiting with great anxiety, because it is the very moment we will also see how the organizers have thought this show and, together with our creative team, we will try to reach a common element”, has declared the Head of Romanian delegation. “The Eurovision experience represents for us the new beginning of a very beautiful story. It has made its debut in January, at the Preselections, then in the Semifinal and in the Final which has designated through the public’s votes “Yodel It!” as the winning song. I say it is a new beginning, because we leave for Kiev to represent Romania. I am very confident because I know that we did our best to meet all the expectations”, has Ilinca declared. “A demanding period is waiting for us. On Tuesday we will make the first rehearsal and we are very nervous about it. The second rehearsal will be on May 5th, and during all this time, we hope to get the necessary support from the producing team, in order for our show to be the way we want it”, has Alex Florea added.

Romania’s representatives will perform in the second Eurovision Semifinal, on May 11th. The great Final of the contest is scheduled on May 13th.

Greece rehearsal

The “Princess of Greek pop” Demy break through five years ago and from that time, her achievements are more than impressive: seven number 1 hits in the Greek airplay chart, leading roles in musicals like “Mamma mia!”, “Adams Family”, “Sound of music” a worldwide hit with her song “Fallin” and now… the Eurovision song contest. Demy will represent Greece at the first semi final with her pop/dance song “This is love” composed by hit maker Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos, a song that is already a major radio hit in her country. Demy says: “it’s a song I really love because it expresses all the different aspects of me as an artist, while it combines ballad emotional vibes with dance positive sounds…and it talks about love”.

The stage presentation is created by the legendary Greek director Fokas Evangelinos.

Demy experiences love in several aspects. In the beginning, she is in a fairytale world. Then she rises up to the stars: true unconditional love. Continuing her emotional journey, she rediscovers the innocence of her childhood when she faces the embodiment of love, the swan. Being in a fluid environment, she experiences contrasting emotions of purity, tension and restlessness. The strength of pure love can turn everything upside down, it can even reverse the flow of a crashing waterfall!

Demy says: “The stage presentation triggers my emotions and I believe we will manage to make the viewers feel the same”

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