Молдова. Lidia Isac. Вторая репетиция

Лидия одета в чёрное короткое платье с блестящими вставками. Во втором куплете на сцене появляется астронавт, который полностью одет в блестящий скафандр и шлем, который он в припеве снимает.

Второй куплет Лилия поёт на французском, чего не было на первой репетиции.

Вокально сегодня Лидия звучит гораздо-гораздо лучше, чем на первой репетиции. Но я всё-таки до сих пор сомневаюсь в финале Молдовы, особенно в таком сильном полуфинале.

Romanian Tribute at Press centre with Lidia Isac from Moldova

It's fair to say the sudden exit of Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest this year, shocked many fans and press. Therefore ESCKAZ have teamed up with Lidia Isac from Moldova to pay tribute to Romania's 2016 participant Ovidiu Anton by singing a version of his song, A moment of Silence, in the press centre.

The event, which is open for all the press attending, will be streamed live by colleague sites WiwiBloggs and EscUnited. Other websites are also invited to join Lidia on one of the two stages, in the press centre and film or record/stream the event.

The Tribute to Romania will be taking place after the Meet & Greet of Slovenia, approximately around 12.40 local time, the original time, scheduled at the time Romania's press conference was due.

We want to stress that this is not a political statement we are trying to make, just a fitting tribute to the fans and artist.

Boat trip with delegations

ESCKAZ was privileged to join the harbour tour boat trip with delegations and chatted with
Highway (Montenegro)
Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and Jala (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Nina Kraljić (Croatia)
Lidia Isac (Moldova)
Jüri Pootsmann (Estonia)
Freddie (Hungary)

Delegation Boat Trip

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