Australian Embassy Reception

The Embassy of Australia in the host city now have somewhat of a tradition to invites their delegation, local VIPs, other delegations and selected members of the press to a function during Eurovision week. This continued this year - last night was the occasion and ESCKAZ.com were very grateful for the invite to attend

The evening began with complimentary food and drink and some introductions by the Embassy staff and the Head Of Delegation Paul Clark, the clips from this can be seen below. There was a lot of humorous banter between the Australians and the UK and Irish representatives present. Great fun!!

Events continued with a short interview with Isiash and the host of the evening and then two performances from Isaiah….a short edit of this can be found here….we only include a short segment of his Eurovision song as the sound quality was not great and our cameras were knocked during that performance. Apologies for this.

Quite a few delegations attended the event, and some photos may be found on this album here;

The Australian Embassy

With huge thanks to the Delegation from Australia and the Embassy of Australia in Kyiv.

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