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Stand-ins show in Euroclub

Last night, while the jury final for this year's grand final Eurovision took place, there was also a very special night in the Euroclub. As you may well know, since a couple of years the organisation uses local stand-in artists for the first rehearsals, without the actual performers from each country having to travel to the host country. This makes it possible to have reduced rehearsal times as we now have had for a few years now. For the stand in rehearsal each chosen stand in practices the lyrics, vocals and choreography, to perform as much as possible like the 'real' artist will do as we can all see in the semi-finals and/or grand final.

It's also been a tradition that these stand ins get to perform for an audience in some sort of way during the Eurovision weeks. From when it started, I've always looked forward to seeing those performances, as some of them are surprisingly good, so I was very eager to see how Ukraine had handled this subject. I was very impressed with the general vocal level of each artist and most of them are also really good performers.

Apart from singing Eurovision songs from this year, some if not most of the singers treated us as well to ESC-songs from earlier years, national final songs and/or well-known international or Ukrainian hits. That is the only thing I would've liked to see differently, there are 42 participating songs in this year's Eurovision so would've loved to see more of them, maybe also the duets and bands, and songs in other languages than English. However, lots of respect and well done to all six performers who took the stage in the Euroclub last night and who knows we'll see them back some year in a national final!

The draw for 1st/2nd half for the 1st semi qualifiers



Франческо Габбани прибыл в Киев!

Главный фаворит этого года - Италия, хоть нам еще и предстоит увидеть ее репетицию и оценить, будет ли выступление соответствовать ожиданиям. Вчера днем Франческо Габбани прибыл в Киев, и ESCKAZ был единственным международным СМИ, встречавшим его в аэропорту!

Francesco Gabbani arrives in Kyiv

The first five of today - a quick overview

So some quick words from me during the lunch break to summarise the first five acts we've seen today. No real shocks so far, except maybe Belgium that is still not doing well speaking of vocals and charisma and is still the favourite to not live up to the expectations so far. I'm not crazy on the visuals of Albania and Australia but that might be a personal thing. Other than that, the other four were all fine vocally at the very least.

OG3NE outfits

Curious to see what the Dutch trio will wear on stage next week? Later today OG3NE will have their first rehearsal, but the Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS has released a video from a photoshoot already, so you can take a look now!

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