Voting information

Andy on Fri, 12/02/2011 - 09:45

Details of the voting have been explained by EBU.

Jury will vote on Saturday morning based on the video from tonight's second dress rehearsal.
Names of jury member for each country must be announced during the live broadcast by commentators.
Each of 6 jury members in each country will give points on the scale from 1 to 12 for their top 10 acts.
While voting they should have following criteria in mind:
vocal capacity
the performance on stage
the composition and originality of song
the overall impression by the act

This year, countries have to submit detailed jury result by person to EBU, and after the contest EBU will contact several randomly chosen jury members in order to verify their voting was correct and made independently without any pressure.

As announced earlier, televoting window of 15 minutes this year will be after the end of all performances, and spokespersons will announce full results from 1 to 12. Revenue from televoting will go to World Vision.

BTW - Molly Sanden is in Yerevan and finally has been confirmed by EBU as guest act. Ewout Genemans had meanwhile been confirmed by AVRO as host of 2012 edition of JESC.