The Party Season started:)))))

And you're roving alcohlics Mike and Daniel were there to capture it all.....

Sorry this is Tom and Mike.....dunno where Daniel was;)

So the party season finally gets underway this year with first blood going to Serbia. When we spent time in Belgrade a few years ago for Eurovision we discovered just what having a Serbian Party means. Lots of drink, very little food and plenty of LOUD music!!!!! We were in!!

After a very speedy return to the apartment, the fastest two showers EVER during Eurovision week, and a speedy taxi ride through central Oslo, picking up Keith Mills on the way, we arrived at the venue just 3 minutes late for the start:))))

And what a venue. The Gamle Logen set in a very sedate part of Oslo was to be the venue and we didn’t really know what to expect. This was originally built as a Masonic lodge in 1836. Disappointingly there were no funny handshakes at the door and in we swept, dragged kicking a screaming with the Lithuanian Delegation. If you want to find out more about the venue check here

Inside we were treated to complimentary wine and soft drinks courtesy of the Serbian Embassy with various snacks placed everywhere. Quite a few delegations attended as well as various regular press, some of whom had just arrived in the country.

The potential babies from this marriage would be beautiful

In competition with the Moldovans for being the party delegation are the Lithuanians

Nice hat:)))

And an even nicer smile:))))

Pretty ladies everywhere......and this is one of the prettiest of all:))

And one of the tallest ever......

The music began at around 7.30 and was very typical Goran Bregovic style. The crowd loved it all and later in the evening Milan Stankovic sang his song in both Serbian and Spanish.

We did our usual over excited children trick at the party, running around taking pictures of random people and delegations…some of which you can see here. There were some drunken blurry shots…they will be on a separate post later on, in the mean time hope you like these…

and drunken rival web site peeps were also the boys from