Some probably useless facts

Andy on Sat, 11/26/2011 - 11:13

While we're waiting for the only delegation coming today at the daytime (and with big thanks to Tigran Danielyan and Artak Vartanyan we've got the schedule of arrivals, here are some useless facts:

- Smallest delegation is one of Moldova. The head of delegation will not be coming to Yerevan and as far as I know the interest in the country for JESC project is lowest possible. With spendings being pretty big, it looks likely to me that Moldova may withdraw from the participation next year. Anyway, best of luck to Lerika, her mother and vocal coach who will make the delegation. Latvian one is almost same small, head of delegation added.
- No Eurovision-man himself, Christer Bjorkman supposedly is not coming with his Swedish delegation this year
- Biggest delegation is one of The Netherlands, around 30 persons. Also big are delegations of Belgium, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia.
- There will be very few commentators on spot in Yerevan - of them Timur Miroshnichenko and Denis Kuryan will be the first to arrive, being joined by Olga Shelest and Marcel Kuijer in the last days.
- And a question to the followers of blog - which surprising things brought delegation of Macedonia to Yerevan (not performance related)?