OMG.......I have just realised


We have one song left to go today and I HAVE no clue about any sort of qualification list from either semi final.

This year is so open, nothing AMAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGG stands out. There are a few surprises, such a Portugal being better, Denmark being a mess, and Azerbaijan being able to actually sing. Ireland rocked it, Georgia is on the screens now and sounds great, and we know that Turkey will be on fire.

Sadly there have been no hissy fits in the style of Israel 2008 or nearly every delegation in 2010, and we blame this on Norway. How dare they organise themselves into a competent lean mean fighting machine that has the whole schedule running EARLY!!!!!! WTF!

It does of course mean that the blogosphere has been relatively quiet cos there were no dramas to report. Bring on the parties I say and drunken men from Belgium using the bar as a urinal, boy and girl fans getting smashed in the street, panic attacks from people who have lost their tickets, panic attacks from people who haven't lost their tickets, dramas when they close the door of Euroclub at 3 a.m. and the climax of it all next week sometime.

So after that ramble please check later we will attempt some kind of guess as to what will qualify, what will die on stage and what we think will be robbed.....

and as the day draws to a close we leave you with this picture of Sofia......shame she stuffed a mouthful of the free choccies before going on stage:)))