Mr Belgium or Mr Cyprus? And Niamh is beautiful:)

It's uncanny how alike these two sound in the hall......

This could almost be the same singer singing two different songs........that said we think that Jon Liliygreen just has the edge on Tom Dice......a better song, a more charming vocal and he's shorter.....:))

Today is a bit weird for us......lots and lots going on but we seem to be missing stuff all around the place. Maybe it's the hangover, maybe it's the fact that it's now day 4 and it's all going a bit "pete tong".

Finally I am getting around to uploading video that we took days ago, and trying to put it out there. Don't want to be old news:))))

But sitting here in the press working area I can here the lovely Irish tones of Niamh next door and things seem to be looking well in the world......singing in your eyes at the moment:)))) She is delighted to be back and we are too. Delighted that is.

So whats on the agenda for the rest of the little as possible if I have my way.....they leave me sitting in this press room all day and FORGET to feed me at regular intervals......TSSSSSSSSSSK.

the.parties seem to be starting now. Serbia is in the Embassy tonight and we are all invited apparently.....we'll just demand entry and say that we know Jelena from Belgrade and she will be really unhappy if they don't let us in.

Belarus have been handing out invites that are very tastefully done. They have little real bow-ties on them are made with very expensive card, embossed and simply wonderful......trouble is they are invites to an engagement party for two of the delegation......VOMITS......but we'll still go:)))

More later and we can't wait for the parties to start......need some silly pictures of drunken people to entertain us:))) and in the mean time a few press conference clips to keep you ESC starved people happy:)