Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz

Winner predictions from Daniel and I


Still calling it for Russia this year, with either Australia or Ukraine in second place

BUT I would love to see Austria do it, that would be simply amazing but unlikely to happen and of course I am totally hoping for a top 10 place for Georgia


Think that Russia will still pull this off, with a dark horse as Serbia and France possibly having their best score for years.

Would love to see Russia win this all in the end BUT at the same time Bulgaria should hopefully do well too, good luck to Poli

Georgian Embassy Reception

Our dear friends from the Georgian Delegation invited selected members of our team to attend their annual Embassy reception in Stockholm

Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz performed five songs, clips below, and the Georgian wine was flowing

Report from me Russian colleagues

Yesterday we visited the Georgian party, held in the creative center Kulturfyren, which is located in the heart of the Swedish capital. Although it is difficult to call the party, the event was like a cozy concert. The atmosphere was of very humble and friendly character, without too much pathos inherent to parties in other countries. Going to a full house of guests, most of whom were representatives of the Georgian Diaspora in Sweden. Nick and Young Georgian Lolitaz performed an acoustic version of contest entry, loved by many eurofans "We Agree» to the national selection and three more songs.
Thanked the Georgian participants and calling for they vote on Saturday the final evening (as Sweden votes in the first semi-final and will not be able to support Nick and Lolita Thursday) at the end of the reception, the traditional Georgian banquet with a large number of national delicacies -. white and red wine, badridzhani, pkhali spinach and beets, khachapuri and other local dishes.

Eurovision song;

Other songs;

Georgia First Rehearsal

I have a real soft spot for Georgia, even though It isn't considered as a favourite, much to my surprise.

The camera work of the first verse is a little bit strange, as part of the screen is being mirrored which leads to some very weird body compositions of the band. It reminds me a bit of the camera work France used back in 2008 with Sebastien Tellier. The second time round, the special mirror effect is dropped and it looks so much better.

So not a big fan of that bit, but what follows next is quirky, alternative bright, colourful and full of lights. Just what you need with an alternative song like this.

Many fans have this down at the bottom of their list, but in my opinion, Georgia has everything in power to qualify with much ease.

I like it very much!

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