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Winner predictions from Daniel and I


Still calling it for Russia this year, with either Australia or Ukraine in second place

BUT I would love to see Austria do it, that would be simply amazing but unlikely to happen and of course I am totally hoping for a top 10 place for Georgia


Think that Russia will still pull this off, with a dark horse as Serbia and France possibly having their best score for years.

Would love to see Russia win this all in the end BUT at the same time Bulgaria should hopefully do well too, good luck to Poli

Dami Im shines at Q&A Fan Party

This afternoon, the Australian delegation and their representative Dami Im, invited a small group of super fans and press to attend a Q&A session.

The lighthearted session, which lasted about 30 minutes, saw Dami Im performs two songs; her debut single Super Love, and her Eurovision entry Sound of Silence.


Fan Party Dami Im Australia

After she had done so, the singer invited fans in the audience to answer questions. These ranged from her passion about Eurovision, to how she came up with the song to which city would be her preferred location should she win for Australia.

It was a very lighthearted session, full of laughter and jokes, and we want to thank the Australian delegation for allowing ESCKAZ to be part of this wonderful event.

Dami Im performs at Australian party

Australia Embassy Reception

ESCKAZ had today the privilege to be invited to and attend the official Australian party organised by the Australian Embassy in Stockholm.

This prestigious event held in Euroclub was kicked off with Swedish food and Australian wine, all courtesy of the Australian Embassy. Introduced by the host and head of delegation Paul Clarke the evening consisted of some introductory speeches, thanking the sponsors and some promo clips from the Australian Tourist board.

Then Dami was introduced herself, with Paul asking her a few questions for the gathered crowd. We also spotted Dami's parents in the audience.

After the chat Dami performed two songs; clips below

Photo Gallery;

Australia Embassy Reception

Opening night of Euroclub performances

After the Red Carpet event some of the delegations returned to Euroclub and performed their songs like on stage to the fans

Also involved were Serhat and Michal Szpak from San Marino and Poland....the event was totally packed out and it seemed that everyone had a fantastic time.

Enjoy the video clips here;

Euroclub opening night

Meet & Greet with Australia + Video clip Rehearsal

Rehearsal Video clip:

Meet & Greet:


Meet & Greet Australia

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