Winner predictions from Daniel and I


Still calling it for Russia this year, with either Australia or Ukraine in second place

BUT I would love to see Austria do it, that would be simply amazing but unlikely to happen and of course I am totally hoping for a top 10 place for Georgia


Think that Russia will still pull this off, with a dark horse as Serbia and France possibly having their best score for years.

Would love to see Russia win this all in the end BUT at the same time Bulgaria should hopefully do well too, good luck to Poli

Israeli Party once again a success.


Once again the Israeli delegation, spared no trouble or cost in transforming Euroclub in a massive party which would last til the dawn of day. The Israeli party, which coincidentally took place on the same day Dana International won Eurovision in Birmingham 18 years ago on the same day, has become one of the absolute highlights for the many fans during Eurovision week.

Promo Clip from the Israeli Calling Event;

While the fans had plenty of Eurovision classics to dance on, the Israeli party organisers were the perfect hosts providing us with plenty of drink and gorgeous Israeli food, to the delight of the public. Last but not least what would a party be, without dancing. On several occasion the host of the evening would be in the public, encouraging fans to dance together in circles to the rich history of Israeli Eurovision Songs. Incredible.

Several delegations also came to visit the party and performed. Nicky Byrne from Ireland, IVAN from Belarus, Poli Genova from Bulgaria, Denmark's Lighthouse X, are just a few of the names who came to enjoy the party. Some even performed their Eurovision entries AND in the case of Poli Genova, Amir and Eneda Tarifa, they added an Israeli entry into their repertoire. Austria's Zoe, who earlier last night had her Jury semi final, also came to the party to show her gratitude and sing Loin D'Ici for her fans.

Star of the evening of course was Israel's entrant Hovi Star, who treated the audience to three songs; Hozier's Take Me to Church, an adapted version of Belgian singer Stromae's Papaoutai, and his entry Made of Stars.

But he wasn't the only one; the French entrant Amir, who also has Israeli roots and one of the favourites to win Eurovision this year, got a very warm reception from the public. For the special occassion he also premiered a brand new version of his song J'Ai Cherche, recorded in Spanish.

Full photo gallery;
Israeli Party

Once again, an evening to remember for so many different reasons. Thank you to the Israeli delegation and organizers for another splendid memorable party, and allowing ESCKAZ to be part of it.

France Second Rehearsal


France 2nd Rehearsal

France rehearsal...

I so want this to do well, it's such a lovely song, but there is something missing in this for me, and I think it's the lack of hitting the right notes....
Which is a total shame as we know he can sing from the promo tour

Stage is all blue and starry and Amir's in a casual suit and the whole thing is lit by his beaming 300 gigawatt smile....

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