Switzerland Second Rehearsal

We finally got to see the full staging for Switzerland as we were cut short to one run during first rehearsals.
It's interesting. I was a bit concerned about the barbie staging but it kind of works for me now. One could say the stage in pink and the yellow dress comes across a bit plastic and cheap, because well it is, but you could also call it playful and fun.
And that fits to the song, Apollo being a fun pop song.
But there's is one component missing yet. She needs to start smiling more, because a fun playful staging with a dramatic performance is incoherent

Switzerland second rehearsal

Now this is one of the rehearsals I've most been looking forward to as we didn't get to see much of it the first time. The canary yellow dress with a long veil is still there, so are the stairs and pastel yellow/purple backdrop.

The beginning looks really beautiful on screen as the camera first zooms in on Miruna and thens hows her as the centre of a sun.

It is all a matter of taste I think, but I actually think it doesn't look bad at all. She still sounds very well, even though I think the high notes she belts out during the last chorus are not that necessary.

Day 4 review

So all semi-finalists have rehearsed once now. Today we got to see the second half of the second semi-final, starting off with some of the songs that are not viewed as the biggest candidates for the top positions this year. San Marino comes across professional, both singers are good performers but the song is still a big question mark. Croatia was completely over the top, in my opinion it looks great but it's still a very cheesy song, might do better than we all think (and maybe hope?) but it could also be disregarded for being just too much.

Switzerland First Rehearsal

We have only seen a fragment of one run through, so I don't feel I can judge this staging fairly.
All I can say is that I'm very surprised about how colourful and kitsch it looked in the small fragment we have seen. Vocals were fine.

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