Miss and Mister ESCKAZ 2017 Award ceremony

As usual, during the Red Carpet event ESCKAZ has announced winners of it's top prize. For the first time award was given back in 2005 in Kyiv and interestingly to Omar Naber's backing vocalist Teja Saksida.

Miss ESCKAZ 2017 Viktorija Ivanovskaja, Fusedmarc, Lithuania
Mister ESCKAZ 2017 Aleksander Walmann, JOWST, Norway

Special mention: Best Red Carpet outfit - Kseniya Zhuk, NAVIBAND, Belarus




Norway second rehearsal

Another good rehearsal for Norway. JOWST's singer Aleksander sounds very good and it looks nice on screen. It still has a very relaxed mood. We are a little behind schedule as the song gets performed once again.

On stage itself not so much really happens, but there are some holograms that are not visible in the hall (except on the led-screens of course, when they're not off..)

I still find it hard to say anything about its chances. The song is modern, well performed and looks great on stage, but might not stand out enough.

Norway Second Rehearsal

Norway's second rehearsal shows that all the previous technical issues have been fixed. The voice effects and the scrambled video effects are working too now. The camera is more dynamic and it's very similar or even slightly better than what we have seen in Norwegian MGP.

JOWST (Norway) - Grab The Moment (at Norwegian reception)

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Day 4 review

So all semi-finalists have rehearsed once now. Today we got to see the second half of the second semi-final, starting off with some of the songs that are not viewed as the biggest candidates for the top positions this year. San Marino comes across professional, both singers are good performers but the song is still a big question mark. Croatia was completely over the top, in my opinion it looks great but it's still a very cheesy song, might do better than we all think (and maybe hope?) but it could also be disregarded for being just too much.

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