FYR Macedonia second rehearsal

Jana Burceska is wearing a different outfit than we saw in her first rehearsal, but very similar. Instead of dark green it is now black. Not much has changed in the performance itself, but the backdrop has now added panels (like billboards) that show - among different things - images from the official video clip. The city by night idea is still there, but a lot less obvious than a few days ago.

She's still alone on stage, makes sense of course, but with the choreography during the chorus it almost looks more like a workout ...

Montenegro Reception at the Hotel Opera live in Kyiv

Montenegro Party....

Montenegro Party

This year we had a fantastic treat from the Montenegro Delegation as they prepared a reception for the the delegations from Slovenia, Serbia, Albania, Croatia, Macedonia and obviously their own performer, Slavko.

Hosted by the Hotel Opera, the reception, which started at 7pm began with food, wine, brandy and vodka. The invited press and local VIPs were given plenty of food and allowed to mix with the singers and other members form the delegations that were there. As this is a social occasion we refrained from taking interviews form the performers, but you can check all the previous interviews with them on the youtube channel.

After about 30 minutes the food and drink was put to one side and the delegations too to the small stage and sang their songs one by one; video clips may be found here;

There was also a short speech from the Head Of Delegation Sbrejia (check name etc) which can be found here;

Some photos from the event may be found here;

Montenegro Party 2017

Finally I enjoyed myself immensely when Omar Naber was on stage by standing in the audience with the singer from Serbia,Tijana Bogicevic and sang his song together - we noticed that the Serbia National broadcaster was filming this so this will for sure appear on their news programs at some point - OH NO!!!

Finally we found this to be a great party, and we send great appreciation to the delegation of Montenegro for inviting us to it, with special thanks to Ervin Juhász and Sabrija Vulic

FYR Macedonia first rehearsal

FYR Macedonia is definitely stepping up this year. Jana is probably not wearing her stage outfit just yet but the visuals look very well. I particularly like the parts in the beginning when a city view is shown on the backdrop.

Vocally she starts well but later on in the song she misses some notes during the chorus. Given the title of the song it should be no surprise that she is dancing (in a bit prooking way if I may add) and that she is alone on stage, but this latter fact also makes the stage very big for this type of song. Despite the whole theme of the song it would still be nice to see more happening on stage.

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