Day 7 Review

Here are the Day 7 rehearsals winners and losers of the day.


- The Netherlands. Strong reception in press centre indicates some real momentum for NL. Will it transfer to votes?

- Bulgaria: The high concept stuff considerably improved from 1st rehearsal and they removed some flaws with staging and styling.


- Denmark. The fan favourite red dress makes the act look too ordinary and old-fashioned. Sometimes it is better to ignore fan opinions.

Israel Second Rehearsal

The vocals for Israel are a recurring issue. I don't understand why he isn't getting any vocal support. Imri sounds really fine in the verses, but the big notes together with the dance choreography simply don't work and the entire press centre recognizes this.

Israel second rehearsal

Now that Imri and his dancers are wearing their stage outfits it all looks a lot nicer. I still think the choreography could have been elaborated more as it's very basic now. On the other hand, Imri is already struggling with his vocals as it is. But as one of few real dance songs this year, it'll still stand out.

IMRI (Israel) interview

IMRI (Israel) meet & greet

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