Representative of Ireland, Brendan Murray enjoys Kyiv...

Ireland City Tour

The Irish singer, Brendan Murray took some time out form his hectic schedule to enjoy a city tour of Kyiv. This very beautiful city is a perfect backdrop for Eurovision and it seemed that Brendan liked the look of the place

Ireland City Tour

Ireland perform in Semi Final Two on Thursday and for all the articles we have prepared so far for this delegation please click the tag at the top of this page "Ireland" or "Brendan Murray"

Thanks to team Ireland, RTE and Rayna Connery for the photos

Irish Reception in Kyiv

Irish Reception in Kyiv

The now traditional Irish Party at Eurovision took place last night at O’Brien’s Pub in Kyiv. Bang in the heart of the City, close to the Maidan Nezalezhnosti this jolly little bit of Ireland in Ukraine was the perfect venue for the press an delegations to gather and mix while catching up with performances from the Irish singer, Brendan Murray

In typical Irish hospitality the invited delegations and press were treated to complimentary food and drink and had an opportunity to meet with Brendan and his team behind Dying To Try. We spotted the teams from Malta, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and probably missed many many more.

Irish Reception in Kyiv

Then it was time for some traditional Irish music from a local band, we didn’t their name - sorry for that - but they got the crowd going and most of the delegations there danced - or attempted to dance - Irish style….you can watch the clip here;

A special treat were two performances from the Irish Backing Singers, Allison Vard Miller and Margot Daly;

Finally it was time for Brendan to take to the stage and perform for every one and the clips can be found here;

The one highlight was that he made the Serbian singer cry with his performance of Dying To Try and then she decided to sing the Adele song “Someone Like You”; clip here

You can also check all out photos from the event here;

Irish reception in Kyiv

With many many thanks to the whole Irish Delegation for the invite, and especial thanks to Rayna Connery for all her efforts and assistance this year..

Go Team Brendan!!!!

Ireland second rehearsal

I've said it a few times before, but Ireland is another of those countries where the visuals look a lot better in the hall than on screen. It is very dark and my first association when I see it like this is an artic sea with icebergs in it, all be it that they are black in this case as well.

The balloon is still there and still adds nothing to the performance, other than it being a prop that people may remember it for. I hope in a good way though..

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