Norma John talks in the press centre after semi-final one

Norma John in the press centre after semi one

Finland not making it to the final has been a big surprise - if not shock - for many, including quite a few of the team of ESCKAZ didn't see this coming and/or hoped otherwise.

Onto semi two, but first....

Congratulations to the delegations that made it to the final, but more important heartfelt commiserations to all the singers that did not make it to the final. You were all winners and all did an amazing job in front of the crowd and to those watching on television - you can all be very proud of yourselves today.

We hope that you will now all take the time to relax a little and enjoy Kyiv and remember that this is not the end but just the start...

Semi-final 1 dress rehearsal 1 - live blog from the hall: to be updated!

In a few minutes the first dress rehearsal for semi-final one will start and we just heard that the opening act will be done twice. I'm live in the hall where I will keep you continually updated, so please refresh from time to time to read the latest news!

The start is delayed for a few minutes. Spain, Italy and UK will also perform.

Finland Second Rehearsal

I have one comment for Finland, it's still beautiful and magical of course, I'd just like her hair styling a bit more casual like in first rehearsals, but this might be just me.

Finland second rehearsal

And that's the first goosebumps of the day for me with Finland. Absolutely magical to hear and see this in the hall. Of course it's all personal, I'm all aware that there are people finding this song and performance boring, but with this song I am not for a second bothered by the fact that Leena is standing on one spot without moving from her place, as the song and her vocals are more than enough to move me.

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