Estonia Second Rehearsal

I must say, Estonia is hilarious and entertaining. Not sure if that's the intention. For my report on the 1st rehearsal I focused on visuals like backdrop and lighting. This time I would like to leave a few notes on their facial expressions. What exactly are they doing? Koit is grinning at Laura who stares back at him, almost paralyzed. What is the narrative here? I do not know, but it's keeping me entertained from the moment he walks onto the stage. In the latter part he caresses her face, we didn't see that last time around. Does it work? I'm not sure, it's somewhere between cringe and cute.

Estonia second rehearsal

The second rehearsal for Estonia is not really going smoothly. Laura seems to be having some vocal problems today as she can barely reach her notes and there are also some missed camera shots.

In the hall as well on screen the theme of the song comes across as we don't see the singers together until the very end.

Estonia - Koit Toome & Laura have released the Italian version of Verona...

Interview with Estonia

The eagerly anticipated Italian version of Verona has emerged online now...

The delegation sang a small part of it in their interview with them yesterday, which you can view on the youtube channel. However the making of the different language cut of the song can be found in the video clip below

We hope you enjoy it as it sounds fantastic - but please check for yourself

Later this week the Nordic Party will be in full swing and we will bring you as much information, footage and photos from that as we can

With Thanks to Liam Clark and the whole Estonian Delegation

Koit Toome & Laura (interview)

Day 4 review

So all semi-finalists have rehearsed once now. Today we got to see the second half of the second semi-final, starting off with some of the songs that are not viewed as the biggest candidates for the top positions this year. San Marino comes across professional, both singers are good performers but the song is still a big question mark. Croatia was completely over the top, in my opinion it looks great but it's still a very cheesy song, might do better than we all think (and maybe hope?) but it could also be disregarded for being just too much.

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