Day 7 Review

Here are the Day 7 rehearsals winners and losers of the day.


- The Netherlands. Strong reception in press centre indicates some real momentum for NL. Will it transfer to votes?

- Bulgaria: The high concept stuff considerably improved from 1st rehearsal and they removed some flaws with staging and styling.


- Denmark. The fan favourite red dress makes the act look too ordinary and old-fashioned. Sometimes it is better to ignore fan opinions.

Bulgaria Second Rehearsal

Last time around I was very skeptical with Bulgaria, the staging leaving me rather cold and disappointed, partly because of the huge expectations the delegation created and being less authentic, raw and original than what the official video clip promised. Kristian also felt distant and not really relatable in which was a modern looking but ultimately underwhelming concept with video effects that are not really adding anything to the performance.

A lot of these issues remain and the overall impression of the act feels very staged and artificial.

Bulgaria second rehearsal

Now that I've seen the staging from Bulgaria from the hall, I like it even less than the first time. The stage looks very empty and dark and some of the visuals make it look only bigger (and emptier), thinking mostly about the 'box' that appears on the large led screen after the panels around and above him rise into the air. On a positive note, these panels don't interview with the view of the audience.

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