Red Carpet afterparty

Austria second rehearsal

No obvious changes in the Austrian rehearsal. Nathan Trent is wearing the same suit and still looks very approachable, relaxed and enjoying himself. Visually it looks great but there are some things that could be a bit better. The moon on stage still feels a bit random as the rest of the visuals mostly show the beginning and end of a day. Then the glassbox he steps on during the final seconds is clearly meant to show him 'running on air' but that doesn't become very clear. There should certainly be some trick to make the box invisible so he actually does seem to be walking on air.

Austria Second Rehearsal

Nathan charming as usual, not a lot has changed here.

Best part of the performance are the first seconds, before the moon is revealed. Overall I think it's too cheesy for modern esc.

Day 3 Review

Here's my day 3 review:

The big winners of 1st half 2nd semi for me today were:

- Romania.
This is an easy one. The overall package is much more fun than what we have seen in the Romanian National Final.
What they can improve: More camera focus on Ilinca as Alex takes too much space at the moment.

- Denmark.
Just a superb performer in every run through. I can not believe how well she handles the camera interaction.
What they can improve: Change her outfit so it fits better to the color scheme of the backdrop.

The losers of today:

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