Eduard Romanyuta's Grand Euro Party - Live from Kyiv

Eduard Romanyuta (Moldova 2015) has prepared a great celebration and party this year called the Grand Euro Party - live in Kyiv.

Grand Euro Party - Press Conference

This event brings together artists from all over Europe, Poli Genoa (Bulgaria), Bojana Stamenov (Serbia), Emmelie de Forest (Denmark), Dana International (Israel), Nina Sublatti (Georgia), Eldar Gasimov (Azerbaijan), Morandi (Moldova), Alexandra Stan (Moldova) and Anna Nikonova (Ukraine)

Grand Euro Party - Press Conference

Held in the amazing setting of Olmeca Plage not he left side of the Dnipro river, in the resort beach area this event was the brainchild of Eduard and his team. The aim is to bring together former competitors and now friends to celebrate the Eurovision experience and perform for the public.

We were invited to the pre-press event this evening and after a brief press conference we had an opportunity to have a quick chat with the artists who were there. Complimentary food and drink was served for all the invited guests and they all seemed to then have great fun taking selfies…

Catch ups with Poli, Bojana, Nina, Eldar, Emmelie and of course Eduard can be found here

Photos from the event prior to the concert may be found here;

Grand Euro Party - Press Conference

Check back later for the filmed performances live from the stage

With grateful thanks to Eduard Romanyuta and his team for the personal invite

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