As the day comes to an end........

Just two press conferences to go now......and

Is it really 3 days already? It feels like 50!!!! And we have not even got to the end of the first run through yet,

So what did we learn today?

For sure this is proving to be the toughest semi of the two, with some excellent performances from delegations that we thought would struggle….

Stand out stuff for us came from Armenia, Sweden and Azerbaijan. Others are raving about Israel but I thought he was out of tune today……and then I was remined that I am actually deaf☺))

Ukraine is a grower to be honest…she does a great job on stage but this really is a song that you have to listen to several times before making a decision whether you like it or not.

Of to dinner tonight with the Party People (Moldova) and fully expect to be drunk as Lords by the end of the evening. We really should learn how to pace ourselves at these things….but that never happens…..

Oh and the BIG news today is that the sun is shining and it’s really rather warm and nice☺)) Well done Norway you’re doing a sterling job so far this year

Pictures and videos tomorrow cos the upload speed has gone awol now:)))



The big favourite before we all headed out to Oslo and today was the day. We would finally all find out if the hype were true.

Well…yes to be honest, this is not a car crash like most people were expecting (some hoping for). The vocal is fine, not the best in the world, but okay for the ESC stage, the staging looks kinda cool.

The only problem I have with it is that they have kept a dancer. This all seems a little pointless to me to have a fairly fast dance on stage with a slow tempo song.

So are we all going to Baku next year? We might. This could just about do it. They have spent so much money getting this together that the possibility of a vacation in the Land Of Fire is a very real one now

Video clip will be up later on…we had a power outage in the press room so no uploading for now☹((

and the same for the piccies:)