Australia first rehearsal

Isaiah is standing on a round turning stage that turns around. He seems to be wearing his stage outfit, all black with a long blazer. I'm not a fan of the background here that includes flashes on the beat of the song and many images of himself on the LED-screen. Vocally he's fine though, yet I don't have a feeling we are looking at our next winner or in any case a competitor for the top spots.

Georgia First Rehearsal

Tamara is a professional, she sounds good and knows how to work the stage.

Sacha Jean Baptiste was hired to rework the staging from NF and she apparently went for a minimalist approach with this entry.
Perhaps less is more, that is always debatable but in its current form the entry might lack a visual anchor.

Tamara starts in a red cape she takes off after 1st verse, there is some dry ice on the floor. Pyros for the climax.

Catching up a bit....


Well it was always going to be a little early for Tamara on stage, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well this sounded and looked on the screens. No real costume hints yet at all....but good start for her


Technical issues at the moment so Lindita had a small lung work out and then vanished from our screens
They seem to be starting again now.....

Albania first rehearsal

So far we're going well on schedule and we've already moved to Albania. Vocally again more than decent. Lindita chose not to hide her backings and isn't wearing her dress either. The backdrop reminds of the video she made, now in a greenish colour and with clocks with roman numerals around her and on the floor.
While there is nothing to say against her or the song, still it just doesn't make the same impression as Georgia.

Sweden First Rehearsal

Robin Bengtsson is the first one up to rehearse for Sweden.

I can't go on won Melodifestivalen with a slick choreography on treadmills. Sweden, as they usually do, did not change a lot with the presentation other than a few technical details. When Robin enters the stage there are no stairs, a new backdrop, flashing images of neon pink, the backdrop reminds me at times of the movie TRON. It's a slick package with some retro

Volunteers at the press desk - Kyiv 2017

The press would never be able to function without the workers that give their precious time for the next two weeks

Say hi....

Georgia first rehearsal

Tamara Gachechiladze just sang her song for the first time on the IEC stage. Vocally no issues as was to be expected, even though she seemed to hold back a bit in the last part, nothing to worry about in a first runthrough in a first rehearsal. She's alone on stage which should mean the backings are hidden, something we saw a lot last year as well. In the next runthroughs I'll keep an eye on it to see if they are visible or not.

The backdrop is very red with some flashes. Obviously this song needed a new backdrop as there was no way the NF version would be allowed on stage.

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